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  1. The people of Britain vote in favour of leaving the European Union
  2. Wales votes to leave by a majority of just over 5%
  3. Final totals: Leave 52.5% (854,572), and Remain 47.5% (772,347)
  4. 22 local authority areas in Wales - 17 vote Leave, five vote Remain
  5. Turnout: 71.7% (1,628,075)
  6. Get involved by emailing or tweeting us @WalesPolitics or contacting us on Facebook at BBC Wales News

Live Reporting

By Andy Roberts and Ben Frampton

All times stated are UK


Thanks for joining us for our live coverage of what has been a historic night - both for Wales and the UK as a whole.

You can keep up to date with the latest developments in Wales here as the fallout and analysis continues.

'A pit we have dug ourselves'

BBC Wales political editor Nick Servini.

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'Tougher times ahead'

Labour AM points to economic reasons for the Brexit vote.

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Cameron 'must lead the exit'

Vote Leave Cymru leader David Jones says the suggestion Wales could have its own dealings with the EU after the UK exits is a "nonsensical proposition" and "can be dismissed." 

The Clwyd West MP said: "The Welsh people have made a very clear decision and it is a question of simple respect, that we accept it and move forward." 

While he said Prime Minister David Cameron called it wrong, he added: "He can't simply resign. 

"He needs to ensure there is a process of continuity as we withdraw."

David Jones

Cashing in the Brexit dividend

Plaid Cymru AM looks forward to seeing some of the savings promised by the Leave camp.

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A view from the hill farm

'Nasty, unpleasant and uncivilised'

The BBC's Welsh Affairs Editor Vaughan Roderick said the referendum campaign was the first in his long career he hadn't enjoyed: 

"It's been nasty, unpleasant, uncivilised, and lacking in substance at times. There are questions about our politics... 

"A lot of the vote last night happened because people had lost confidence in politics.  Well, this campaign didn't do anything to restore that confidence. 

"If the poorest in our communities - working class, Labour people - now find themselves worse off because of what has happened, the confidence remaining in our politics will disappear completely. 

"There are big questions about the behaviour of all our politicians during the campaign."

Vaughan Roderick

'Everything up in the air'

Reflecting on the result, Prof Richard Wyn Jones of Cardiff University said:

"The referendum is of global importance - bigger than anything I've commentated on before.

"A chapter has closed, but the uncertainty about what comes next is striking.

"Constitutionally, economically, sociologically, socially, what happens to the party system from now on, everything has been thrown up in the air."

Richard Wyn Jones

The final result

Leave wins the referendum by 52% to 48% - a majority of 1,269,501

The result in Wales was slightly more in favour of Brexit than the UK as a whole - 52.5% to 47.5%.  

EU referendum result graphic

Cameron's future in the balance

Welsh Tory leader who backed Brexit is not calling for the prime minister to go.

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First Minister to speak later

Carwyn Jones is yet to give his reaction to the news that the people of Wales - and the UK as a whole - have voted in favour of leaving the European Union. 

He is due to give a press conference in Cardiff, at 09:00 BST.

The Welsh Labour leader has been one of the main figures arguing in favour of remaining in the EU.

Carwyn Jones

'Serious consequences'

Welsh Labour In campaign manager Lord Hain tells BBC Radio Wales: "It is a tragic result for Wales which will have serious consequences for us.

"What Leave voters will find is that they will be pleased in the short term, but in the long term, the consequences are very serious. 

"Those that voted leave are the ones that benefit most from EU funding," he said, referring to areas such as the south Wales valleys.

Peter Hain with Carwyn Jones
Getty Images

So long, farewell...

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire's Conservative AM Angela Burns apparently ponders the possibility of a second independence referendum for Scotland and Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein's call for the entire island of Ireland to vote on reunification.

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'Glad to get my P45'

Welsh UKIP leader Nathan Gill said: "It is wonderful, we (all UK MEPs) will be given our P45s now.

"It is the 74 MEPs, not the British people, who are going to lose their jobs. 

"People have been telling us they are fed up of the EU, saying it wasn't democratic, saying 'we want our freedom back' and that is what they are going to get."

Nathan Gill
Getty Images

'Deeply disappointed'

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader and Ceredigion MP Mark Williams says he is "deeply disappointed" by the result in favour of leaving the EU.

But, he added: "We must respect that democratic decision but make sure that in our negotiations the people of Wales do not lose out.

“It is absolutely vital now that the government sets out a plan of action so that we know the options available to us to help ensure our businesses, our jobs and our international relationships are not put at further risk in the aftermath of this decision."

Mark Williams

EU was 'whipping boy'

'He has failed his side'

UKIP Wales leader says the prime minister must go.

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'Make this decision work'

Cardiff Central's Labour MP reacts to the Brexit vote.

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Tale of the tape

Welsh results in depth

All the reaction right now until 09:00 BST on Good Morning Wales on BBC Radio Wales.

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Key points as LEAVE WINS

Main points of the EU referendum:

  • UK votes to leave the European Union
  • Wales votes Leave by a majority of more than 5%
  • Only five of the 22 council areas voted for Remain
  • Pro-Brexit Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies says the "fault lines" of Welsh politics have changed forever
  • Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas says we are entering "disturbing territory"

'Election unnecessary'

Former Welsh Secretary and leader of Welsh Vote Leave suggests David Cameron has some thinking to do.

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'Fear for our divided country'

A view from the pro-EU Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth.

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Steel impact

Financial Times writer on the outlook for steel workers.

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Challenge for politicians

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Nia Griffith MP told BBC Wales: "It's obvious that people in areas which don't share in economic growth feel very strongly against Europe and the parties in power.

"It's a challenge for us all, how to rebuild and secure more buy-in from the people who feel disconnected from what's going on."

Nia Griffith

Credit to his leader

Economic disaster and a general election?

Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas told BBC Wales: "I think it's an absolute disaster from the point of view of building the Welsh economy over the next five to ten years.  

"This is very dangerous and disturbing territory that we're entering into."

 A Leave vote "means a general election on the way," he said. 

Simon Thomas

'Devastated' Morgan

The Labour AM was a Euro-MP for 15 years 

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Happy Hamilton

UKIP's Welsh assembly group leader gives his reaction to prospect of Brexit.

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'Historic moment'

Welsh Conservative leader delighted with Leave result.

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UKIP's Hamilton 'hardly dared believe'

Neil Hamilton, UKIP assembly group leader, said: "I am absolutely delighted and, I have to admit, even a little surprised myself, as I hardly dared believe we could achieve this.

"But looking back... in retrospect it was on the cards," he told BBC Wales. 

Mr Hamilton said the experts "didn't see the Leave win" coming.

"They never believed the British people would vote to Leave."

Neil Hamilton

Contrast with Scotland

Result dispels any thoughts the Celtic nations were all pro-EU, our guest expert from the Wales Governance Centre says.

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Next steps after referendum

The votes are still being counted - what happens next?

Find out here.

Changing UK?

Funding questions

Cardiff Central's Labour AM looks ahead.

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What happens next?

Islwyn's Labour MP knows the result could be just the beginning.

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Cultural crisis

Blaenau Gwent AM responds to the BBC's forecast of a victory for Leave

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