1. Plenary begins at 1.30pm with Questions to the First Minister
  2. Business Statement and Announcement
  3. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government: Tax Devolution and the Fiscal Framework
  4. Debate: The "Together for Mental Health" Delivery Plan
  5. Debate: Re-naming the National Assembly for Wales

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK

Hwyl fawr

That's the end of today's plenary.

Senedd Live returns tomorrow at 11am for the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee.

Y Senedd

NAW 'has never really worked'

The first minister says the name National Assembly for Wales "has never really worked." 

He takes objection to Gareth Bennett's assertion that only people living in a 'political and cultural bubble' would understand the term 'Senedd' and in particular to his reference to the "Welsh speaking colony of Pontcanna".

Mr Jones says, "it makes it sound as if people in Wales who speak a certain language don't belong in our capital city and that is a wholly wrong remark".

'Senedd has won widespread understanding and support'

Bethan Jenkins says that the Welsh language name 'Senedd' has won widespread understanding and support amongst the public, and that the Presiding Officer and the Assembly Commission should consider using the name 'Senedd' in English and in Welsh.

Bethan Jenkins

'A parliament in all but name'

There have been calls made for the assembly to be renamed to the Welsh Parliament for a number of years, with Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies saying in 2012 the assembly was a parliament "in all but name".  

In May, Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns spoke of the Wales Bill offering opportunities "to deliver a real parliament for Wales, with greater powers and a government responsible for raising as well as spending money".  

Re-naming the National Assembly for Wales?

The final debate of the day is on re-naming the National Assembly for Wales.

AMs had been due to vote last Tuesday on a plan to rename the assembly as the Welsh Parliament, but the Welsh Government-led motion was re-tabled for today with the term Welsh Parliament dropped and Presiding Officer Elin Jones asked to examine renaming the body.

The Welsh Government said it had worked with Ms Jones to agree the motion.

Jane Hutt, Labour's chief whip in the assembly, had originally tabled a motion to be voted on by AMs that said that the National Assembly for Wales agrees "its name should be changed to the 'Welsh Parliament' at the earliest opportunity".

137 responses to the consultation

The Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport, Vaughan Gething says diagnosis rates have improved. He highlights the role of trades unions, and adds that the 137 responses to the consultation will have an impact on policy.

Vaughan Gething

Stigma and discrimination facing people with mental health problems

UKIP's Caroline Jones talks about the need to tackle the stigma and discrimination facing people with mental health problems, and says that only 11% of Welsh NHS spending is on mental health services.  

Caroline Jones

Call for a wider range of treatment options

Welsh mental health charity tweets

More sustainable funding model than ring-fencing?

Conservative Angela Burns calls on the Welsh Government to "consider an Integrated Demand and Capacity model for financing mental health services as a more sustainable funding model than ring-fencing."   

Welsh Government priorities for mental health

Members reach the penultimate debate of the day, on the Welsh Government priorities for mental health as set out in the Together for Mental Health' Delivery Plan 2016-19.  

Mental Health

'Bring together our main employability programmes'

The minister says the "aim is to bring together the activities from our main employability programmes – Jobs Growth Wales, ReAct , Traineeships and our new Employability Skills Programme - into a single employability support programme that will better meet the needs of those requiring support to gain, retain and progress within work."

Employability Support in Wales

The Minister for Science and Skills, Julie James makes a Statement on 'Employability Support in Wales'.  

Julie James

'Potential for heavy unbudgeted costs'

Lesley Griffiths warns that  "the potential for heavy unbudgeted costs for dealing with a disease outbreak would place an unexpected pressure on unrelated programmes and services provided by the Welsh Government."   

'An exotic animal disease could re-emerge at any time'

Plenary moves on to a Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths on 'Exotic Animal Disease Threats, Bluetongue and Contingency Planning'.

The Contingency Plan warns that "an exotic animal disease could re-emerge at any time and it is crucial for animal keepers and the veterinary profession to maintain vigilance and report any suspicion of a notifiable animal disease immediately."

Lesley Griffiths

'Communities will be consulted'

Conservative Mohammad Asghar said the chair of the task-force should be independent of government and said communities should be properly consulted about its work. 

The minister replies that communities will be consulted. 

Mohammad Asghar

'Like marking your own work'

Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins welcomes the move but says the outcomes of the task-force had to be measured by an independent group and not the Welsh Government "otherwise it will be like marking your own work". 

'Help the most disadvantaged areas of the valleys'

Mr Davies says the group will "work across government to meet the valleys’ future needs for education, health and economic development."

It will have representatives from the private and public sector "to help the most disadvantaged areas of the valleys, and ensure every individual has the opportunity to fulfill their potential."

Alun Davies

A Ministerial Taskforce on the Valleys

Now a statement by Alun Davies announcing a ministerial taskforce for the valleys to tackle the region's economic challenges.

Exactly two years ago this week Mr Davies was dismissed as environment minister for putting pressure on civil servants for private information about opposition AMs. He was already under scrutiny over his handling of plans for a racing circuit in his Blaenau Gwent constituency.

Setting up a Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme

An element of the current UK Landfill Tax is used to support a Landfill Communities Fund. 

Mr Drakeford sets out his intention to set up a Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme "to continue this valuable work in Wales".    

'Welsh taxes will be fair and as simple as possible'

Mark Drakeford says, “A huge amount of work is already underway to prepare for these tax powers.  

"Welsh taxes will be fair, as simple as possible, provide stability and certainty to taxpayers and support jobs and growth. Our proposals are designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness and most importantly reflect Welsh needs and priorities.”

Mark Drakeford

Tax devolution and the fiscal framework

Next is a statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government, Mark Drakeford on tax devolution and the fiscal framework.

From 2018, Wales will raise its own money to spend on public services for the first time in almost 800 years when stamp duty land tax and landfill tax are devolved. 

The Welsh Government’s legislative programme for the year ahead includes the introduction of  two Bills – Land Transaction Tax and Landfill Disposals Tax  – to "realise the full potential of these devolved taxes."


Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister

Members approve a motion by Presiding Officer Elin Jones proposing that the National Assembly resolves that Standing Orders 17.2A to 17.2S (election of committee chairs) shall not apply in relation to the Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister.  

Fanzone 'should have been first come first serve'

Bethan Jenkins says that the fanzone in the Principality Stadium should have been first come first serve, not a ticketed event, and condemns people trying to make a profit from the free event.

'Killjoys of UEFA'

Mr Thomas calls for condemnation of the "killjoys of UEFA" that won't allow Wales players to take kids on pitch after the Euro 2016 semi-final against Portugal.

Gareth Bale celebrated on the pitch with his daughter Alba
Gareth Bale celebrated on the pitch with his daughter Alba

Euro 2016

Simon Thomas is the first member this afternoon to wish the Wales football team well after arguably the greatest night in their football history as they came from a goal down to beat Belgium at Euro 2016 on Friday and reach the semi-finals of a major tournament for the first time.  

The Welsh players celebrate their win at full-time in front of their passionate fans
The Welsh players celebrate their win at full-time in front of their passionate fans

Future business of the Assembly

Next on the agenda is the Business Statement and Announcement, in which Leader of the House Jane Hutt outlines the future business of the Assembly.

She usually does so up to three weeks in advance, but next week will see the final plenaries before the summer recess. 

Removing a racist slogan from a front door

Labour's Jenny Rathbone says she spent yesterday morning removing a racist slogan from someone's front door.

The first minister replies he was too generous to describe racists in Wales as "idiots".  

'We can't afford to lose these people'

Simon Thomas says "we can't afford to lose these people"  and "we must send a robust message these people are welcome to stay".

The first minister replies, "Some people say they can stay anyway, but we haven't heard that from the UK Government."

Status of citizens of other EU countries living in Wales

The first minister says he's written to the Home Secretary to seek assurances over the status of citizens of other EU countries living in Wales in Brexit negotiations.

Urgent Question

Simon Thomas asks, "Following a statement by the UK Government on the future of EU citizens living in the UK, will the First Minister make a statement on the Welsh Government’s position?" 

Simon Thomas

Access to the single market

The first minister says it is "hugely important" to have access to the single market, without tariffs.

Carwyn Jones

Farmers the right people to run businesses?

Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies puts it to the first minister that the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths said farmers weren't the right people to run businesses.

Mr Jones replies that wasn't what she said, but Mr Davies says it was a direct quote.

Andrew RT Davies

Announcement on the Circuit of Wales next week

The economy secretary is to make an announcement on the Circuit of Wales next week, says first minister.

The company behind the Circuit of Wales development in Ebbw Vale submitted a new funding proposal to Welsh Government earlier this year after Ministers refused to agree to a proposal to underwrite all of the £350m which was being invested by insurance giant Aviva.

Circuit of Wales
Circuit of Wales

EU citizens rights are guaranteed says Neil Hamilton

The first minister says that EU citizens here should remain after Brexit, and that it is  'utterly wrong' to use them as a bargaining chip,

UKIP group leader Neil Hamilton says that EU citizens rights are guaranteed.  

Labour MPs to 'get a grip'?

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood asks the first minister if he would ask Welsh Labour MPs to "get a grip", amid the leadership crisis.

Leanne Wood

Neil McEvoy says first minister called him a 'coward'

Plaid Cymru's Neil McEvoy says that the first minister "audibly" called him a "coward" last week.

After the presiding officer demands he asks a question, he eventually asks about small businesses involvement in the Cardiff city deal.

Neil McEvoy

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status

Simon Thomas expresses concerns about the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status given by the European Commission to Welsh produce.

These include Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes and Welsh lamb.

He asks if there are plans in place to protects foods with PGI status following Brexit.

Pembrokeshire Earlies have been grown in the county since the mid-1700s
Pembrokeshire Earlies have been grown in the county since the mid-1700s

Oral Assembly Questions tabled for answer today

The first of the tabled questions is by Paul Davies, asking what is the Welsh Government doing to support farmers in Pembrokeshire.

He follows-up by asking about the impact of the EU referendum on farmers.

Prynhawn da

Welcome to Senedd Live's coverage of today's plenary, which begins with Questions to the First Minister Carwyn Jones.