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  1. Plenary begins at 1.30pm with Questions to the First Minister
  2. Business Statement and Announcement
  3. Debate on the General Principles of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill
  4. Debate on Stage 3 of the Public Health (Wales) Bill

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK


That brings today's proceedings in the Siambr to a close.

Senedd Live will be back tomorrow morning when we'll be broadcasting the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee.

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Guide to Public Bills and Acts

There is generally a four-stage process for the consideration of a Public Bill involving:

  • Stage 1 – consideration of the general principles of the Bill by a committee, and the agreement of those general principles by the Assembly;
  • Stage 2 – detailed consideration by a committee of the Bill and any amendments tabled to that Bill;
  • Stage 3 – detailed consideration, by the Assembly, of the Bill and any amendments tabled to that Bill;
  • Stage 4 – a vote by the Assembly to pass the final text of the Bill.

Stage 3 completed

That completes Stage 3 of the Public Health (Wales) Bill.  

Rebecca Evans
Minister for Social Services and Public Health Rebecca Evans

Guidance about entering dwellings

David Melding proposes the final set of amendments, regarding guidance about entering dwellings.

Minister for Social Services and Public Health Rebecca Evans says she has "no disagreement with the intention underpinning the amendments", but says they are "unnecessary and could cause confusion". 

The amendments are rejected.

Air pollution and air quality

Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas says he bought a diesel car because he thought the emissions were low.  

He proposes a group of amendments on air pollution and air quality, saying Wales should not rely on Westminster to produce a strategy, adding that there is no safe level of air pollution and citing figures of thousands of premature deaths. 

UKIP and the Conservatives support most of his amendments. 

But Rebecca Evans says the Welsh Government is "fully committed to taking this agenda forward through existing or planned work". So the amendments are rejected.

Simon Thomas

'Duplicating without adding value'

Minister for Social Services and Public Health Rebecca Evans says Angela Burns' amendment on improving and protecting the health and well-being of young persons "risks duplicating without adding value". 

Angela Burns says she is  "very sad" to hear that response, and accuses the government of "losing focus".

Angela Burns
Angela Burns

Provision of toilets

Caroline Jones' amendments on local toilets strategies are also rejected.

'Very disappointed'

UKIP's Caroline Jones  says she is "very disappointed" that her amendments regarding tattooing of an eyeball are rejected.

All amendments can be seen here.

Caroline Jones

Not nice

How do you get to be experienced....?

Lots of grimaces

Special procedure licences

All the amendments by Rebecca Evans on special procedure licences  - standards of competence relevant to performing a special procedure - are approved.

Retailers of tobacco and nicotine products

Amendments by Angela Burns  and Rebecca Evans, regarding applications for registration by retailers of tobacco and nicotine products, are approved.

Smoking – smoke-free premises and enforcement

All the amendments by Rebecca Evans, Minister for Social Services and Public Health, regarding smoking – smoke-free premises and enforcement - are passed.


Tackling obesity

AMs approve the first group of amendments,  by Rhun ap Iorwerth, without objections.


" (1) The Welsh Ministers must publish a national strategy on preventing obesity, and reducing obesity levels, in Wales. 

(2) The strategy must— (a) specify objectives the Welsh Ministers consider will, if achieved, contribute towards preventing obesity; (b) specify objectives the Welsh Ministers consider will, if achieved, contribute towards reducing obesity levels; (c) identify how the Welsh Ministers propose to achieve the specified objectives". 

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How the Bill was amended at Stage 2

Debate on Stage 3

Finally today, we have a debate on Stage 3 of the Public Health (Wales) Bill

This second attempt to bring in the bill no longer includes a ban on e-cigarettes in some enclosed places.

The bill would introduce new regulations on smoke-free areas, tattooists and public toilets.  

The first attempt at passing the legislation was defeated in March last year.

Public Health (Wales) Bill

General principles of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill agreed

 AMs agree to the general principles of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill, with  36 members for, one abstention, 11 against. 


'Improving working conditions in Wales'

Gareth Bennett says UKIP "broadly supports this bill as it furthers the cause  of improving working conditions in Wales, which is a laudable aim".  

Gareth Bennett

UK Act an 'unnecessary attack on workers' rights'

Sian Gwenllian says Plaid Cymru supports the general principles of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill.

She describes the UK government's Trade Union Act of 2016 as an "unnecessary attack on workers' rights".

Sian Gwenllian

'Unnecessary, burdensome and costly'

The report was agreed by 7 out of 8 Committee Members as representing their views on the evidence they considered and the recommendation they decided to make. 

One Member, Janet Finch-Saunders, did not agree the report.   

She tells AMs the bill is "unnecessary, burdensome and costly".  

Janet Finch-Saunders

Report has three recommendations

Huw Irranca-Davies, Chair of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, presents their report which has three recommendations. 

The report states, "It would have been our preference for provisions about agency workers to have been included within a Bill on its introduction given their policy significance. This would have allowed the Cabinet Secretary to take account of a committee report that explores and considers the views of stakeholders on agency workers and then, if necessary, to table amendments to change or delete the wording in the Bill as a consequence."   

Huw Irranca-Davies

Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee Report

Committee chair John Griffiths presents the report of the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee on the Trade Union (Wales) Bill, which recommends that the Assembly supports the general principles of the Bill. 

John Griffiths

Stopping employers from using agency workers to cover strikers

Rules stopping employers from using agency workers to cover strikers will be protected in the public sector under Welsh Government plans.

A UK Government consultation was held on changing the rules in 2015 but the idea has not been put into action.

Now Welsh ministers want to amend the Trade Union Bill to prevent any rule changes applying to Welsh public services.

Welsh ministers have said the UK Government may try to overturn the proposed law, and Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said it will "act at the earliest opportunity" to ensure the legislation "protects the interest of taxpayers and our public services in Wales".  

Mark Drakeford

Summary of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill

Debate on the general principles

Next in the Siambr is a debate on the General Principles of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill.

Rules making it harder to call strikes in public services will be scrapped in Wales under Welsh Government plans.

Ministers have published a bill to repeal parts of the UK government's Trade Union Act of 2016.

The Welsh Government insisted the assembly has the power needed to change the law on taking industrial action, despite earlier rows with the UK government.  


Business Statement and Announcement

Now the Business Statement and Announcement where Leader of the House Jane Hutt outlines the future business of the Assembly.

Jane Hutt

Repeal Bill white paper

Discussions with other devolved nations are more important than ever with the Repeal Bill white paper, says  independent AM Dafydd Elis-Thomas. 

Dafydd Elis-Thomas

Campaign for Real Ale

During questions on saving community pubs, the first minister reveals he is a member of the Campaign for Real Ale.   

Getty Images

'Not much to learn from Das Kapital'

Mr Hamilton also asks how much can be learnt from Das Kapital.  

"I don't think we have much to learn from Das Kapital," replies the first minister.   

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said there is much to learn from reading Das Kapital.

Marx's biographer Francis Wheen has pointed out that it reads at times like a Gothic novel "whose heroes are enslaved and consumed by the monster they created". 

Karl Marx published the first volume of Das Kapital in 1867
Getty Images
Karl Marx published the first volume of Das Kapital in 1867

'No raising of the top rate of income tax'

UKIP's Neil Hamilton asks whether Carwyn Jones would raise the top rate of income tax - like Jeremy Corbyn has promised - when the powers are devolved. 

In response, the first minister says the Welsh Government wouldn't raise the top rate of income tax during this assembly term. 

Neil Hamilton

Mortality report on Tawel Fan mental health ward

Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies calls on the first minister to release the mortality report  into the Tawel Fan mental health ward.

The first minister replies that "at the right time, consideration will be given to releasing the report". 

Tawel Fan

'Stand up for Wales'

In response, Mr Jones thanks Ms Wood for repeating his election pledges.  

She goes on to accuse Mr Jones of airbrushing Mr Corbyn out of his campaign.

Mr Jones chides Plaid Cymru on its local election results and says Labour will "stand up for Wales". 

Carwyn Jones

Cannot 'utter the name' of Corbyn

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood tells Carwyn Jones he couldn't bring himself to "utter the name" of Jeremy Corbyn at the Welsh Labour launch yesterday.

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Debt to local authorities

The third party that owes the biggest debt of all to local authorities is the Westminster government, says Plaid Cymru's Adam Price.  


Tributes to Keith Reynolds

Hefin David and First Minister Carwyn Jones pay tributes to Caerphilly council leader Keith Reynolds, who died at the age of 71 last month.  

Keith Reynolds

Children taught to code

The first question tabled for today is by Lee Waters: When will every child in Wales be taught to code? 

The first minister says "we want to encourage coding skills" and that there will be an announcement next month. 


Welcome to Senedd Live

Plenary begins as usual with Questions to the First Minister, Carwyn Jones.