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  1. Plenary begins at 13.30 with Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs
  2. Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children
  3. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Education: Assessment for Learning - a distinct Welsh approach
  4. Statement by the Counsel General: Consultation on the Welsh Government Prosecution Code
  5. Welsh Conservatives debate: Welsh economy
  6. Plaid Cymru debate: energy
  7. Short Debate: Defending Wales for the next generation

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones

All times stated are UK


That brings today's proceedings in the Siambr to a close.

The Whitsun recess is next week, so Senedd Live will be back on Tuesday 6 June.


'Defending Wales for the next generation'

Finally in the Siambr today is a Short Debate by Dai Lloyd (South Wales West).

His chosen topic is "Defending Wales for the next generation:The current unprecedented challenges facing Wales, including the relationship with the rest of the world, economic inequality, and the need for urgent and positive action in terms of improving outcomes for the next generation".

Dr Dai Lloyd

Public meetings discussing proposals for an energy company

The Welsh Government proposes that the assembly:

"1. Notes the Welsh Government’s long-held commitment to:

a) use energy as efficiently as possible;

b) reduce reliance on energy generated from fossil fuels; and

c) actively manage the transition to a low carbon economy to deliver maximum benefits for Wales and protect the most vulnerable.

2. Recognises the contribution of Welsh Government-funded programmes, such as Warm Homes, Nest and Arbed, Local Energy, Green Growth Wales and the Smart Living programme in stimulating and supporting the early transition to a low carbon economy.

3. Recognises the Welsh Government’s role in supporting innovative energy generation, such as the community-led Bethesda local energy selling pilot, the mine water scheme in Bridgend and collaboration with industry and academia.

4. Notes the Welsh Government has held a series of public meetings across Wales to discuss proposals for an energy company for Wales".

Higher energy prices

UKIP's Neil Hamilton says obligations under the Climate Change Act expose the people of Wales to significantly higher energy prices.

British Gas

Opposition to the 'nationalisation of energy'

Welsh Conservative environment spokesman David Melding says the party does not support the "nationalisation of energy", as they believe that the sector works best for consumers and businesses when it operates within the market.

The Conservatives have pledged a cap on energy prices - Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that 17m households would benefit by up to £100 from the cap on poor-value standard variable tariffs.

Science Photo Library

Infrastructure, renewables and research and development

Plaid Cymru spokesman Simon Thomas says Wales needs a national energy company to focus on reducing energy prices for consumers through renewable sources.

Plaid Cymru is not proposing full nationalisation - the proposed Ynni Cymru (Energy Wales) organisation would exist within the current energy market.

Instead, the organisation would drive investment in infrastructure, renewables and research and development in a bid to reduce the cost of energy and tackle climate change.

It would act as a producer and would not provide electricity and gas direct to people's homes - but the body could also co-ordinate the development of local co-operative and municipally-owned providers that do.

Getty Images

Plaid Cymru debate: a not-for-profit energy company for Wales

We move on to the Plaid Cymru debate, calling for a not-for-profit energy company for Wales to reduce the cost of energy bills.

Plaid Cymru has proposed that an organisation called Ynni Cymru, similar to the not-for-profit Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, is set-up to drive investment in the sector.

Electricity pylons

'Leadership role of the Welsh Government'

Economy Secretary Ken Skates proposes that the assembly:

"1. Welcomes the leadership role of the Welsh Government in working with other parties to scrap tolls on the Severn Crossings which will deliver a £100m boost to the Welsh economy.

2. Notes the Prime Minister’s U-turn in supporting abolition of the Severn tolls.

3. Recognises the commitment of the Welsh Government to working with the UK Government and partners on all sides to deliver the North Wales Growth deal and ensure sustainable transport links into all parts of Wales.

4. Notes that the removal of tolls is just one part of the Welsh Government’s plan to increase economic growth and improve the transport system in Wales, which includes work underway to decarbonise the transport network in line with the obligations of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015".

Ken Skates

'Conversion of my Conservative friends'

UKIP's Neil Hamilton welcomes the "conversion of my Conservative friends" regarding the abolition of the Severn tolls.

Congestion at the toll booths has been an issue as well as the cost of the crossing
Congestion at the toll booths has been an issue as well as the cost of the crossing

'Urgent priority of electrification'

Plaid Cymru draws attention to the "urgent priority of electrification of the North Wales Coast Line, the South Wales Main Line and the Valleys Lines and their importance for future prosperity of their respective regions".

They call on the UK Government to come to "a positive decision on funding for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon to ensure economic growth in that area," and on the Welsh Government to consult with Pembrokeshire County Council to abolish tolls on the Cleddau Bridge in Pembrokeshire as an economic boost to the area.

Welsh Conservatives debate

The first of this afternoon's debates is by the Welsh Conservatives.

They propose that the assembly:

1. Welcomes the UK Prime Minister's commitment to scrap tolls on the Severn Crossings which will deliver a £100m boost to the Welsh economy.

2. Recognises the need for a north Wales growth deal and its importance for future prosperity in the region.

3. Notes the importance of developing similar regional deals for rural communities in mid Wales to ensure our country works for everyone.

Russell George
Russell George

38 successful prosecutions

According to Mr Antoniw, over the past nine years marine enforcement officers acting on behalf of the Welsh Ministers have investigated infringements of fisheries’ laws, leading to 38 successful prosecutions including eleven last year.

'Clear, accessible and fit for purpose'

Mick Antoniw says "the decision to prosecute is a serious step. The proposed Code is intended to ensure that fair and consistent decisions about prosecutions are made within the Welsh Government.

"Before I issue the Code I wish to give stakeholders and members of the public the opportunity to comment and provide their views. This will enable me to issue a Welsh Government Prosecution Code which is clear, accessible and fit for purpose".

Mick Antoniw
Mick Antoniw

Statement by the Counsel General

The second statement is by the Counsel General on the consultation on the Welsh Government Prosecution Code.

'Downgrading the status of teachers'

UKIP's Michelle Brown warns that "by increasing the use of computers for assessment we are downgrading the status of teachers".

Michelle Brown

Dissatisfaction with current assessment methods

Plaid Cymru's Llyr Gruffydd reminds AMs that the Successful Futures report by Prof Graham Donaldson had said that dissatisfaction with current assessment methods were one of the strongest messages he received.

"So it's good to see this is being pursued" says Mr Gruffydd, who also questions the cabinet secretary about self-assessment and peer assessment.

Llyr Gruffydd

'Well-prepared for later life'

Conservative Darren Millar seeks assurances that "we are not completely ditching the paper tests in literacy, numeracy and other subjects so that our children can be well-prepared for later life to take high-stakes tests".

Darren Millar

'Renewed emphasis'

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams says "We are working with schools, regional consortia and taking the advice of international assessment experts, such as Dylan William and John Hattie, to ensure there is a renewed emphasis on Assessment for Learning and that the learner is at the heart of our proposals."

Kirsty Williams

'A distinct Welsh approach'

We now have two statements that were postponed from yesterday following the suicide attack in Manchester.

The first is by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams: 'Assessment for Learning - a distinct Welsh approach'.

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No Topical Questions were tabled

No Topical Questions were tabled, so Members are now listening to the 90 Second Statements, where three AMs have the opportunity to raise issues of topical interest.

Supporting live music venues

UKIP's Gareth Bennett welcomes the intention to revise Wales’ national planning policy in a move to support live music venues.

He calls on the Welsh Government to explore further ways of helping pubs and other venues.

Clwb Ifor Bach sits in a prime site for redevelopment
Clwb Ifor Bach sits in a prime site for redevelopment

Eight regional community coordinators across Wales

In light of the attack in Manchester, Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins asks what the Welsh Government is doing with regard to community cohesion, and she condemns online abuse of Muslims.

Mr Sargeant says the Welsh Government takes community cohesion very seriously, adding, "we have funded since 2012 eight regional community coordinators across Wales".

Bethan Jenkins

'Counter-terrorism best co-ordinated at a UK level'

Conservative Mark Isherwood questions Mr Sargeant on his support for the devolution of policing to Wales while at the same time believing that specialist policing matters such as counter-terrorism are best co-ordinated at a UK level.


Childcare offer pilot areas

Carl Sargeant says the Welsh Government intends to provide 30 hours a week of free early education and childcare for working parents of 3 and 4 year olds in Wales, for 48 weeks of the year.

They will begin to test the offer in seven local authorities in September.

Carl Sargeant

Childcare offer for Wales

Now we have Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children.

Dai Lloyd (South Wales West) asks about the progression of the childcare offer for Wales.

'Lift administrative burdens on farmers'

UKIP leader Neil Hamilton says Brexit presents an opportunity to "lift administrative burdens on farmers without loosing any great public benefits which the non-farming community values".

Neil Hamilton

'Generational crisis in agriculture'

Conservative Paul Davies says there is a "generational crisis in agriculture", and calls for more steps to attract and keep young farmers in the industry.

Lesley Griffiths says, "I don't like the word 'crisis'", and she outlines various ways that young farmers are supported by the Welsh Government.

Paul Davies

Support payments for farmers

Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas says he was "struck that the Welsh Labour Party manifesto does not make any commitment to maintain support payments for farmers in the whole of the next parliament".

Lesley Griffiths repeats that "I cannot imagine a time when we do not have to support our agriculture sector".

Simon Thomas

'Deliver our international obligations'

Lesley Griffiths says the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 has placed "strong foundations to deliver our international obligations".

Lesley Griffiths

Environmental protections under EU legislation

Here is the first of the tabled questions:

Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore): What assurances will the Cabinet Secretary give to ensure that the environmental protections in place under EU legislation, particularly the nature directives, will be maintained in Wales following Brexit?

Welcome to Senedd Live

Plenary begins at 1.30pm with Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs.