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Live Reporting

By Zoe Murphy and Matthew Davis

All times stated are UK

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Or you can cross now to BBC Sport for build-up and live coverage of

Real Madrid v Liverpool in the Champions League. Liverpool will be looking to avenge a 3-0 defeat by the same opposition earlier in the competition. Welsh winger Gareth Bale is expected to return from injury at the Bernabéu tonight...


David Stern

BBC News, Kiev

Even though we have had a truce since the beginning of September, it is a very fragile one. Some say it is not a truce at all, just a de-escalation of violence. There have been recent reports of a military build-up in the east and there is a great deal of worry in Kiev that that this could be leading to something bigger.

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Tech firms "in denial"

lowerbirch comments: I'm glad [Robert] Hannigan has spoken up, though I don't like the idea of closer co-operation between tech companies and security agencies. IMO the tech companies need to develop their own sense of responsibility for what happens on their networks. It's no good them complaining that they are just the medium and not the message; they provide a platform, they facilitate abuse. They must do something.

Blondie in pictures

In the late 1970s and early 80s Blondie were a massive band with hits like Heart of Glass, Call me and Atomic.

Blondie video shoot from 1970s
Chris Stein/Negative

They're celebrating 40 years in the music industry with a new exhibition.

We want to share these images of

Debbie Harry's glory years with you.

GCHQ, terrorists, and the internet

Robert Hannigan, the new head of GCHQ - the UK spy agency - says tech firms are

'in denial' on extremism. BBC's technology reporter Leo Kelion live now on Outside Source.


Ukraine crisis

If you're looking for background on the developing Ukraine story - this is a very useful explainer by BBC News website's Europe editor Paul Kirby.


In the article he answers questions such as: Why did fighting erupt in eastern Ukraine?

Will the country return to war?

Andrew Harding

Africa correspondent

is in Kerrytown in Sierra Leone, where a new treatment centre set up by British troops is about to open. He says: "There is a big push on Ebola - both here in Kerrytown with this big project - and at the local level with the beginning of a roll out of makeshift community quarantine zones, seen as vital in trying to contain the virus before it spreads.

"There has also been big progress with the burial teams. With a lot of British command and control help in Freetown, that is going very well there."

You can follow the BBC's Africa correspondent Andrew Harding on Twitter

@BBCAndrewH. And all his latest reports and analysis can be found

Ebola crisis

The stark, upsetting reality of ebola. How one village road separates the dying from the living -

video report by BBC's Andrew Harding in Sierra Leone. You can also find this video report by clicking on the 'Key Video' tab above.

Ebola victim

Jane O'Brien

BBC News, Alexandria, Virginia

I've just been told by the polling station manager here that 15% of registered voters have turned out. There could be a surge after work, but turnout is very, very low. Americans don't really care very much about these mid-term elections, and they don't care very much for these mid-term elections.

US mid-terms

BBC Trending

What's popular and why

This election season candidates have been spending millions of dollars on television advertising to try to win or hold onto seats in the US Congress.

Guns have been recurring props in many of the most successful adverts. BBC Trending looks at

how firearms are being employed.

Joni Ernst holds a pistol in a campaign advert.
Jodi Ernst for Congress

We've got a wealth of BBC correspondents across the US covering the mid-terms. We've created

this Twitter list so you can follow their coverage.

US mid-terms

New York Times

The Voting Blocs of Arkansas

tweets: Arkansas, which may determine control of the Senate,
is drifting right


US mid-terms

States with a US Senate seat up for election in 2014

Live now - watch Outside Source

We're up and running again on BBC World News - watch live coverage at the top of this page by clicking on the play icon. We'll be live in Virginia - and we'll have BBC Trending's latest report on guns in campaign ads.

Jane O'Brien

BBC News, Alexandria, Virginia

If the Democrats get a bloody nose in the mid-terms, one school of thought says it's going to make things very tough indeed for President Obama to get things done in his last two years.

Another school of thought says the Republicans themselves are going to be judged on their record ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Jane O'Brien

BBC News, Alexandria, Virginia

told BBC Outside Source: The biggest factor of all driving US voters is President Obama.

So many Americans are disappointed with the way he has performed over the last six years. He is the biggest reason most Americans, according to the polls, appear to be veering to the Republicans.

Jon Sopel

North America editor

I have spoken to Democrats and Republicans and they all said the same thing - they were sick of the partisan posturing, the gridlock, the inability to work together, the dysfunctional relationship between Congress and White House, between legislature and executive.

All of which begs the question -

what difference will it make if the Republicans do take control of the Senate?

Less than 15 minutes to air on our second edition. Still leading on US mid-terms. You can find

BBC live coverage here.

Rover in disguise

Rover camera disguised as a penguin chick (c) Le Maho et al
Le Maho et al
Rover in disguise: The researchers managed to access a colony of emperor penguins with their fake chick

They look comical - but these robot penguins are helping to aid conservation. Watch a video clip in the 'Key Video' tab on this page.

Here's the full story

Victoria Gill

Science reporter, BBC News

tweets: Also did v serious government story today. But all @BBCRosAtkins wants to talk about are
these robot penguins

Mark Doyle

BBC News

tweets: UN's 70-70-60 plan against #ebola. 70% cases treated, 70% infectious dead bodies safely buried in 60 days. Deadline Dec.1. Hugely ambitious.

Ebola crisis: On the frontline

Andrew Harding

Africa correspondent

Our correspondent in Sierra Leone has just filed this copy to the Newsroom:

In Kigbal village, a sudden outbreak of Ebola has already killed at least 30 people. Three sick adults lie by the side of the road.

On the other side - trying to keep their distance - a cluster of perhaps 30 children.

The local paramount chief, Alimani Lamina, says most have already lost their parents. Burial teams have come for the dead - but there's been no help for the living.

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BBC World News

David Stern

BBC News, Kiev

says that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed the military to send extra units to the east, where they will guard against a possible attack from Moscow-backed insurgents.

Ukraine crisis

Agence France Presse

UPDATE: Ukraine remains committed to a peace process with pro-Russian separatists, but is rearming and prepared for war should they attempt to launch a new offensive, President Petro Poroshenko said Tuesday.

Speaking at the start of a crisis meeting of security chiefs in the capital Kiev, Poroshenko said that he had not given up on a deal brokered in September to end the seven-month conflict, in which more than 4,000 people have died.

Petro Poroshenko

President of Ukraine

tweets: We are capable of defending our country.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's record label has pulled her music from Spotify to prove records can still sell.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, she said business models used by some artists had devalued music.

Singer Taylor Swift performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" to promote her new album "1989" in New York

If you're really desperate -

BBC Newsbeat has managed to find two tracks on Spotify left behind.

Japan meteor

Video playback

Green light in sky over airport, Japan

At this point in the programme we do a wrap of headlines across our 27 language services and most-watched on our news website.

Here's the incredible footage of a 'fireball meteor' over western Japan. You can also watch the footage using the 'Key Video' tab at the top of this page.

Ebola Crisis: report from the frontline

Andrew Harding

Africa correspondent

One community in a rural area of Sierra Leone has built its own Ebola treatment centre and trained volunteers to care for the sick, the BBC has found.

Ebola treatment centre

The country's existing medical facilities cannot cope, and are often far from the patients who need help.

Watch the full report here and in the 'Key Video' tab at the top of this page.

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Although control of the Senate is at stake, turnout is still expected to be low in the mid-terms. Voters tend to care more about presidential elections than seats in the House and the Senate.

Graphic showing American knowledge of parties in control of Congress

US mid-terms

Rajesh Mirchandani

BBC News

VR of Senate races

Here's how the BBC will use its virtual reality studio to reflect the

election night results. You can also watch this video in the 'Key Video' tab at the top of this page.

US mid-terms

Turning our attention to US mid-terms. All eyes are on the US Senate where the Republicans, who already control the House of Representatives, need to gain just six seats to take control.

Here is a picture of the US Capitol, where the dome is currently being restored.

The afternoon sun hits the US Capitol on the eve of the nation's mid-term elections, 3 November 2014, in Washington, DC
Getty Images