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  1. Nigeria militants raid oil facility
  2. Malawi killers of teenager with albinism jailed
  3. Kenyans pulled out from beneath rubble after six days
  4. Football tycoon to run for DR Congo presidency
  5. Zimbabwe to print its own version of US dollar
  6. Senegal jazz festival back on
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  8. Email stories and comments to - Thursday 5 May 2016

Live Reporting

By Hugo Williams and Farouk Chothia

All times stated are UK

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We're ending the BBC Africa Live page a little early today to say farewell to our colleague Naziru Mikailu, who is returning to Nigeria to work from our Abuja bureau. 

We'll be back tomorrow morning. Until then, keep up-to-date with what's happening across the continent by listening to the Africa Today podcast or checking the BBC News website

A reminder of today's wise words:

If you shut your mouth tightly so as not to speak the truth, your nose will speak it."

An Oromo proverb sent by Adamu Tesfaye, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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And we leave you with this photo of children playing in a neighbourhood of South Africa's Cape Town city:

Children play in Happy Valley, Cape Town, South Africa, 05 May 2016

Nigeria attack on oil facility

Mary Harper

Africa editor, BBC World Service

Security officials in Nigeria say militants have attacked a Chevron oil platform in the Niger Delta region. 

The militants are reported to have badly damaged equipment that allowed oil to flow from facility to another. 

A group called the Niger Delta Avengers said it blew up the platform. 

There has been an increase in sea piracy and militancy in the Niger Delta in recent months.

Cameroon tablet monitors heart diseases

A newly developed tablet, Cardiopad, is helping doctors make early diagnoses of heart-related diseases in Cameroon. 

Experts say the device, fully developed in the Central African nation, is beginning to make a difference in patient care in rural areas.

This report by the BBC's Mamadou Moussa Ba was produced in partnership with Cameroon's Canal 2 International TV station:  

DR Congo presidential candidate 'barricaded'

Dr Congo football tycoon Moise Katumbi says he is barricaded in his home - a day after he announced he will be running for the presidency, currently held by Joseph Kabila. 

The millionaire owner of TP Mazembe has tweeted: 

1) Since this morning, police forces are surrounding my house. To arrest me. This is Kabila's response to my presidential bid !

2) No matter what occurs, I maintain my bid and remain firm in my peaceful struggle for the rule of law. Democracy will win.

Mozambique crisis over aid cut

Mary Harper

Africa editor, BBC World Service

A child walks down a street in the Macuti nighborhood, on June 12, 2015 in Ilha de Mozambique
Mozambique is one of the poorest states in Africa

Mozambique's government says the recent suspension of foreign aid to the country will have a drastic effect on the economy. 

Many donors withheld payments after the government failed to disclose more than $1bn (£690m) worth of debt. 

Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane said the country would lose about 12% of its budget. 

He said there would be a freeze on the recruitment of new civil servants, public services would be cut and less fuel imported.

Zuma condemns parliamentary 'antics'

South African President, Jacob Zuma, delivers a speech at the South African Parliament as most of the opposition parties were boycotted or suspended from the sitting, on May 5, 2016, in Cape Town

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has called for an end to "theatre and antics" in parliament, saying it has damaged the nation's image abroad, Reuters news agency reports. 

Opposition parties boycotted Mr Zuma's speech, saying in a joint statement that they wanted to send a strong message to South Africans that they would not allow Mr Zuma to "trample on the constitution, ignore court rulings and then come to parliament and ask for more money for his office", Reuters reports. 

Four freed from beneath rubble in Kenya

Charlotte Attwood

BBC Africa

Another person has been rescued alive from under the rubble of a six-storey building which collapsed on Friday in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. 

This brings to four the number freed today. 

Burundi police: 451 killed in unrest

A total of 451 people have been killed in Burundi since unrest broke out in April 2015 over President Pierre Nkurunziza's decision to run for for a third term,  AFP news agency quotes a police report as saying. 

The number included 374 civilians and  77 police officers, the report said. 

A man walks through paving stones and a tire fire during protests against the governing party on June 26, 2015 in Bujumbura, Burundi
Most of the unrest has taken place in the capital, Bujumbura

It added that 59 officers had been jailed over the last year for "serious misconduct", without giving details.

Opposition activists and rights groups have repeatedly accused police of using excessive force to crush protests against Mr Nkurunziza's rule.

BreakingTwo more survivors pulled out of Nairobi rubble

Anne Soy

BBC Africa, Nairobi

Rescuers have pulled out another two people alive from the rubble of the collapsed building in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, bringing to three the number rescued today. 

See our 14:28 entry

Sacked cartoonist Gado honoured

Gado signature in cartoon form

Renowned Kenya cartoonist Godfrey Mwapembwa, known by his pen name Gado, has won the 2016 International Editorial Cartoons Prize, sharing the award with the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan presented the influential satirist with the award at a ceremony in Switzerland.

Gado who was sacked by Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper in February without explanation, has previously told the BBC his dismissal was politically motivated.

He is one of the most popular cartoonists in East Africa, often poking fun at the elite.

Prize jury member Patrick Chappatte explained why the two cartoonists had been chosen:

"For having had the courage to draw the king naked, Gado and Zunar are faced with a power machine that seeks to silence them. What this Prize seeks to do is just the opposite: to amplify their voices, which are those of democracy and justice."  

View more on twitter

Despite his sacking from the Daily Nation, Gado continues to publish cartoons on his personal website, like the one below, satirising the largest ever ivory bonfire, which took place on Saturday in Kenya:

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Etoile and TP Mazembe seek consolation in Confederation Cup

African club giants Etoile Sahel and TP Mazembe launch their Confederation Cup challenges this weekend at the play-offs stage of a competition they wanted to avoid.

Etoile of Tunisia and Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo began the 2016 season in the African Champions League, the most prestigious and richest club event on the African calendar.

TP Mazembe flag
Getty Images

Read the full BBC Sport story

'Rabbits raised hopes' of Kenya rescuers

The head of rescue operations in Kenya has said that his hopes of finding more people alive under the rubble of the collapsed building in Nairobi had grown on Wednesday, following the discovery of several rabbits who had survived the incident, AFP news agency reports. 

Pius Masai was speaking earlier after a woman trapped beneath the rubble of the building was freed six days after the collapse. 

AFP quotes him as saying:  

I told you the day we got nine rabbits alive from this place I was sure we will get more people alive

I am glad we got her out safely and that is our determination, to pull out as many people as possible who are still trapped under the rubble."

The Kenya Red Cross has shared a photo of the auspicious animals on its Twitter feed:

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SA opposition boycotts parliament

Eight South African opposition parties have boycotted a speech given by President Jacob Zuma in parliament, Reuters news agency reports. 

The move comes after security officers yesterday forcibly removed from parliament MPs from the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)  as they were trying to block Mr Zuma from speaking.   

outh African opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters MPs are pushed out of a parliament session during the South African president"s budget speech in Cape Town on May 4, 2016.

Today, the EFF, the main opposition Democratic Alliance, and six smaller parties boycotted the parliamentary session in which Mr Zuma called for more orderly debate in the chamber, Reuters reports. 

The opposition has been pushing for Mr Zuma to step down after two damning court rulings against him.

Last week, a High Court judge said he should be should be charged with corruption related to a multi-billion dollar arms deal. 

Last month, the Constitutional Court said he had breached the constiution by failing to repay some of the $23m (£15m) of public money used to upgrade his private home with a swimming pool, amphitheatre, chicken run and cattle enclosure. 

Mr Zuma denies any wrongdoing.

Kenya woman 'taken to hospital'

Kenya woman

The woman who has been rescued after being trapped for six days under the rubble of a collapsed building in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, has been taken to hospital, rescue operations official Maasai Mwachi has said, reports the BBC's Anthony Irungu from the scene.

There is still hope of finding more people alive, Mr Wachi added. 

He said that 36 people have been confirmed dead, 136 have been pulled out alive, and 70 are still unacounted for. 

Read: Why do buildings collapse? 

Nigerian politicians worried about kidnappings

Chris Ewokor

BBC Africa, Abuja

There have been suggestions in Nigeria that senators are pushing for the death sentence to be imposed for kidnapping because politicians are increasingly being targeted. 

Just last week, former government minister Iyabo Anisulowo was abducted before being freed. 

In February, former President Goodluck Jonathan’s 75-year-old foster father, Chief Inegite Jonathan, was kidnapped. 

In many instances, victims are released after negotiations with the ransom-demanding kidnappers but there have been some cases of hostages being killed.

Kidnapping cuurently carries a sentence of five to 10 years in prison. 

See our 09:10 post for more details 

Using radio to help combat outbreaks in West Africa

One of the key challenges posed by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was the lack of public access to accurate information about the virus.

The BBC, in collaboration with its international development charity BBC Media action, worked with local partners to produce special coverage to boost awareness about the virus. 

BBC Media Action also teamed up with the UN children's fund (Unicef) in Benin during the outbreak to train media and relief agencies in "Lifeline" communication, to help keep people informed during humanitarian emergencies.

Now they're using the same approach to help tackle Lassa fever, a dangerous viral disease endemic in Benin. You can follow updates on the project throughout the week on their Instagram feed (see below): 

View more on instagram

Kenyan woman 'pulled out' from rubble

Kenyan rescue workers have now freed the woman who was trapped for six days beneath the rubble of a six-storey building which collapsed in the capital, Nairobi, reports the BBC's Anthony Irungu from the scene. 

Kenyan rescuers 'stop using heavy equipment to free woman'

A Kenyan journalist at the scene of the rescue operation for a woman trapped in the rubble of the collapsed building in Nairobi, has been speaking to the BBC's Outside Source radio programme. 

Listen to the update below:

Tunisian mobile gamers win a cow

BBC Monitoring

A couple in Tunisia have walked away with an unusual prize - a cow - after they recorded the top score in a locally developed mobile phone game, local media report.

Pamela the cow spent two weeks at the game developer's headquarters in Tunis before being awarded to the unnamed couple at the beginning of May, the Tuniscope news website says.

The pair triumphed in a strategy game called Bagra - literally "cow" - which consists of keeping a herd of cows and preventing other players from stealing them, while trying to pinch as many as possible from other herds, Shems FM radio reports.

Pamela the cow
Pamela the cow awaits her new owners at the gaming company's headquarters

Read the full BBC News story here

Photos of Kenya rescue operation

A Kenyan journalist is tweeting photos from the scene of the rescue operation to free a woman who has been found alive beneath the rubble of a Nairobi building: 

View more on twitter
View more on twitter

Trapped Kenyan woman 'stabilised'

Anne Soy

BBC Africa, Nairobi

The Kenya Red Cross says paramedics have stabilised the woman who has been found alive beneath the rubble of the six-storey building which collapsed in the capital, Nairobi, on Friday. 

Red Cross Head of Corporate Affairs Anthony Mwangi told me that efforts are under way to get her out safely. 

Mr Mwangi described it as a delicate process, and said there was a slab blocking her exit from the rubble. 

SA unrest: 14 schools burnt down

Protesters have burnt down at least 14 schools in South Africa's northern Limpopo province in a violent dispute over district boundaries ahead of local government elections in August. 

The BBC's Nomsa Maseko has been tweeting from Vuwani, the flashpoint of the unrest:   

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Kenya woman 'not yet' pulled out of rubble

Rescue workers use a bulldozer as they continue to search for survivors in Huruma neighbourhood in the rubble of a six-storey building that collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, May 5, 201
The residential block was in a poor neighbourhood of Nairobi

Earlier, we quoted a rescue worker in Kenya as saying that a woman has been pulled out alive from beneath the rubble of a six-storey building which collapsed six days ago in the capital, Nairobi. 

However, Pius Masai, the head of the National Disaster Management Unit, says rescuers are still creating room to free the woman, the Associated Press news agency reports. 

She is speaking to medics waiting to treat her, he adds. 

Mr Masai said the death toll from the disaster has risen to 33 and 80 people are missing. 

Uganda government to media: 'Don't push us'

Ugandan government ministers have been speaking about the restrictions imposed on the media as the opposition declares a day of defiance. 

The BBC's Patience Atuhaire tweets from the capital, Kampala:   

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Patience has also posted a photo of some rather glum-looking editors receiving news of the ban: 

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Uganda bans live media coverage of election protests

Catherine Byaruhanga

BBC Africa Uganda correspondent

Uganda’s government has banned live media coverage of planned protests against President Yoweri Museveni’s February re-election. 

Security in the capital Kampala has been tightened ahead of the so-called day of defiance, led by the main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). 

Media organisations in Uganda have been told not to carry out live interviews with opposition members or show their activities in real time, specifically where they dispute President Yoweri Museveni’s election.  

Uganda’s Supreme Court upheld Mr Museveni’s February election victory.

FDC leader Kizza Besigye, who came second in the polls, disputes the results and insists he won.

President Museveni is to due to be sworn in next Thursday.

Local media have been tweeting from the opposition headquarters: 

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Malawi killers of teenager with albinism jailed

Two men have been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Malawi for a murdering a 17-year-old with albinism for his body parts, the local Nyasa Times newspaper reports.  

The magistrate showed the court gruesome pictures of how Davis Fletcher Machinjiri was butchered by Vuto Biswick and Emmanuel Robert, who then took his body parts to Mozambique to sell.

Witch-doctors say potions made with the body parts of people with albinism can bring good luck and wealth - a perception that governments and campaigners are battling to change in African states affected by such killings.   

Read more: Albinism and perceptions of beauty

SA gumtree baby-seller sentence splits opinion

Child rights activists are divided over the  five-year suspended prison sentence given to a 20-year-old who tried to sell her 19-month-old baby boy on the Gumtree advertising website for 5,000 rand ($380; £250).

Some agreed with the compassion shown by the court, but others said that the mother should have been jailed for her actions, South Africa's IOL news site reports.    


The woman put up the child for sale last year after her boyfriend found out that it was not his child, and refused to give financial support. 

The child is now in the care of social workers.  

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the child's identity, was arrested after a sting operation by police. 

BreakingNairobi building collapse: Woman rescued

Emmanuel Igunza

BBC Africa, Nairobi

Rubble of the collapsed building

A woman has been brought out alive this morning from the debris of a building that collapsed six days ago in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The news was confirmed to me by a member of the military unit conducting the rescue operation.

At least 33 people have been confirmed dead after the six-storey residence came down in heavy rain on Friday. 

Read more: Five reasons why buildings collapse in Africa

DR Congo's Katumbi accused of hiring US mercenaries

Moise Katumbi (R)
Moise Katumbi (R) says the allegation is a lie

DR Congo's justice minister says he has ordered an investigation into the alleged use of US mercenaries by opposition presidential candidate Moise Katumbi. 

The government had documented proof that several ex-US soldiers were "in the service" of Mr Matumbi, and recruitment was taking place via a "network with a company based in Virginia in the United States", Alexis Thambwe Mwamba said, AFP news agency reports. 

Mr Katumbi dismissed the allegation as a "grotesque lie". 

"Never will I, Moise Katumbi, take up arms for power," he told AFP. 

New US dollar for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is set to print its own version of the US dollar in order to ease a cash shortage in the country, the state-owned Herald newspaper reports.

Central bank governor John Mangudya said the cash, known as bond notes, will be backed by $200m (£140m) support from the Africa Export-Import Bank.

The governor introduced a number of other measures to steer people away from using US dollar cash.

Zimbabwe ditched its own currency in 2009 after hyperinflation made it worthless.

Move in Nigeria to impose death penalty for kidnapping

Nigeria's Senate has called for the death penalty to be imposed for kidnapping, amid an increase in abductions for ransom.

Lawmaker Abu Ibrahim said 225 kidnappings were recorded in October and November, with 28 million naira ($140,000) paid for the release of hostages, Nigeria's Vanguard newspaper reports

An example of hangman's noose

Kidnapping in the country is carried out for both financial and political motives, the paper reports.

Senegal international jazz festival back on

US jazz composer, producer and bassist Marcus Miller (R) performs on stage with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra during the last day of the 38th North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam on July 14, 2013
Renowned jazz musician Marcus Miller is expected to perform at the festival

Senegal's international jazz festival will take place next week as planned, after officials reversed their decision to cancel it on security grounds, reports the BBC's Thomas Fessy from the capital, Dakar. 

Organisers welcomed the decision, tweeting: "Victory: the ban on the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival is lifted." 

US jazz fusion bassist Marcus Miller will be headlining this 24th edition in the northern city of Saint-Louis, a World Heritage site.

The festival had initially been called off because of concerns over a possible attack by militant Islamists. 

DR Congo football tycoon to contest presidency

Moise Katumbi

The owner of one of Africa's top football clubs has announced he will be running for the presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo in elections due in November. 

Moise Katumbi, a millionaire businessman who owns TP Mazembe, said he wanted to be the sole candidate representing all of the country's opposition.

The constitution bars President Joseph Kabila from running for a third term, but he has not yet made his plans clear, with some opposition groups fearing that he will try to delay the poll in a bid to cling to power. 

Read more: Could Moise Katumbi become DR Congo president?

Today's wise words

Our African proverb of the day: 

If you shut your mouth tightly so as not to speak the truth, your nose will speak it."

An Oromo proverb sent by Adamu Tesfaye, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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