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  1. Police in Germany have given a 'cautious all-clear' following a mass shooting at a Munich shopping centre
  2. At least nine victims have died. More than 20 were injured, including three critically
  3. The suspect was an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual national who lived in Munich
  4. He is believed to have been acting on his own and killed himself. His motive is "completely unclear", say police
  5. Young people and "adolescents" are among the dead, and children are among those injured

Live Reporting

By John Harrison, Stephen Robb, Marysia Nowak, Nalina Eggert and Emma Atkinson

All times stated are UK

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Live updates ending for night

Officers in Munich

So, to recap:

In the last hour police in Munich have said the suspect in the shopping mall shootings is an 18-year-old German-Iranian national. He had been living in Munich for some time and acted alone, before killing himself.

Nine victims are dead, including "adolescents", police say. Twenty people remain injured, including three people who have life-threatening injuries.

Police say "the motive or explanation for this crime is completely unclear".

Earlier, shooting began at about 18:00 (16:00 GMT) on Friday. Witnesses said the attacker opened fire on members of the public in Hanauer Street, near a branch of McDonald's, before he moved to the nearby Olympia shopping centre.

Some 2,300 police officers were deployed and a manhunt was launched, as the Bavarian capital's transport system was suspended and the central railway station was evacuated.

The body of the suspect was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western suburb of Moosach. 

We are now halting our live coverage for the night.  

Please continue to follow our main news story, which can be found here.

People urged to stop posting victim photos

Munich police tweet...

Swiss and Austrian police joined operation

The news conference has now come to an end. The man giving the details was Hubertus Andrae, Munich's police president. One detail he gave earlier was that 2,300 police officers were involved in the response - they included local officers, others drafted in from neighbouring regions in Germany, and also some from Switzerland and Austria.

Video: Police confirm gunman death

Munich shooting: Police confirm gunman death

'Adolescents' among dead

Police say "there are injured children, yes". Munich's police chief says "young people" are also among the dead, adding afterwards that they are "adolescents".

Three have 'life-threatening injuries'

Twenty people remain injured. Three people have "life-threatening" injuries, police add.

Gunman was Iranian-German

Police have added that the gunman had dual nationality - Iranian-German. He was found dead in a side street in the vicinity of the shopping centre.

Police unaware of 'I am German' shouts

Asked about reports the gunman shouted "I am German" while shooting, police say they have not been able to confirm or dismiss the claim and appealed for people to provide officers with video footage for analysis.

Gunman used a 'handgun'

The police chief has said the gunman used a handgun. Says he did not use a long-barreled gun, despite earlier reports. 

Car escapees 'nothing to do with killings'

The two people who left the scene at high speed - and were initially thought to have been possible accomplices - had nothing to do with the shootings, the Munich police president adds.

Gunman had been in Munich 'for a while'

Police president

The Munich police president is giving more details on the gunman. He says he had been in Munich for "a while". When pressed he says it was for more than two years. The man was not known to law enforcement agencies. He says no links with terrorist groups have been discovered yet - but investigations continue.

'Motive of shooter unclear' - police

The motive for the shootings is unclear, the police president has said. He adds that 2,300 law enforcement officials responded to the incident. 

Two escapees were considered suspects

The police president says two people seen fleeing the scene in a vehicle were initially considered to be suspects. He says "on the basis of witness reports and CCTV footage" a man found dead near the scene is considered to be the suspect. Police currently believe nobody else was involved.

BreakingGunman was 18-year-old Iranian

Police say gunman was an 18-year-old Iranian man from Munich.

'Most difficult day of my career'

The police press conference in Munich has now started. The local police president is speaking, and says yesterday was "the most serious and difficult" day in his career.

News conference to be held

We are expecting police in Munich to hold a news conference in the next few minutes.

You can watch the conference here.

'Cautious all-clear' given by police

Police tweeted the latest updates, saying they have given a "cautious" all-clear after identifying a suspect who has killed himself.

View more on twitter

BreakingGunman killed himself - police

Munich police have said the suspected gunman in the attack killed himself and may have been acting on his own. The fresh information comes after earlier reports suggested there could have been three gunmen.

Trump tweets reaction to shootings

Republican presidential candidate tweets...

Police to hold press conference

Police in Munich are planning a press conference for 02:00 local time (24:00 GMT). They added that the city's transport network, which was shut down during the attack, had reopened at around 01.15 local time (23:15 GMT).

BreakingPolice: 10 dead in shootings

Police in Munich are now saying 10 people are dead after the shootings, the Reuters news agency is reporting.

Munich Police say at least 10 people injured

Munich police are tweeting in German, English, French, and Turkish.

We know of at least 10 injured persons. Police operations are still running. The Situation is still not clear. #gunfire #munich

All public transport in Munich remains suspended

Munich Police tweets: "Note about the traffic situation: Of course the night trams and buses are not operating at the moment either!"

Hinweis zur Verkehrslage: Natürlich fahren derzeit auch die Nachttrambahnen und -busse nicht! #münchen #schießerei

A family protecting a father from bad news

Rukmini Callimachi, a New York Times correspondent, recounts a sad story from Munich through a series of tweets.

A father is looking for his son, who was in the Olympia shopping centre.

The family knows the news is bad, but the father has a heart condition and is too unwell to be told - so they keep searching.

4. Emotional, hard-to-watch scene at Krankenhaus Schwabing hospital. In the parking lot, a father with bloodshot eyes walks in circles

5. He explains that his teenage daughter & son were at the Olympic mall when shooting erupted. Daughter made it out. They can't find son

6. It's 4th hospital he's. gone to try to find his 17-year old son. In fact relatives know what happened. A cousin shows me pics on cell

7. She walks me away from father & flips through images showing teen lying in pool of blood. She hides phone when father approaches

11. What do you say we all take a minute to send this family our thoughts? Praying son is found alive and they are reunited.

Vice-chancellor thinking of victims

Germany's Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, tweets that his thoughts are with the victims of the "shocking" Munich attack.

He praises the Munich police, saying they are dealing with events admirably.

Schockierende Nachrichten aus #Muenchen. Gedanken sind bei den Opfern. Jetzt keine Spekulationen. @PolizeiMuenchen leistet Großartiges.

Police 'to investigate body with robot'

German media are reporting that police want to investigate one of the bodies with a robot. 

Bavarian broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk says a male body was found about one kilometre from the scene of the attack. Police are determining whether this could be an attacker.

Polizei #Muenchen will Leiche eines Verdächtigen mit Roboter untersuchen - berichtet Reporter Oliver Bendixen

Police appeal for images

Police in Munich have asked for witnesses to upload videos or pictures to help them with their investigation.

The link is

They previously asked people not to share images of the live police operation online, saying that would only help the attackers.

Victim or assailant?

The Munich police spokesman, Marcus da Gloria Martins, tells national news programme Tagesschau that the ninth person whose body has been found by police died in a violent manner.

Mr da Gloria Martins said it was too early to tell whether he was a victim or an assailant.

Opfer oder Täter? Neunter Toter von München in etwa 1 Kilometer Entfernung gefunden - Ermittlungen laufen

Witness: Attacker yelled anti-foreigner slur

Witness Luan Zequiri said he was at the scene when the shooting broke out. He tells the Germany broadcaster n-tv that he heard the attacker yell an anti-foreigner slur. 

He says he saw only one attacker, who was wearing boots and a backpack.

He says he looked in the direction of the attacker, who shot two people on the stairs. He hid in a shop, then ran outside when the coast was clear and saw bodies of the dead and wounded on the ground.   

German security council to meet

A security council of the German parliament will meet tomorrow to discuss the attack in Munich.

Chancellor Angela Merkel will be joined by the German defence minister, vice-chancellor, foreign minister, justice minister, finance minister, development minister and interior minister.

Federal Minister for Special Affairs, Peter Altmaier, who will also be at the meeting, said: "We are determined to do all we can so that terrorism and misanthropic violence have no chance in Germany."

Munich mosques open overnight

A Muslim newspaper in Germany, Islamische Zeitung, tweets that mosques in Munich will stay open overnight for anyone who needs refuge.

Public transport in the city has been halted, leaving many people unable to get home, but the police have asked everyone to stay indoors for safety.

Wichtige Information zu #München: #OffeneTür für alle. Passt aufeinander auf!

Wichtige Information zu #München: #OffeneTür für alle. Passt aufeinander auf!

'Fear must never triumph over freedom'

Germany's Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth, says fear "must never triumph over freedom".

"I mourn the victims of Munich and have sympathy for their relatives," he says.

Ich trauere um die Opfer von #München & fühle mit den Angehörigen. Niemals dürfen Angst & Schrecken über die Freiheit siegen. #oez

Flag at half mast at German Embassy in Washington

Unsere Botschaft in #Washington hat die Flaggen auf halbmast gesetzt. #München @GermanyinUSA

Unsere Botschaft in #Washington hat die Flaggen auf halbmast gesetzt. #München @GermanyinUSA

'We stand with Germany' - Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the US presidential election in November, tweets that she is "monitoring the horrific situation in Munich".

"We stand with our friends in Germany", she says.

Today Mrs Clinton visited the site of another attack, the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 49 people dead.

Monitoring the horrific situation in Munich. We stand with our friends in Germany as they work to bring those responsible to justice. -H

'We can't rule out a terrorist connection'

Speaking to German television ARD, Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff said the possibility of a terrorist attack had to be considered:

"We don't rule out any possibility. I was in close contact with the Bavarian interior minister all afternoon and evening. The Chancellor is being kept up to date at all times and everything we know and can say so far is that it was an inhuman, cruel attack. Our thoughts are with the victims of this attack. We can't rule out a terrorist connection, we can't confirm this but we investigate in this direction as well."

Peter AltmeierChief of the German Chancellery

Attacks 'undermine faith in government'

"It is a core duty, one of the very few core duties of government to deliver security to their citizens. And if a government is shown, by terrorist incident, whether the terrorist is an Islamist or a neo-Nazi, as in Norway a couple of years ago, it undermines people's faith in the liberal, democratic form of government."

Professor Anthony GleesDirector of the Centre for Security and Intelligence, University of Buckingham

'Special forces in Munich'

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung is reporting that the GSG9, an elite German counter-terrorism unit, is involved in the operation in Munich.

This has not been confirmed by the police.

'People ran in screaming'

Munich resident Dominik Faust tells the BBC how he was trapped in a separate shopping centre from the one where the shootings took place, after people ran in screaming. 

Munich shooting: 'People ran in screaming'

German president 'horrified' by attack

The President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, says he is "horrified" by the shooting in Munich.

In a statement, Mr Gauck said: "I am with all the victims in my thoughts and all those who are mourning or fearful for loved ones." 

He also offered his "solidarity" to people in the emergency services who are working this evening, trying to "protect people and save lives".

Why police assumed a terror attack

Police spokesman Marcus De Gloria Martins explains why the German authorities are treating this as a terrorist attack.

"We assume it's a terror attack so that can ensure maximum resources and measures. If it turns out that there is a completely different background to this, then we certainly mobilised a lot of resources but we had a worst-case scenario covered."

Marcus De Gloria MartinsPolice spokesman