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  1. Cat Stevens song lead to stabbing, court hears
  2. Men's death sentences upheld in Thailand backpacker murders appeal
  3. Busy night for Guernsey police after three crashes
  4. Mobile phone use while driving in Jersey 'up by 18%'
  5. Fresh Guernsey conduct panel to look into disability claims
  6. Updates on Wednesday 1 March 2017

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By Ryan Morrison

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Weather in the Channel Islands

BBC Weather

It's going to be windy old evening in the Channel Islands tonight.

The Jersey Met Office has issued an imminent gale warning, with force eight winds expected overnight.


Weather chart


Weather chart

Thailand deaths: Miller family feels 'utter sadness' every day

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The family of murdered Jersey man David Miller have said they still feel "utter sadness" every day.

A guilty verdict handed down to two Burmese men - Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo - has been upheld , meaning they still face the death sentence.

Mr Miller's family attended much of the trial in Thailand, with the assistance of family friends as translators.

After the Burmese pair's appeal failed, the Millers said they had been reflecting on the death of their son in September 2014. He and his friend, Hannah Witheridge, were found dead on the beach at Koh Tao.

The family said: "We have lost our son, David, forever and the Witheridge family will have been similarly devastated by this crime. There is not a day that goes by in our home without pain, feelings of loss and utter sadness.

"We are proud of our son and what he achieved in his short life. We miss him terribly, and miss his hugs, beaming smiles and infectious enthusiasm. His life was cruelly destroyed."

Referendum move 'could derail reform of States'

Jersey Evening Post

Imposing a 40 per cent turnout for a potential States reform referendum would set it up to fail , waste £30,000 and could also block any much-needed changes, a politician has said.

New director appointed to Channel Islands Securities Exchange

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A new director has been appointed to the board of the Guernsey-based Channel Islands Securities Exchange.

Anderson Whamond (pictured) is based in the Isle of Man, where a subsidiary office of the exchange will open in a week's time.

Anderson Whamond

Mr Whamond has more than 30 years' experience in banking and finance, and will replace Stephen Lansdown. Mr Lansdown is due to step down from the board at the AGM in June.

The exchange said Mr Whamond's appointment would help it develop its business in the Isle of Man, when an office opened there on 9 March.

From 6 March, the company will be renamed as the International Stock Exchange.

Its chief executive said this would better reflect its ambition to attract investors from around the globe.

Jersey sees seventh sunniest winter on record

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

You'd imagine the stats for Jersey would be fairly similar to Guernsey, but there are a few anomalies in it.

Jersey had significantly more sunshine than Guernsey over the winter period, but they also had more rain, and it was slightly colder...

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Jersey War Tunnels to focus on younger audiences

Rob England

BBC News Online

Jersey War Tunnels has been reopened for the season after being closed for refurbishment for three months.

New to the tunnels is a revamp of the "Whispers and Lies" exhibit, which looks at the stories of informants, fraternisers and sympathisers on the island.

          A school child looking at the "Whispers and Lies" exhibit
Visitors can read fictitious scenarios in order to decide whether they would have been an "informer" during the occupation.

The revamp is the latest to be revealed since the controversial Jersey Escape Tunnel game,  which was called "inappropriate and insensitive"  by the Island's Holocaust Memorial Committee.

Kathy Bechelet, operations manager at Jersey War Tunnels, said: "We're not here to upset anyone" but said the attraction "had to diversify".

"Tourism, luckily, is on the up. But there are some seasons you have to think: 'What can I do to attract more young visitors?'."

Proving mobile phone use while driving 'not always easy'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Police in Jersey are trying hard to catch people who use their mobiles while driving, but getting proof isn't always easy, Chief Inspector Chris Beechy says.

We have CCTV cameras across the town centre, and sometimes information that we receive over social media networks. We have identified drivers using mobile phones when they communicate with each other in that particular way. So there are a number of ways, but we have to have the evidence to present before either a parish hall inquiry or court of law in order to prove the offence."

Chief Insp Chris BeechyJersey Police
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Lawyers of Burmese killers could still appeal to Thailand Supreme Court

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Two men found guilty of killing Jersey man David Miller in Thailand have lost their appeal against their death sentences .

Despite worldwide calls for a re-examination of the evidence, Zaw Lin and Wai Pyo will be executed unless the country's Supreme Court overturns this sentence.

David Miller and his friend, Hannah Witheridge, were found dead on the beach at Koh Tao in 2014. Both had been violently killed.

          The bodies of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge were found on a beach in Koh Tao

Two Burmese men were arrested - and appeared to confess - but later said they had made their statements under torture.

After being sentenced to death, their lawyers enlisted the support of human rights activist and Burmese leader Aung Sang Syu Kiy, who called for the DNA evidence to be reviewed. But an appeals court rejected the appeal and upheld the death sentence.

Unless the Supreme Court disagrees, the men will be executed for the crime. However, under Thai law, they could be allowed to ask the King to commute the sentence to life in prison.

Online petitions could force States debate in future

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey could bring in an online petition scheme like the UK, which would force debates in the States Assembly if enough people sign them.

The proposal's been lodged by Deputy Scott Wickenden - Jersey's assistant chief minister for e-government.

He said online petitions would make islanders' voices heard in the States Assembly, but also said there would be safeguards to stop silly petitions getting through.

States of Jersey

Island to start sending its glass to UK to be crushed

Guernsey Press

Glass recycling will be exported to the UK in the future as the States’ existing glass crusher nears the end of its lifespan.

Co-founder of CISE to step down from the board

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Stephen Lansdown is stepping down from the board of the Channel Islands Securities Exchange in June.

Mr Lansdown is the co-founder and former chairman of Hargreaves Lansdown, as well as the owner of Bristol City Football Club.

He said he wanted to focus on his other "significant business interests".

Appointed as a non-executive director of the old Channel Islands Stock Exchange (CISX) in 2013, he oversaw a major restructuring, and became a founder of the subsequent CISE.

The CISX was not in a great place at all when Jon and I joined its board, so, while the restructure period was difficult, it was also necessary so that we could move the business forward. Since the formation of the CISE, we have made a number of major changes and passed some significant milestones. As an active shareholder, I will continue to take a keen interest in the business but now I can step away safe in the knowledge that the company is in very capable hands and ready for the next exciting phase of its development.”

Steve LansdownCo-founder, CISE
Steve Lansdown

Family of murdered Jersey man says 'justice has been done'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The family of Jersey man David Miller, who was murdered in Thailand, have said they are confident the right men have been found guilty.

An appeal court in Thailand has upheld  the guilty verdicts  against two Burmese men - who have been sentenced to death - for the murders of two British tourists in 2014.  

The Miller family said that, although they believed that the right people had been convicted, they hoped Thai authorities would "show lenience" in relation to the death sentence.

David Miller
Miller Family

We have always said that we did not want innocent men sentenced, nor guilty parties acquitted on a technicality. In the end, we believe that the evidence is overwhelming and we feel that justice has been done."

Miller family

Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo were convicted of the murders of Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Hemsby near Great Yarmouth, and David Miller, 24, of Jersey, in December 2015.

The controversial investigation was marred by questions over the quality of the DNA testing on which the conviction was based. 

Lawyers for the two men can now appeal to the Supreme Court.

Fraudster banned from finance industry

BBC Radio Jersey

A 24-year-old Jersey man has been banned from working in the finance industry.

Carl Lewis Maton will need the permission of the Jersey Financial Services Commission if he ever wants to work in finance.

In August he was sentenced to community service for eight frauds while he worked at HSBC.

In a statement, the commission said the ban was in the interest of reducing the risk to the public of financial loss, and protecting Jersey's commercial reputation.

Poultry restrictions remain in place despite 'low bird flu risk'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Restrictions on poultry in Jersey are being kept in place, although the States Vet says the risk of bird flu in the island is still low.

Chicken farmers are being advised to keep their livestock indoors to stop them coming into contact with wild birds.


Bird shows are not banned but organisers are being advised not to hold such events.

The measures will remain in place until at least the end of April.

Members of the public are also being urged to help detect the avian flu virus by reporting any dead wildfowl, gulls or birds of prey, to the States Vet at Howard Davis Farm.

Batten down the hatches...

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

An imminent gale warning has been issued for the Channel Islands...

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Tributes to skier who died in the French Alps

Jersey Evening Post

Friends of a Jersey man who died following a skiing accident in France have paid tribute to a ‘kind, caring and generous man’ who will be missed by all who knew him.

Anyone caught using their mobile while driving 'could lose their licence'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey police say they will prosecute anyone they catch using their phone while driving - and offenders could lose their licenses.

Officers are cracking down on drivers who use their phones as part of a week long initiative to prevent accidents.

Chief Inspector Chris Beechey says they can use CCTV footage as well as evidence from the public to catch anyone breaking the law.

Legal officials say repeat offenders could have their license endorsed - or even taken away.

Travel update: Candie Road reopens

BBC Travel

Bad weather is set to return after storms batter west coast

Guernsey Press

States Works was kept busy clearing up after spectacular waves left debris strewn the west coast.

Mediation skills put to the test

Jersey Evening Post

Students learning the skills of mediation from around the UK and Europe were in the Island last month to take part in a national competition hosted by the Institute of Law Jersey and sponsored by The Resolution Centre.

Deputy warns of getting 'carried away' with budget surplus

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A Guernsey deputy is warning islanders not to get carried away with a recent return to a budget surplus.

Deputy Matt Fallaize says it's "fantasy" to think ambitious savings targets set by the States can be achieved without affecting front line public services.

Deputy Fallaize says politicians face a fundamental debate in June - when they'll decide how best to tackle future shortfalls in public finances.

Matt Fallaize

Guernsey winter was 'drier and milder than average'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Now that winter is over for another year, the Guernsey Met Office has released the statistics for the last three months.

It was warmer than average, drier than average, and sunnier than average.

So all in all, not bad...

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Cat Stevens song lead to stabbing, court hears

Naomi Dunning

BBC Radio Jersey, Reporter

The jury at an attempted murder trial in Jersey has heard how a drunken squabble between two friends over a Cat Stevens song led to a near fatal stabbing.

Gerard Eamon Maguire is accused of stabbing Shaun Patrick Howard in the early hours of 30 October.

As the prosecution opened the case against Mr Maguire in the Royal Court today, the jury was told that Mr Howard was stabbed in the neck with his own knife after he asked his friend to leave his flat.

The court hears how the two had spent a day together drinking, playing cards and watching football. 

Mr Howard told the court he had to fight to get away, pulled the knife from his own neck, and eventually managed to leave the flat and get help from neighbours.

The trial continues.

Jersey people 'are not listening' to warnings

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A man whose sister was killed by someone who was using their mobile while driving says he doesn't believe Jersey people are listening to calls to leave their phones alone when they are behind the wheel.

Paul Newman set up the charity Hands Off after his sister Ella died.

Someone using a phone while driving

This week both Jersey and the UK are cracking down on drivers who use their phones - 444 people were prosecuted in the island last year, up from 374 in 2015.

Mr Newman says people must understand the potential harm they can cause just by making a phone call or sending a message.

Jersey Airport to use remote air traffic systems in a first for the British Isles

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey Airport is becoming the first place in the British Isles to operate a new type of technology which will allow air traffic control staff to work remotely.

"Remote Tower Service" is the ability to perform air traffic control services from a remote location away from the normal tower.

Jersey's ATC tower
Ports of Jersey

The idea behind the new technology is that the air traffic control staff could continue to provide services in the event of a "catastrophic technical failure".

The system consists of a 220 degree display of the airfield, as well as zoom cameras that can focus on aircraft on both the air and the ground.

Securities exchange rebrand confirmed by board

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The shareholders of the Channel Islands Securities Exchange have agreed to change the company name.

The board has confirmed a change to The International Stock Exchange (TISE).

The change comes into effect on 6 March, with a new office opening in the Isle of Man on 9 March.

Alderney chief executive resigns

BBC Radio Guernsey

The States of Alderney's chief executive Victor Brownlees has handed in his resignation for family reasons.

He will leave the job in May - having served in the role since July 2014 .

Taxi group rep has doubts about driverless bus service

Guernsey Press

Doubt has been cast on the suitability of a driverless bus service  in Guernsey by president of the Taxi Owners’ Federation Leon Gallienne.

It's spring... sort of

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

There's been a bit of debate in our offices over whether or not it's spring today.

It turns out it is spring in meteorological terms, but not in astronomical terms.

This explains things very well...

New States conduct panel 'not ready to reach conclusion' on disability complaint

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The chairwoman of the new Guernsey States Members' Conduct Panel says she is "not yet in a position to reach any conclusion" on the conduct complaints against three senior politicians.

Considering Judy Beaugeard has only held the position for a matter of hours, it was unlikely that she would have any firm position on outstanding complaints.

Deputies Lyndon Trott, Mary Lowe and Paul Le Pelley have been accused of suggesting that Deputy Marc Leadbeater couldn't fulfill his political duties because of his disabled son.

All three deny any wrongdoing.

Tax adviser calls for perseverance on spending cuts

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A Guernsey tax adviser is urging the States to stick with substantial spending cuts over the rest of this political term.

A number of deputies have argued a recent budget surplus means it's time to reconsider planned cuts of 3% this year, followed by 5% for the two years after.

But Graham Parrot said giving up on plans to reduce committee budgets would be a mistake.

Citing uncertainty in the economy, Mr Parrot said he believed the island's government should remain financially disciplined, despite recently returning a budget surplus.

Jersey chief minister travelling to Africa

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey's chief minister is visiting Africa on the first trip of its kind by a leader of the island's government.

Senator Ian Gorst has led visits to China and the Middle East, before heading to South Africa, Kenya and Rwanda.

The aim in Africa is to "deliver commercial and political objectives".

Ian Gorst

South African financial institutions have a significant presence in Jersey. Senator Gorst will also look at a major overseas aid project in Rwanda that's getting £1m from Jersey to transform its dairy industry.

Conduct panel: Who's on it?

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The Bailiff of Guernsey has named a new States Members' Conduct Panel after the term expired last night .  

The panel is made up of a chairman, deputy chairman and eight ordinary members:

  • Chairwoman - Judith Beaugeard
  • Deputy Chairman - Allister Langlois
  • Russell Clark
  • Peter Gillson
  • Sandra James
  • Very Rev John Guille
  • Scott Ogier
  • Mary Perkins
  • Barbara Steer
  • Jennifer Strachan

Their term starts today, and lasts for five years.

When does spring start?

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

I casually announced in the offices that it's spring today, which sparked up a bit of confusion.

So I've done a bit of research...

Flowers in spring

As the calendar turns to March, the season turns from winter to spring, at least in the eyes of the weather community.

This is different to astronomical spring, which begins at the spring equinox.

That occurs on 20 March this year, with many regarding it as the "real" changing of the season.

Breaking Men's death sentences upheld in Thailand backpacker murders appeal

Jonathan Head

BBC South East Asia Correspondent

An appeal court in Thailand has upheld  the death sentences  against two Burmese men for the murders of two British tourists in 2014.

Witheridge and Miller

Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo were convicted of the murders of Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Hemsby near Great Yarmouth, and David Miller, 24, of Jersey, in December 2015.

The controversial investigation was marred by questions over the quality of the DNA testing on which the conviction was based. 

Lawyers for the two men can now appeal to the Supreme Court.

BBC Weather Watchers: The moon

BBC Weather Watchers

I thought about claiming this photo as my own, because I tried - and failed - to take a photo of the moon last night.

Chris Cumulus has got us covered though...


Letting fees could be on the way out

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Tenants in Jersey may not have to pay fees to letting agents in the future.

Landlords and tenants are being asked what they think of the island's letting agents and property management companies.


The Housing Minister wants to hear about customer service, the transparency and level of fees charged, and about how properties and tenants are looked after.

Deputy Anne Pryke said she is concerned that some fees may not be reasonable, such as charging both landlords and tenants for the same services. 

She said Jersey may follow England in banning letting agents from charging fees to tenants.

Nurseries’ link with Education is ‘failing’

Jersey Evening Post

Private nurseries are made to feel like a ‘nuisance’ and are not being listened to during discussions about funding for early years education, a charity has told a Scrutiny panel.

Fresh conduct panel to look into disability claims

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The Bailiff of Guernsey has named a new States Members' Conduct Panel after the term expired last night.

The panel is made up of a chairman, deputy chairman and eight ordinary members.

Their job is to decide whether States members have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner as the elected officials of the island.

Lyndon Trott, Mary Lowe, and Paul Le Pelley

The panel has been in the news recently after two complaints were made against three senior politicians.

Deputies Lyndon Trott, Mary Lowe and Paul Le Pelley all face a code of conduct complaint after being accused of suggesting that Deputy Marc Leadbeater couldn't carry out his duties on a committee because he has a disabled son. All three deny any wrongdoing.

It will be up to the new panel to decide whether or not any of the three have breached the code of conduct rules.