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  1. Vote of no confidence lodged against Jersey chief minister
  2. Jersey 'helps Danish authorities recover £20k of fraudulent money'
  3. Campaigners call on care inquiry head to answer questions
  4. Guernsey Innovation Fund 'can avoid Jersey mistakes'
  5. Jersey voting reforms: Senator role to stay
  6. Alderney looks to install self-service fuel points for aircraft
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Guernsey committee presidents to give statements to Assembly

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's Deputies have passed amended proposals from the States Assembly Constitution Committee which compels committee presidents to give statements to the States Assembly.

During debate, several deputies expressed serious concerns regarding restrictions on the "democratic process" and transparency.

The President of the Committee Deputy Matt Fallaize said Presidents should be fully capable of addressing the assembly in a set timetable.

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect of the Policy and Resources Committee and the presidents of the six principle committees to be able with cope, twice a year, with updating the states for ten minutes each time on the work of their committee. Or to cope with 20 minutes of questions from colleagues.

Deputy Matt FallaizeConstitution Committee, President

Bellozanne covenant case thrown out at Jersey Court of Appeal

Rob England

BBC News Online

St Helier ratepayers will have to pay legal fees for an appeal against the parish having to pay for its rubbish disposal, despite having lost the case at the Court of Appeal.

After waste disposal facilities moved from Bellozanne, a court ruled that the parish was now liable to pay for its waste being processed at La Colette instead.

The waste disposal plant at Bellozanne was marked for demolition in 2012

But St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft objected, as he said this violated an agreement known as the "Bellozanne covenant", which was signed by the States in the 1950s when the Parish agreed to sell the land for the facility.

The covenant stated that should the Parish agree to sell the land, people living in St Helier would not have to pay for waste disposal.

The matter was taken to the Royal Court in Jersey, who did not rule in favour of the Parish, prompting the Constable to appeal the decision and request the matter be taken to the UKs Privy Council.

However, on 30 May Jersey's Court of Appeal ruled the "public importance" of the matter did not merit being referred to the Privy Council.

A further request to have some of the legal costs cancelled was also turned down.

Inter-island ferry service would 'need 90% uptake to break-even'

Jersey Evening Post

A proposed passenger-only inter-island ferry service would need a 90 per cent uptake rate to break-even, Guernsey’s Economic Development president has said.

'Challenges ahead' for Guernsey' Scrutiny Management Committee

BBC Radio Guernsey

The President of Guernsey's Scrutiny Management Committee has said that although he views the committee to be successful, there will be challenges ahead.

In a States Assembly meeting held today, Deputy Chris Green gave the example of a series of public hearings with various committee Presidents from the States of Guernsey that he said brought facts into the public domain that otherwise "would not have been known".

states assembly chamber

Looking forwards, the Scrutiny Management Committee still has to face a number of challenges, including a limited budget, limited powers, and limited personnel, whilst also encountering a heavy burden of high expectations from members of the community and from States members.

Deputy Chris Green

New alcohol licensing laws to abolish old authority in Jersey

BBC Radio Jersey

A new law to regulate the sale of alcohol in Jersey has been proposed today by Constable Steve Pallett.

A spokesman from the States of Jersey department for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture said: "This is the first of three pieces of work intended to modernise and improve the management of alcohol licences in the Island."

If passed, the law would abolish the existing Licensing Assembly of the Lieutenant Governor, the Bailiff and Jurats, and replace it with a Licensing Authority made up of politicians and others.

The Constable said an accreditation system for licenses would be put in place by the new authority, to set a standard for those wanting to sell alcohol on the island.

The new system is due to be debated on the 18 July.

The Island has waited for two decades for a modern, flexible and easier to use system for licensing all establishments that sell alcohol. We remain committed to working with all interested parties as we move to consider the necessary regulations and the initial Statement of Licensing Policy that will determine how applications will be considered in future.”

Constable Steve PallettDepartment for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture

Scrapped voting reform will impact on 2018 election, says deputy

BBC Radio Jersey

Plans to change the way constituencies work in Jersey elections have been abandoned.

The proposals, which would have seen six larger constituencies, were originally approved in February.

States members could not agree to reduce the number of deputies in the Assembly by one, which meant the debate could not continue.

It means there will be no change in voting districts in the election next year.

Deputy Andrew Lewis, who said the changes made the system "fairer" for voters, said the decision may have an effect on how many people vote in May 2018.

I cannot see a high turnout in the next election, as a direct result of this and other things as well. And that's a sad thing. We had an opportunity to grab some of that interest back in politics and we've blown it. I think it's a really sad day.

Deputy Andrew Lewis

Channel Island politicians talk Brexit in Brussels

Rob England

BBC News Online

The Chief Minister of Guernsey, Deputy Gavin St Pier, and the Minister for External Relations of Jersey, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, have today travelled to Brussels to meet with European Union Commissioner Sir Julian King and Sir Tim Barrow, the UK Permanent Representative to the EU.

UK and EU flags merging
Getty Images

A spokesman for the delegation said the main topic of discussion was "EU security objectives", and the contributions the Channel Islands is making to the "countering of financial crime and the funding of terrorism".

But Deputy Gavin St Pier said Brexit was also mentioned in the trip.

Deputy St Pier said: "We used this opportunity not just to learn more about the EU current thinking on Brexit but also to discuss the work being undertaken to develop a list of non-cooperative jurisdictions in relation to taxation and the future of EU market access."

The Ministers also attended a dinner hosted by Sir Tim Barrow at his official residence in Brussels.

Senator Bailhache said: "We greatly valued the opportunity to meet with Sir Tim Barrow to discuss a number of important and pressing issues, in particular in relation to Brexit.

"Deputy St Pier and I welcomed the positive working relationship built up by our Brussels office with Sir Tim and his team at the UK permanent representation and their willingness to engage with the Channel Islands."

Jersey no confidence vote: Who signed?

Rob England

BBC News Online

Lodged by Constable Chris Taylor, the initial signatories were Deputy Martin of St. Helier, Deputy Vallois of St. John and Deputy Brée of St. Clement.

Constable Taylor also received 10 further signatures:

States of Jersey

Police issue warning after rise in drug use

Rob England

BBC News Online

There is a reported rise in the use of the drug Gabapentin in Guernsey, police said.

The drug is a prescription-only medicine not controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act, and police say they suspect much of the Gabapentin in circulation is being "diverted" from lawful prescriptions.

Guernsey Police

Police said users saw the drug as "just another downer" similar to Diazepam, with similar effects such as extreme drowsiness, relaxation, users being "more talkative" and having "increased confidence".

Negative effects include poor co-ordination, increased vulnerability and an increased risk of overdose. Police have also issued a warning that the withdrawal effects of Gabapentin can be significant and difficult to alleviate.

They also said that despite not being a controlled substance, distributing prescription medication such as Gabapentin was illegal.

Update: States of Jersey meeting

Rob England

BBC News Online

In addition to the no confidence motion and debate on electoral reform, the proposition to impose a term limit on the chief minister was defeated, and new regulations for income support passed.

View more on twitter
View more on twitter

Chief minister vote of no confidence has 14 signatures

BBC Radio Jersey

The Constable of St John has brought a vote of no confidence in Jersey's chief minister.

States members are expected to debate the proposal on 21 June.

Constable Chris Taylor collected 14 signatures, six short of the 20 he had planned, but said there were "issues" around getting assistant ministers to sign, saying it would put their positions in Senator Gorst's Council of Ministers at risk.

He added that the vote was not a "personal" attack on Senator Gorst.

Chris Taylor

It's a matter of poor decision making over a period of time which has led to the current position. This is a series of poor decisions, the poor interpretation of the Jessica Seymour Inquiry, the very poor leadership over the funding of the hospital, and more recently the decision of reinstating his assistant minister.

Constable Chris Taylor

Jersey Triathlon calls for volunteers

Rob England

BBC News Online

Organisers of the Jersey Triathlon are calling for 40 volunteers to help as race route marshals on Sunday 9 July.

Four-hundred-and-fifty competitors are set to take part in the event which starts and finishes at Les Jardins De La Mer.

A spokesman from the event said: "Volunteers do not need any previous experience, just to be free for two to four hours on the morning of 9 July.

"They must be over 18 on the day of the race, or part of a recognised group under the supervision of a leader who is."

HSC agency spend down £2m in 2016

Guernsey Press

Health and Social Care's annual spend on agency staff dropped by more than £2m last year and is expected to continue to fall in 2017.

Channel Islands 'will not benefit' from EU lower mobile roaming charges

Rob England

BBC News Online

Jersey Telecoms has said their customers will not benefit from new lower EU roaming rates coming into force on the 15 June.

However, the provider has said that in the coming months separate negotiations with EU networks will see better roaming rates than currently offered, although they are likely not to be able to match the EU deal.

Jersey Telecom

Where are Ian Gorst and Gavin St Pier today?

Rob England

BBC News Online

If you've been tuning in to our coverage of the States Assembly meetings in both Jersey and Guernsey today, you may have noticed that Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst and President of the Policy and Resources Committee Gavin St Pier are not in attendance.

They are in fact on their way to Paris to sign an "important tax agreement" which 100 countries are subscribing to in a bid to tackle tax avoidance around the world.

View more on twitter
View more on twitter

Missing man: Police 'becoming increasingly concerned'

Jersey Evening Post

Police searching for a 49-year-old man who has been missing for a week say they don’t believe there has been any ‘third-party involvement’ in the disappearance.

BreakingVote of no confidence lodged against Jersey chief minister

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Memorial bench damage causes 'distress'

Rob England

BBC News Online

A memorial bench set up by an 82-year-old Guernsey resident in memory of her late husband has been damaged, said police.

Memorial bench
Guernsey Police

The words "Mia and Nathan" decorated with hearts have been engraved multiple times on the same spot on the bench next to Amarreurs Bay at the western end of L’Ancresse Common.

Police said the widow and her family were "distressed" to find the engraving, which appeared in the last couple of months.

Guernsey Police

They said it had cost the family £3,000 to have the bench installed, and that the elderly resident visited it twice a day to clean it and pick up rubbish in the surrounding area.

Police are appealing for information.

Man accused of rape claims sex was consensual

Jersey Evening Post

A man accused of raping a stranger has claimed he had consensual sex with the woman 45 minutes after they met.

States should provide 'suitable' land for light industry

BBC Radio Guernsey

An attempt is being made today to provide a solution to the long standing problem of land for light industry in Guernsey.

States members will be asked whether four separate sites will be able to provide sufficient land for local businesses.

The issue faces amendments from Vale Deputy Laurie Queripel who wants two States committees to find at least four acres to replace the current proposed site at Fontaine Vinery.

They offer important services, they create jobs, they ensure that a variety of skills exist and are passed on. They contribute to the economy and the exchequer and help to diversify the economy. So I think the best option for all these issues in mind is to utilise an area of States land suitable for this kind of industrial activity.

Deputy Laurie Queripel

'Too late' for Guernsey-Jersey ferry service this year

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

It is now "too late" to set up a ferry service between Guernsey and Jersey this year, according to the President of the Economic Development Committee, Deputy Peter Ferbrache.

In the States Assembly today he said basic economic analysis showed the island would not benefit.


The understanding of the Committee, formed through the discussion with Policy and Resources, was that the proposed service did not meet the requirements of the Future Guernsey Economic Fund. The justification of the service was part economic and part social welfare, i.e. providing a service that Guernsey citizens have expressed a desire for.

Deputy Peter FerbracheEconomic Development Committee, President

French regulator set to clear third nuclear reactor at Flamanville


French nuclear regulator ASN is set to give safety clearance for a third nuclear reactor vessel being built for French utility company EDF at its Flamanville site, Le Figaro newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Flamanville nuclear reactor

The newspaper said the regulator had provided EDF with elements of a preliminary report on the reactor that indicate the equipment meets the safety conditions for the reactor to start up normally.

Non-approval for EDF would have meant billions of euros in extra costs and would have jeopardised its planned takeover on nuclear group Areva's reactor unit.

ASN has been studying weak spots in the reactor's lid and base since the reported discovery in 2015 of carbon concentrations in the steel caused during the manufacturing process.

EDF declined to comment on the report.

Band to quit table tennis after Island Games

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

One of Jersey's top table tennis players of the past decade will bow out of competitive action at this month's Island Games.

Josh Band, who won doubles silver at Jersey 2015 and used to play on the professional circuit, has decided to make the event in Gotland his last.

Josh Band

He'll instead focus on running his local bars and restaurants.

"It takes up a lot of time - I've had to find space for table tennis, but it's been a bit hard," he told BBC Radio Jersey. "My time on the table is, I think, close to coming to an end."

Large voting districts for deputies abandoned

BBC Radio Jersey

Alderney looks to install self-service fuel points for aircraft

BBC Radio Guernsey

The States of Alderney has announced it is looking to install a self-service fuel machine at the island's airport, as a solution to the ongoing aviation fuel shortages.

But the proposed machine would probably only supply the "Avgas" fuel used by private aircraft, rather the Jet A1 fuel used by Aurigny's Dorniers, a spokesman said.

Policy and Finance Chairman James Dent said he would like to see both A1 and Avgas fuel made available at the airport as soon as possible, adding that this would be an "economic enabler" for the island.


Campaigners call on care inquiry head to answer questions

BBC Radio Jersey

Campaigners have said they are very unhappy that no-one will be able to question the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry panel about their report when it is published next month.

The report, which has been delayed twice already, is expected to detail what went wrong in Jersey's child care system.

But panel chair Frances Oldham QC has ruled out any questions from people wanting to know more details after reading the report.

Neil MacMurray, a campaigner for children's rights in Jersey, said there should be more transparency to start to "heal the wounds" left by the past.

The care inquiry panel have been approached for a response.

Jersey Independent Care Inquiry
Jersey Independent Care Inquiry

Victims and survivors need to, as best they can, close wounds, Jersey needs to close wounds. She [Frances Oldham QC] needs to answer questions. There are bound to be many, many question coming from this report, from the victims, survivors, from the media, from bloggers, from those accused. We deserve, we all deserve to be able to put these questions to the panel after reading this report.

Neil MacMurrayCampaigner

LIVE: States of Guernsey

Guernsey States Chamber

Live coverage of the sitting of the States of Guernsey and analysis from BBC Radio Guernsey here.

Topics to be debated today include:

  • The introduction of regular statements by committee presidents at States meetings
  • Changes in the number of Douzaine representatives in States elections
  • The introduction of a law allowing the States to implement international sanctions
  • Land provisions for light industrial use

Did overheating phone cause plane crash which killed islander?

Jersey Evening Post

A passenger jet which crashed last year, claiming the life of a Jersey resident, could have been brought down by a fire caused by overheating mobile devices, it has been claimed.

A dry start with cloud moving in this afternoon

BBC Weather

After a breezy start, the island will have a mainly dry morning with plenty of sunshine and much lighter winds than yesterday.

The odd stray shower is possible but it will stay dry most of the time. It will cloud over during the afternoon though.

Maximum temperature: 16C (61F).

In Jersey:


And in Guernsey:


LIVE: States of Jersey

States Chamber
Ryan Morrison

The States of Jersey are sitting today, tune in here for live commentary.

Topics being debated include:

  • Implementing island-wide voting reforms
  • Income support
  • A term limit for Jersey's chief minister
  • Protecting space and trees at the La Collette low rise development

Guernsey: Fosse Andre - Coronation Road junction cleared

Rob England

BBC News Online

After a crash on the junction earlier, the scene is now cleared according to police.

Guernsey: Crash at Fosse Andre and Coronation Road junction

BBC Radio Guernsey

Police are reporting a crash at the junction of Fosse Andre and Coronation Road.

They have advised people to avoid the area.

Chemical spill area 'hosed down' at Guernsey harbour

Rob England

BBC News Online

A "minor chemical spill" broke out near berth five at Guernsey harbour yesterday, the fire service has confirmed.

Crews cordoned off the scene at around 15:10 to hose down the spill area.

Harbour master Chad Murray said: "No-one was hurt and there was no risk to public health. An officer from environmental health attended and confirmed he was content with the clean-up."

He said the spill came from a container, and that the area affected is not used by the public.

chemical spill
Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service

Five-year restraining order for holding woman by the throat

Jersey Evening Post

A 27-year-old man has been given a five-year restraining order after admitting taking hold of a woman’s throat and pinning her against a wall.

Jersey voting reforms: Senator role to stay

BBC Radio Jersey

States members have rejected the latest attempt to have senators removed from Jersey's government, as part of a wider debate on voting reform.

An attempt to remove senators and reduce the number of politicians was defeated yesterday by 19 votes to 24.

In today's States sitting, assembly members will vote on implementing the reforms approved on 2 February.

States assembly

Guernsey Innovation Fund 'won't make Jersey mistakes' says businessman

BBC Radio Guernsey

A local businessman in Guernsey has said he is "convinced" a Guernsey Innovation Fund could avoid repeating the mistakes of a similar fund in Jersey.

Getty Images

In Jersey the fund was launched in 2014 to help start-up companies and gave loans to six firms until issues were raised early in 2016.

In January, Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister Philip Ozouf resigned when a report highlighted failings in the £5m fund.

Work is under way to create a similar fund in Guernsey, but Marc Laine, managing director of technology firm C5 Alliance, said a Guernsey fund would do better at "sharing risk".

Guernsey land for light industry debate to resume

BBC Radio Guernsey

States Assembly and Royal Court building, Guernsey

It looks to be a busy day in politics across the Channel Islands, with both Jersey and Guernsey politicians attending their respective assembly chambers.

In Guernsey an attempt is being made to provide a solution to the long standing problem of land for light industry in Guernsey.

States members will be asked whether four separate sites will together be able to provide sufficient land for local businesses.

Jersey 'helps Danish authorities recover £20k of fraudulent money'

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's Attorney General said the island has helped Danish authorities in connection with a criminal case involving fraud against creditors and bankruptcy related offences.

Just under £20,000 has now been paid into the Criminal Offences Confiscations Fund - which is dedicated to dealing with criminal conduct - and will be used for the benefit of the island.

Jersey's Attorney General Robert MacRae said while the sum confiscated in this case is small, it demonstrates Jersey's ability to combat "international money laundering".

He added: "This shows that Jersey will track down and confiscate the proceeds of crime when they are hidden in the name of front men or nominees."