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  1. Clinton Pringle death: Driver thought she hit a small dog or cat
  2. Guernsey road closed after hole appears in road
  3. Doubt cast over Aurigny fleet change suggestion
  4. Biker in hospital after road crash
  5. Jersey police 'acted unprofessionally'
  6. Rat poison warning for Guernsey dog owners
  7. Skull found in Alderney
  8. Updates on Tuesday 13 June

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Guernsey's mother of the house welcomes UK Parliament's first

Signs of child neglect 'weren't followed up'

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

A report has found signs children were neglected in a Jersey family weren't followed up by care agencies.

A Serious Case Review found opportunities were missed to support the children in "Family H".

The head of the board, that reviews safeguarding, says social work and the way agencies work together are improving.

Call for Jersey living wage of £9.75 per hour

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The Caritas charity are calling on local businesses in Jersey to commit to a living wage of £9.75 per hour. The current minimum wage is £7.18.

Executive director John Scally said a living wage was key to beating poverty as many of the working poor are simply working too long at too many jobs to make ends meet.

It is a matter of conscience. We have a whole industry surviving on the back of low paid workers. Where is the justice in that? Where is the morality in that?

John ScallyExecutive Director, Caritas

Clinton Pringle trial: 'Timeline of texts key'

Tania Targett

BBC Radio Jersey

A mobile phone expert has been questioned in Jersey's Royal Court as part of the trial of a woman charged with death by dangerous.

Rebekah Le Gal, 39, denies the charge relating to the death of three-year-old Clinton Pringle.

Clinton Pringle
Pringle family
Clinton Pringle was on holiday with his family from the UK in June last year

Previously the court heard that she had sent texts to her son moments before the collision.

Defence advocate Matthew Jowitt pushed the expert on the possibility of delays in the text message service and suggested he will offer evidence in his defence case which suggests delays in sending are common and the timeline of the messages may not be set in stone.

Mr Jowitt said "this is a case where every second counts".

The trial continues.

Evening weather: Sunny and warm

BBC Weather

After a sunny warm evening, a dry night will follow with long clear periods. Minimum Temperature: 14C (57F).





Charities compete for Freemason grant

BBC Radio Jersey

A number of charities in Jersey are asking people to help them win a £25,000 grant from a charity run by Freemasons.

The Stroke Association, Jersey Hospice Care, the Jersey Cheshire Home and Macmillan Cancer Support are all hoping to win the online public vote so they can get the community award.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation is giving away £3m to charities across the British Isles for their 300th anniversary and in Jersey four charities have been nominated for their share of the award.

Rat poison in Guernsey field: 'Call experts to dispose of it'

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

Anyone finding what may be rat poison near Guernsey Airport is advised to call in the experts.

It follows a dog eating poison in a field next to the airfield.

States Vet David Chamberlain said: "If anyone who lives in the vicinity of the airport finds a paper sachet labelled Racumin Paste and Bayer containing a stiff, putty like blue material on their land they should wear gloves to pick it up and put it in a container that is inaccessible to children and animals.

"They should contact Chemical Disposal on 234567 or email to arrange to have the rat poison collected and disposed of."

Rat poison
States of Guernsey

The poison was being used at the airport to deal with increasing numbers of voles.

Mr Chamberlain said: "The 100g sachets of rat poison which were designed to be used in the open were at intervals pushed deeply into the ‘thatch’ of dead grass above the earth where the voles live.

"I can confirm that the rat poison used by the airport is the same as that which has been found in the neighbouring fields where it was consumed by the land owner’s dogs."

Watson out in first round in Nottingham

BBC Sport

Guernsey's Heather Watson is out of the singles at the Nottingham Open in the first round.

She lost in straight sets 6-2 6-3 to fourth seed Alison Riske, from the United States of America.

'Very aged' human skull unearthed in Alderney

James Rabey

BBC Radio Guernsey

The discovery of a "very aged human skull" was reported to police yesterday afternoon.

The remains were uncovered while digging up tarmac at Rue des Mielles.

A police spokeswoman said the area was cordoned off overnight and an archaeologist visited the site today and confirmed "the remains are very old".

The archaeologist advised the contractor work could continue and it restarted about 12:30.

Do you know how to eat healthily?

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

According to the Jersey Stats Unit 10% of adults in Jersey don't know what foods to cook to make a healthy meal but 93% say eating healthily is important to them.

Personally I go for the chip shop five-a-day:

  1. Chips come from potatoes, which are a vegetable
  2. Ketchup comes from tomatoes, which are often in salads
  3. Mushy peas are a vegetable
  4. The oil is sunflower oil which comes from a plant
  5. Throw in a fizzy orange drink as fruit and you have five
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Fraudulent billions returned to Italy from Jersey accounts

BBC Radio Jersey

More than €1.3bn (£1.14bn) made through fraudulent deals in Italy and held in Jersey and Swiss trust accounts has been sent back to the country.


Since May 2013 Jersey authorities have been working with the Milan Prosecutor's Office in connection with the criminal investigation into the affairs of Italian Steel magnate Adriano Riva, his late brother Emilio and others.

The Italian investigation centred upon the sale of shares in an Italian company, which owns a large steelworks, and other companies at below market value to companies under the control of Mr Riva and others, the subsequent re-sale of such companies and placement of the sale proceeds in overseas trusts.

The money returned to Italy will be used to sort serious pollution issues, safeguard jobs and improve the lives of local workers and their families.

Rat poison 'may have come from airport'

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

There is currently "no evidence" poison left out in a field, which has been eaten by a dog, was left deliberately, says Guernsey States Vet.

David Chamberlain said: "One possible cause is that a seagull or similar large bird may have picked up the poison from the field at the east end of the airport runway and dropped it on a nearby field.

"The airport has been employing rat poison to deal with increasing numbers of voles, which attract birds.

"Increasing numbers of birds understandably cause concern for airport management because of the increased risk of a ‘bird-strike’ for an aeroplane when taking off or landing."

Rat poison
States of Guernsey

Mr Chamberlain said the bird theory was "only a hypothesis at this stage".

He said: "As a precaution the airport operations team are collecting all remaining sachets of rat poison from the airport grassland. I welcome this action until we can establish exactly [what] has occurred."

Rare works by Dali, Picasso and Monet on show in Jersey

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Islanders have a rare opportunity to see original paintings by some of the world's greatest artists including Picasso, Salvador Dali, Monet and Renoir.

London fine art firm - Gladwell and Patterson - has brought the works to Jersey for a couple of days for an exhibition hosted by a local law firm.

Ogier has transformed its Esplanade offices into a gallery where you can see the paintings tomorrow morning.

Salvador Dali
Getty Images

Alderney flights cancelled

Due to a technical issue with one of Aurigny's planes, some of today's flights have been cancelled:

  • GR262 Guernsey to Alderney
  • GR267 Alderney to Guernsey
  • GR563 Alderney to Southampton
  • GR564 Southampton to Alderney

Passengers affected should contact the airline on 01481 822886.

Fresh call for Jersey living wage

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey charity wants local businesses to seriously consider adopting a living wage for Jersey.


The charity Caritas will be hosting a lecture today looking at Eradicating Poverty in Jersey with Chief Minister Ian Gorst and former Dean the Very Reverend Bob Key among the speakers.

Caritas executive director John Scally said a living wage more than £2 higher than the current minimum wage is needed to lift the working poor out of poverty.

The current minimum wage in Jersey is £7.18. It increased from £6.97 in April.

Secondary pension scheme 'to be independent'

BBC Radio Guernsey

A proposed secondary pension scheme in Guernsey will be independent of the States, but the govenrment will have an input, particularly around oversight.

The scheme was due to be launched this year but has been delayed until the end of next year while the States find a company to run it.

There will be some oversight of a States committee and trustees of the pension which will give oversight and direction. It is all details we have to work out through the tender process.

Michelle Le ClercEmployment and Social Security President

Clinton Pringle: Driver denies texting caused his death

Tania Targett

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey woman accused of killing a child through dangerous driving told the States of Jersey Police she did not believe that texting - barely a minute before - caused the accident. The statement was heard in Jersey's Royal Court.

In her statements after the fatal collision, Rebekah Le Gal, 39, first left out any mention of her phone use. Only at a later interview, when officers had found the phone in the car, did she admit she had used it.

Clinton Pringle
Pringle Family

She denied she was distracted by it and claimed she sent her message at a safe time when she was further up the road. She estimated it took her five seconds to reply to the text.

She could not account for not seeing three-year-old Clinton Pringle before he was hit.

She denies a charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

The trial continues.

Rebekah Le Gal

Islanders challenge idea to remove L’Ancresse sea wall

Guernsey Press

The impact of the removal of a large section of wall at L’Ancresse Bay was the main concern raised by those who attended presentations on the future of the beach yesterday.

'Radical rethink' needed on Aurigny aircraft types

BBC Radio Guernsey

Alderney politician James Dent says a radical rethink on aircraft types run by government owned airline Aurigny should be considered.


He took part in a strategic review of the airline and published one of two reports where he suggested the Embraer jet should be sold.

Aurigny CEO Mark Darby says dropping the jet doesn't make any sense as they need an aircraft of that capacity for major routes.

Mr Dent said his recommendation wasn't to get rid of the jet but entering into a lease arrangement with another operator able to provide jet equipment, rather than Aurigny owning one.

Jersey sees biggest rise in holidaymakers for 20 years

Jersey Evening Post

The number of holidaymakers visiting the island for one or more nights increased by 19% during the first four months of the year compared to the same period in 2016, according to Visit Jersey.

Delay to Guernsey secondary pension scheme

BBC Radio Guernsey

A scheme designed to encourage people in Guernsey to save more for retirement has been delayed.

The Employment and Social Security Committee was supposed to bring detailed proposals for a secondary pension scheme by the end of the year but this may not happen now until the end of next year.

The States is inviting companies interested in partnering to launch the scheme to come forward.

Old hand young hand
Science Photo Library

Rue Sauvage closed after hole appears in road

BBC News Travel

The Rue Sauvage in St Sampson, Guernsey, has been closed after a hole appeared in the road.

It's closed from the junction with Camp du Roi to the junction with Basses Capelles Road.

This closure will also affect bus routes 31 and 32.

Changes to social care after serious case review

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A serious case review looking into the neglect of a group of siblings over a decade in Jersey has resulted in a number of changes to the social care of vulnerable children.

Glenys Johnstone, independent chairwoman of the Safeguarding Children Partnership Board, said protecting children was complex and demanding work.

She said they had accepted the recommendations made in the report and some have already been implemented including providing early support for families.

Other recommendations include:

  • Making sure all agencies understand their responsibilities to contribute to multi-agency assessments of families and children
  • Training on the identification and impact of neglect and emotional abuse for the children and young people’s workforce
  • Reviewing and improving working practices in cases where children are repeatedly not brought to health checks and appointments

Clinton Pringle: Driver 'very upset' when shown CCTV

Tania Targett

BBC Radio Jersey

A driver who killed a toddler last summer became very upset when shown CCTV footage of the accident by the police, Jersey's Royal Court heard today.

Rebekah Le Gal, 39, denies a charge of causing death by dangerous driving. Her statements to police after the accident were read out to Jurats today in her Royal Court trial.

Ms Le Gal broke off the interview after seeing the footage telling police it was very upsetting and later that she would have done anything to prevent it from happening.

The trial continues.

Double predicted complaints to the financial ombudsman

Guernsey Press

The volume of complaints dealt with by the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman in its first full calendar year of operation was almost double the number initially predicted.

Rat poison warning for dog owners

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Dog owners in Guernsey are being urged to avoid fields around the Forest - behind the airport - after two dogs have been treated after potentially consuming rat poison.

Warning sign

The GSPCA said it believed rat poison was dumped in a field and it was then consumed by the dogs - a 10-month-old Labrador and a five-year-old Beagle.

Steve Byrne, from the GSPCA, said: "Packets of a blue/grey putty substance have been found in the area and all are concerned for animals that use these fields.

"The best advice we can give is to avoid the area where possible, but if this isn't possible please ensure you keep your dogs on a lead at all times in the area."

Biker, 70, injured in road accident

Jersey Evening Post

A 70-year-old motorcyclist has been taken to hospital following an accident at the top of Beaumont Hill.

Belgium Air Force F16 planes could fly over Jersey today

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

If you look up at the sky at about 13:00 this afternoon you might spot two F16 aircraft from the Belgium Air Force flying over the island.

Ports of Jersey say they won't land but they are expected to fly west to east and there could be "some high noise levels" for a short time.

Clinton Pringle: Driver thought she hit a small dog or cat

Tania Targett

BBC Radio Jersey

A 39-year-old woman accused of killing a child through dangerous driving told police after the incident she first thought she may have hit a small dog or cat, Jersey's Royal Court has heard.

Clinton Pringle
Pringle Family

Rebekah Le Gal, who denies the offence, told police she saw some women waving their arms in her wing mirror after she felt a bump. She said she was not sure what they were doing.

They told her to move her vehicle forward but she did not know why. "Then I got out and obviously I saw what happened," Mrs Le Gal told police, according to statements read in the Royal Court.

Three-year-old Clinton Pringle died in a Southampton hospital on 30 June 2016 - three days after the accident.

The trial continues.

Aurigny willing to look at cap on price of top fares

Guernsey Press

Aurigny will review its pricing structure – if three States committees agree.

The war on sea lettuce: 10 facts

Jersey Evening Post

Sea lettuce is once again starting to build up in St Aubin’s Bay. Each year the slimy green weed blankets large parts of the bay – making it look more like a giant lawn than a beach.

Biker in hospital after Beaumont Hill crash

BBC News Travel

A motorcyclist involved in a crash at the top of Beaumont Hill has been taken to hospital with an ankle injury.

Police had closed the road to clear the scene, but have since reopened it.

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On this day....

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Avoid the top of Beaumont Hill after accident

BBC News Travel

Jersey police are urging people to avoid the area around the top of Beaumont Hill after a crash.

It's thought a motorcyclist is involved.

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Guernsey fire service issues BBQ safety warning

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

As temperatures rise, Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service releases some barbecue safety advice:

  • Follow the safety instructions provided with disposable barbecues
  • Never leave a barbecue unattended
  • Make sure your barbecue is in good working order
  • Keep children, pets and garden games away from the cooking area
  • Always keep a bucket of water, sand or a garden hose nearby for emergencies

By far the biggest danger is the use of flammable liquids to light the barbecue. You should never pour petrol onto the charcoal in an effort to get it going - the reaction not surprisingly will be violent and highly dangerous.

Steve WilkesFire safety manager

Football: One-year ban for Jersey Portuguese FC

Jersey Evening Post

Jersey Portuguese have been suspended from playing in the Jersey Football Combination for one year.

Sandpiper CI buys Jersey Costcutter stores

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The largest retailer in Jersey, Sandpiper CI has completed its acquisition of the Costcutter branded stores in the island.

It says it will keep on all staff and create an additional 35 posts and will spend "a seven figure sum" converting them into its own brand.

In addition to the Foodhall brand, Sandpiper CI also has the franchise rights for Marks & Spencer and Iceland in Jersey.

We’re also looking forward to trading in parishes and locations we currently don’t operate in. Starting at the end of July, the Costcutter stores will be converted at a rate of around one every fortnight.

Tony O'NeillCEO, SandpiperCI

'Strong direction' needed for Aurigny success

BBC Radio Guernsey

The chairman of a strategic review into Guernsey government owned airline Aurigny found that the airline needs clarity and direction from the States.


Two reports were published and both agree the core aim of the airline should be boosting the economy of the islands.

Deputy Lyndon Trott says Aurigny has been without strong shareholder guidance for a while.

Aurigny CEO, Mark Darby, says the airline opens and operates new routes to bring wealth to the Bailiwick but "absolute economic enablement" will come at a cost to the States through grants and subsidy.

Jersey strategy welcomed by carers

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey woman who cared for her husband when he had Alzheimer's has welcomed the new Jersey Carers Strategy.

It's led by the Jersey Carers Association and aims to ensure people get the right respite care, emotional and practical support and advice.

When you are caring for your loved one your main concern is your loved one, you don't really think about yourself.

Jean MclaughlinCarer