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  1. Constable 'gobsmacked' at potential reappointment of sacked Jersey minister
  2. Taxi drivers may strike again as 'given no alternative'
  3. Guernsey referendum 'will settle island-wide voting'
  4. Fire crews tackle blaze involving two cars
  5. Politician calls for L'Ancresse wall debate
  6. Watson awarded Wimbledon wildcard
  7. Guernsey says farewell to last Trislander
  8. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Thursday

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Latest weather: Overnight cloud should disperse early on

BBC Weather

Another very warm sunny evening is expected. However, thick low cloud and fog will move in as it gets dark, giving a murky night for some. Minimum Temperature: 15C (59F).

Weather map

After a murky start to Thursday, the fog and low cloud will gradually disperse in the morning and the sun will come out during the afternoon.

However, it will be much cooler and fresher than today in a brisk westerly breeze. Maximum Temperature: 19C (66F).

Emergency closure in St Saviour

BBC Radio Guernsey

Sous l'Eglise will be closed from 08:00 on Thursday so an electricity supply fault in the area can be fixed.

This will affect Bus Route 71.

Island Games 2017: Sea temperatures a 'bonus' for Guernsey triathletes

BBC Sport

Guernsey's triathletes say cold sea temperatures in Gotland will be a bonus for them.

Team manager Sean Murphy said they had reports the water would be "cold" at 14-16 degrees, which he says would be considered very warm for Guernsey swimmers.

He says he is confident they have a good chance at some individual and team medals.

James Travis is competing for us again, so I'd like to think he'll do well. We've also got Josh Lewis this time who is a commonwealth games swimmer who has converted to Triathlon very well.

Sean Murphy

Voting referendum: Just two options could be put to public

Just two options could be put the Guernsey public in a referendum.

Islanders may be asked to vote for an island-wide system with all 38 deputies being elected every four years with voters having 38 votes or the current system - all 38 deputies elected every four years from seven districts with voters having either five or six votes.

The alternative to the original five option proposal was supported by a 31-8 vote, but will only be brought in if the original proposals fail.

If the overall proposals are approved the public vote could take place in the summer of 2018.

Breakdown of proposals
The committee originally proposed five options, but now just the top two could be used

Debate will continue on Thursday. Listen live from 09:30 online or 1116MW.

Chief minister 'has not learned anything', says constable

Chris Stone

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's Chief Minister must listen to islanders as well as politicians, according to the States Member who brought a vote of no confidence against him.

Senator Ian Gorst won the vote, but Constable Chris Taylor said the chief minister does not seem to have learned anything.

Ian Gorst

The Senator said the vote was officially about whether Senator Gorst had made mistakes in administering States money and the civil service, but previously expressed concerns over the re-appointment of Senator Philip Ozouf.

However, on the day of the no confidence vote, Senator Ian Gorst dismissed him, which the constable said may have had a "softening effect" on States members who may have voted against the chief minister.

This morning he said suggestions there could be a way back for senator Ozouf in the future, were "absolutely unbelievable".

He added the chief minister needed to "pay attention" not just to political pressure from his ministers but also to the opinions of the people of Jersey.

Inquest rules Jersey man died after 'accidental overdose' of painkiller

BBC Radio Jersey

An inquest has ruled a Jersey man died following an accidental overdose of a potent painkiller while under the influence of alcohol.

Sixty-five year-old Roger Terrance Beckford was found dead in his St Lawrence home on 3 January.

The inquest, held at Morier House, heard tests later indicated he had over twenty times the safe limit of the drug Tramadol, which is only available by prescription, in his system.

Yes/No referendum plan rejected

BBC Radio Guernsey

A call for a simple - do you want island-wide voting? - referendum failed to get the support of politicians.

The amendment to the plans was rejected by a 29-11 vote.

There are a total of seven potential changes to be discussed before voting on the main proposals.

You can listen to the debate online or on 1116MW.

Jersey minister denies taxi fare based on flawed data

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

Claims flawed data was used to produce the latest proposals for taxi fares and tariffs are being rejected by the minister responsible.

Deputy Eddie Noel, Minister for Infrastructure, said the law has been drawn up and the new tariffs will come in to place for all taxis/cabs on the 1 July.

Taxi drivers have said they have been left with "no alternative" but to consider more industrial action as they say the minister is no longer open to negotiation.

Taxi sign
Getty Images

I am disappointed that once again we are only hearing about this through the media. After the last action, we specifically asked the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association to give an assurance to the department that at least one week’s notice of any industrial action would be provided."

Deputy Eddie NoelMinister for Infrastructure

Door locks changed on States buildings after 'base jump'

BBC Radio Jersey

Locks have been changed on the roofs of States owned buildings to stop people base jumping off high rise buildings.

This follows a video circulating of someone jumping off La Collette Flats with a parachute.

During questions in the States the Minister for Home Affairs Kristina Moore said they are taking precautions to prevent it happening in the future.

Chalmers pulls out of Island Games

James Law

BBC Sport Online

Cameron Chalmers has pulled out of next week's Island Games in Gotland to focus on securing a place at the World Athletics Championships in London.

Trials for the Worlds, held between 30 June and 2 July, clash with the Games, meaning Chalmers will not be able to represent Guernsey.

Cameron Chalmers
Getty Images

Chalmers had targeted three gold medals at the Games, but will now replaced in the Guernsey's 4x400m relay squad by youngster Peter Curtis.

Vote has 'opened Pandora's box'

BBC Radio Guernsey

A deputy, whose call to scrap plans for a referendum on Guernsey's electoral system failed, says holding the public vote sets a precedent.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache unsuccessfully argued States members alone were fully capable of making the decision - the vote failing 29-11.

Afterwards he said: "It's opened Pandora's box now, once there's a referendum on this when the States wants to change the electoral system beyond what's being proposed now - whatever result we come to... they'll have to go back to referendum it seems to me if there's consistency, if there isn't consistency that's going to create some kind of public dissatisfaction."

Lottery proceeds could be available to more island groups

BBC Radio Jersey

A review of how proceeds from the Channel Islands Lottery is allocated could see the funds become more widely available.

Jersey's States has approved the transfer of £1.2m to the Association of Jersey Charities.

Deputy Murray Norton, Assistant Minister at Economic Development, says the idea is to broaden the areas it'll cover both inside and outside of the association.

States of Guernsey: 'No choice' over creche closure

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

The States was left with "no choice" other than to close the creche at Guernsey's public leisure centre, Beau Sejour, according to the President of the Education Sport and Culture Committee.

Deputy Paul Le Pelley told the Assembly this morning that the decision was taken "reluctantly".

You can't keep on telling us that you have to provide this, this and this, and then tell us that we don't have the budget to do it. Give us the money, we will do it. Give us the money and we will improve our schools even more than we intend to. Give us the money, we can't do it without the funding.

Deputy Paul Le Pelley

Jersey tunnel lighting 'doesn't meet safety guidelines'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Later this year all of the lights in the St Helier tunnel will be converted to LED which officials say will make it safer for drivers.


Work will start in the Autumn and will see the tunnel closed overnight while the sodium lighting is removed.

Bob Baudains, street works manager for the Infrastructure Department said the tunnel "doesn't meet European safety guidelines as drivers face a big dimming of light as they go into the tunnel during the day and a brighter light coming out of it."

Taxi drivers may strike again as 'given no alternative'

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

Proposed changes to taxi fares and tariffs in Jersey are based on "flawed and unreliable" data, drivers say.

The figures in the Taxi-Cab Industry Review were calculated using incorrect data, say the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association and the majority of non Association Public Rank Taxi drivers in a statement.

It said the proposals would lead to a lack of clarity and transparency for the public over fares under a system "wide open to abuse".

Taxis in Jersey

After an emergency meeting this morning drivers said they were "being forced towards further 'action' in the near future".

Drivers took industrial action last month in protest at the proposals and the handling of the process.

Island-wide referendum 'could settle voting issue once and for all' says deputy

BBC Radio Guernsey

The Guernsey politician responsible for proposals for the island's first ever referendum has today said it presents an opportunity to settle the issue of island-wide voting "once and for all", without further political debate.

The President of the States Assembly and Constitution Committee Matt Fallaize told members that successive assemblies had failed to come up with a suitable electoral system for islanders.


The States should avoid creating circumstances in which the result of the referendum requires interpretation by the States. Bearing in mind that for the last 40 years, on more than 20 occasions as far as the committee can work out, the States spent innumerable hours debating the electoral system, without reaching any settled view for any considered period of time.

Deputy Matt Fallaize

States of Jersey: Constable 'gobsmacked' at potential reappointment of sacked minister

BBC Radio Jersey

The politician who brought yesterday's no confidence motion against the chief minister has said he is "gobsmacked" that Senator Ian Gorst would want to employ Senator Philip Ozouf again after sacking him yesterday.

Constable Chris Taylor said it was absolutely unbelievable, and sent a completely contradictory message to members.

Constable Taylor previously said Ozouf's dismissal would have a "softening" effect on the no confidence motion.

I think members have made it very clear, and Senator Gorst himself said 'I have listened to the backbenchers who have come and seen me and that's why I took the action I did'. Well, it's contradictory if he's going to do it again, make the same mistake again and reappoint Senator Ozouf into a position.

Constable Chris Taylor

Air quality at St Helier tunnel tested

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's environmental health team are out in St Helier testing the air quality in the island's capital.

Tests will focus on the tunnel - which is the most polluted place in Jersey - and will help shape future policies.

They will be looking at air quality for a cyclist, pedestrian, someone in a car with windows closed and an open car.

Air quality

Manpower issues could stop Guernsey following

BBC Radio Guernsey

It could be too expensive for Guernsey to follow Jersey in offering air traffic control services to other airports.

Jersey became the first European airport to be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency allowing Jersey air traffic controllers to remotely direct aircraft landing and taking off.

Guernsey Ports manager, Colin Le Ray, says they are working on the same level of compliance as Jersey but manpower issues could stop Guernsey offering the same service to other airports.

Colin Le Ray

We are committed to working within the Bailiwick to offer air traffic control in a safe and efficient manner between Alderney and Guernsey. We would need substantial investment if we wanted to extend that further, particularly in processes and manpower.

Colin le RayPorts of Guernsey manager

Home affairs minister to decide future asylum claims

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Decisions on whether asylum seekers can remain in Jersey are being transferred from the Lieutenant Governor to the home affairs minister.

The States has agreed to change immigration rules moving responsibility for decisions on immigration, asylum and deportation cases to a politician.

There was concern the Lieutenant Governor could be drawn into making political decisions, but some, including Deputy Montfort Tadier were uneasy with the move, suggesting it would politicise decisions.

Deputy Montfort Tadier

If you don't want it to become politicised you give it to someone independent. When we discuss our own pay we don't decide it, we give it to an independent body. When we change the minimum wage we don't decide it, we give it to an independent body.

Deputy Montfort Tadier

Latest weather: Hot and humid

BBC Weather

This afternoon will be hot and humid again with widespread warm sunshine and hardly any wind. Maximum Temperature: 29C (84F).

Weather map

Another very warm sunny evening is expected. However, thick low cloud and fog will move in as it gets dark, giving a murky night for some. Minimum Temperature: 15C (59F).

Jersey chief minister calls for end to backroom deals

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, has called for an end to "conversations had behind closed doors". He says there needs to be more and better communication among ministers and backbenchers.

Senator Gorst survived a vote of no confidence in his leadership yesterday in a debate that took nearly eight hours on the hottest day of the year so far.

He says he has listened to concerns and will get better at communicating his plans. He says conversations in "long darkened corridors, shadowy figures with half truths" aren't good enough.

Senator Ian Gorst

Guernsey to introduce new system for bowel cancer screening

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

A new system of bowel cancer screening will be introduced in health services in Guernsey and Alderney.

Islanders aged between 60 and 70 will be offered a Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), and additional screening will be available for people in higher-risk groups, including people with a family history of bowel cancer.

Previously screening involving a flexible sigmoidoscope was offered to those aged between 60 and 65.

The Health and Social Care Committee President Deputy Heidi Soulsby says there's been much debate on the issue, but it was time to move forward.

On this day....

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Sir George was in post in the island during the Napoleonic Wars and as well as roads he built defences and organised the island's militia.

Watson awarded Wimbledon wildcard

James Law

BBC Sport Online

Guernsey's Heather Watson is one of seven Britons to have been given wildcards into the singles main draws at Wimbledon.

The 25-year-old, ranked 126 in the world, was knocked out in the first round last year but won the mixed doubles title alongside partner Henri Kontinen.

Heather Watson
Getty Images

Wimbledon runs from Monday 3 July to Sunday 16 July, with live coverage across the BBC.

Pupils get ready to be Epic to help others

Guernsey Press

School children are being inspired to think up big ways to raise money for charity.

Jersey beach volleyball team to attempt Commonwealth qualification

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

Jersey's men have been accepted into a beach volleyball qualifying competition, which could give them the right to enter the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The qualifier in Cyprus this September will see countries from across Europe battle for a place at Gold Coast 2018.

Bero Bobus

"It's a fantastic opportunity for us to play against some of the strong teams like England, Scotland and Cyprus - probably the best three Commonwealth teams in Europe," said Jersey player Bero Bobus.

"It'll be really difficult to actually make it to the Commonwealth Games, but just the fact we'll be there representing Jersey and playing these strong teams is a fantastic opportunity for us."

Driver with 'dangerously high' alcohol levels banned from the road

Jersey Evening Post

A motorist who was four times the drink-drive limit has been banned from the road for three years and ordered to pay a £1,500 fine.

Politician calls for L'Ancresse wall debate

BBC Radio Guernsey

A Guernsey politician has called for a States debate on plans to realign the L'Ancresse anti-tank wall to how it was before World War Two creating a more natural beach environment.

L'Ancresse wall

The project is expected to cost £1m which means under current rules the Environment and Infrastructure Committee does not need to bring the plans to the States Assembly for a vote - it can just implement the change.

Deputy Neil Inder form the Vale says the plans should be discussed as there is a risk to the kiosk and toilet facilities as well as a risk to the beauty of the area.

Barry Brehaut, president of the Environment and infrastructure Committee says Deputy Inder could bring up the subject during a wider funding debate anytime he likes.

Senator Ian Gorst: Possible way back for Senator Ozouf

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's chief minister says there could still be a way back into the Council of Ministers for Senator Philip Ozouf but it will take a bit of time.

Senator Ian Gorst sacked Senator Ozouf to appease other members of the council who didn't want to work with him hours before a vote of no confidence into his leadership.

Senator Gorst survived the no confidence vote with only 13 members voting in favour with 34 backing the chief minister.

Senator Philip Ozouf

World first for air traffic controllers

Jersey Evening Post

Ports of Jersey could manage air traffic in other European destinations after it received special accreditation from the European Aviation Safety Agency.

States of Jersey to discuss innovation fund

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

States Chamber
Ryan Morrison

The States of Jersey didn't finish until after 20:00 last night - staying late to finish the vote of no confidence in the chief minister.

After eight hours of debate they rejected the motion and so Senator Ian Gorst remains in post.

Today, members will discuss the allocation of lottery funds to charities and will have a debate on a report looking at the controversial Jersey Innovation Fund.

You can listen to the debate live on the BBC News website.

Island-wide voting on Guernsey States agenda

BBC Radio Guernsey

When politicians in Guernsey meet today they will discuss a proposed island-wide voting referendum.

It's thought the referendum will cost about £70,000 and put five proposals for reform, including the current system, to the electorate.

The options include:

  • Island-wide voting for all 38 deputies every four years
  • Dividing the island into either seven, four or two electoral districts with deputies returned for a four-year period
  • One island-wide vote, but deputies would serve for six years with an election being held every two years for a third of the seats in the Assembly

There are at least six amendments to the plans that politicians will need to vote on including one calling for the referendum question to be simplified and just ask "island-wide voting: yes or no".

Fire involving two cars in Jersey

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The cause of a fire involving two cars on a "quiet residential street" in St Helier this morning is under investigation by the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service.

Apsley Road fire
Jack Bailhache

It started as a single car fire in Apsley Road causing a large plume of black smoke that could be seen from neighbouring roads.

It spread to a second car and caused smoke damage to a nearby building but fire officers were able to get it under control before it spread. Nobody was injured and nearby residents were evacuated.

Jersey Fire and Rescue

Guernsey says farewell to last Trislander

BBC Radio Guernsey

The last of the Aurigny Trislander planes, known as Victor Tango, is on its final journey today before retiring at the Duxford air museum in Cambridgeshire.

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Jersey chief minister promises better communication

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst has promised to improve communication, particularly with backbenchers after he survived a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

Just 13 States members backed the no confidence vote with 34 voting against it and supporting the chief minister.

Senator Gorst said he would be more open about his views and in revealing details of disagreements among the Council of Ministers. He said he would take on board the concerns raised during the no confidence debate and make changes.

Senator Ian Gorst
States of Jersey

​ I am grateful for the support of this assembly. Our future is too important for us to carry on in the way we have been. We must work together to put our island first, above personality and everything else.

Senator Ian GorstChief Minister of Jersey

Last Aurigny Trislander makes final flight

BBC Radio Guernsey

The last ever Trislander to leave Guernsey's runway took off this morning for a flight over St Peter Port and on to Alderney.

Victor Tango will then fly over Alderney in a loop before travelling to the UK where it will be prepared and put on show at the Duxford Aviation Museum in Cambridgeshire.

Aurigny has been gradually phasing out the Britten-Norman Trislander in favour of the Dornier 228 and this is the last of the fleet to retire.