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  1. All found safe after call out for missing crew from yacht
  2. Evicting tenants a 'last resort' for fire service with safety concerns
  3. No plans to relax Jersey States clothing convention
  4. Latest from the Gotland 2017 Island Games
  5. Live updates on Friday 30 June 2017

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Search for vessel called off

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

The earlier call out for a vessel in distress off the north west of Guernsey has been stood down as a false alarm.

Our live coverage across the day

Well that's it for the competition in the Gotland 2017 Island Games and the closing ceremony is under way.

Two years away, but the next games are in the Gibraltar and in 2021 they return to the Channel Islands with Guernsey hosting.

We'll be back from 08:00 on Monday with the latest news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00.

Don't forget BBC Channel Islands News on BBC One at 18:30 and 22:30.

There will also be news through the night and weekend on your BBC Local Radio station.

Final medal table - Jersey 3rd, Guernsey 4th

Medal table
Natwest Island Games 2017

Jersey's medals on Friday at Gotland 2017


Gold - 4x400m Relay Men

Silver - Samuel Maher, 1,500m Men

Bronze - Gemma Dawkins, 800m Women


Gold - Mark Constable, Men's Singles

Bronze - Alexander Hutchings, Men's Singles

Bronze - Matthew Bignell and Alexander Hutchings, Men's Doubles


Bronze - Florence Cox, Women's Individual Town Centre Criterium

Bronze - Women's Team Town Centre Criterium


Bronze - Women's


Silver - Flora Keites, Ladies Individual

Silver - Men's Team Event

Bronze - Ladies' Team Event


Gold - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual Floor

Gold - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual High Bar

Gold - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual Parallel Bars

Gold - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual Rings

Gold - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual Pommel

Bronze - Daniel Lee, Men's FIG Individual Vault

Bronze - Elisha Stott, Women's FIG Individual Floor

Table Tennis

Bronze - Joshua Band and Jordan Wykes, Men's Doubles


Gold - Stuart Parker, Men's Singles

Gold - Stuart Parker and Michael Watkins

Silver - Natasha Forrest and Eva Hurst, Women's Doubles

Guernsey's medals on Friday at Gotland 2017


Gold - Lee Merrien, Half Marathon Men

Gold - Louise Perrio, Half Marathon Women

Silver - Half Marathon Team Women

Silver - 4x100m Relay Men

Bronze - Half Marathon Team Men

Bronze - 4x400m Relay Women


Gold - Elena Johnson and Ove Toennes Svejstrup, Mixed Doubles

Silver - Chloe Le Tissier and Jordan Trebert, Mixed Doubles

Silver - Jordan Trebert, Men's Singles

Bronze - Elena Johnson and Chloe Le Tissier, Women's Doubles


Bronze - Men's Basketball


Bronze - Men's

Table Tennis

Silver - Garry Dodd and Joshua Stacey, Men's Doubles

Bronze - Charlotte Casey and Daisy Kershaw, Women's Doubles

Bronze - Dawn Morgan, Women's Singles

Bronze - Garry Dodd, Men's Singles


Gold - Rob West and Jo Dyer, Mixed Doubles

Silver - Pat Ogier, Men's Singles

Closing ceremony under way

Silver for Jersey's men's golfers

Jersey silver medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

There were no individual medals for Channel Islanders in the men's golf, but Jersey managed a silver in the team event.

Alexander Guelpa, Gavin O'Neill, Matthew Parkman and Jason Stokes hit a combined 916 shots over four rounds, ending just sixteen off winners the Isle of Man.

Guernsey's team finished eighth out of 18.

Search for vessel in distress

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

Guernsey Coastguard is responding to reports of a possible vessel in distress off the north west of the island.

The Channel Islands Air Search and the St Peter Port Lifeboat are involved in the search.

Guernsey silver in 4x100m relay

Guernsey silver medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Guernsey have won silver in the men's 4x100m.

The relay team, including games medalists Josh Allaway and Alastair Chalmers crossed the finish line in 42:22.

They were beaten by the Cayman Islands, their four athletes inching ahead of Guernsey by less than a second, crossing the line in 41:46.

Jersey gold, Guernsey disqualified in 4x400m

Guernsey's relay team was disqualified, as Jersey triumphed in the 4x400m in Gutavallen this afternoon.

The Sarnians had finished first, but were later disqualified.

As a result, Jersey won by more than six seconds, crossing the line in 3:23:29.

The amended result saw Gibraltar finish second, and the Isle of Man third.

Jersey gold medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Tennis: Three golds for Parker

Jersey's Stuart Parker has his third Gotland gold, after he and partner Michael Watkins triumphed in the men's doubles final.

They beat Bermuda pair Gavin Manders and David Thomas 6-3 6-0.

Jersey gold medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Guernsey footballers toast bronze

Women's golf: Double success for Jersey

Jersey have two medals in women's golf after four days of competition.

There's an individual silver for Flora Keites with a combined round of 326, just one shot ahead of the Isle of White's Sophie Beardsall, and six shots behind winner Emma Lindman of Aland.

There was also a team bronze for Jersey's women.

The team consisted of Keites, Juanita Adlington, Helen Lagadu, and Hannah Scriven.

Jersey silver medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Guernsey bronze in 4x400m relay

Guernsey bronze medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Guernsey women's 4x100m team, including bronze-winning Indi Gallacher, have come third in the 4x400m relay this afternoon.

They were beaten by the Isle of Man and the Shetland Islands.

Gold in mixed doubles tennis

Guernsey pair Rob West and Jo Dyer have won gold in the mixed doubles.

They beat Gotland 6-1 6-0 in the final this afternoon.

It's the only gold for Guernsey in the sport, and the sixth in total for the island's tennis competitors.

Guernsey gold medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Half marathon: Silver for Guernsey women

A gold winning run by Guernsey's Louise Perrio propelled the island's women's team to silver over the half marathon distance.

Her run, combined with Jenny James (1:27:38) and Laura McCarthy (1:29:41) was enough to seal silver, behind the Isle of Man.

Guernsey silver medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Men's basketball: No medal for Guernsey

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Guernsey basketball team playing

Guernsey men's basketball side are heading home empty-handed, after losing their bronze medal playoff against Saaremaa today.

The Sarnians lost 75-54.

The Cayman Islands were the overall winners, overcoming Gibraltar in today's final.

Silver for Jersey's Maher in 1,500m

Samuel Maher has won silver for Jersey in the men's 1,500m.

He was just over two seconds ahead of Gibraltar's Cameron Payas, in third.

Maher ran 3:55:78.

Jersey silver medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Half marathon: Team bronze for Guernsey trio

Guernsey bronze medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017 / Getty Images

Guernsey's half marathon trio of Lee Merrien, Carl Holden and David Emery have won bronze in Gotland.

Merrien was the overall winner with a time of 1:06:45.

Emery finished in 14th with a time of 1:15:18, while Holden was a place behind, crossing the finish line in 1:15:48.

Ecstasy guidelines for users released by States

Rob England

BBC News Online


Strong ecstasy tablets circulating the island have prompted a health warning from Jersey's government.

A spokesman said the safest harm reduction is to not use ecstasy at all, but for those who did intend to use the illegal drug:

  • If you are going to use, take half a tablet and wait two to three hours to assess the effects prior to any redosing
  • Dancing for long periods in a hot atmosphere such as a nightclub, especially coupled with summer heat, increases your chances of overheating and dehydration
  • Take regular breaks from the dance floor to cool down and watch out for your friends – they might not realise they are in danger of overheating or getting dehydrated
  • Drinking too much can also be dangerous, and drinking too quickly is liable to affect your body’s salt balance, which can be as hazardous as not drinking enough water
  • You should sip no more than a pint of water or a non-alcoholic drink every hour
  • Avoid using alone and look out for your friends
  • Avoid mixing ecstasy with other drugs (prescribed or not), including alcohol
  • Seek immediate medical advice if you or your friends begin to feel unwell after taking ecstasy
  • Anyone who has a heart condition, blood pressure problems, epilepsy or asthma is liable to have a dangerous reaction to ecstasy

Earlier this month a man from Jersey died after taking "extra strong" Ikea branded ecstasy pills.

Jersey sees fewer abortions in 2016

Rob England

BBC News Online

A report from the States of Jersey Statistics Unit has found the number of abortions in Jersey fell between 2015-2016 to 180, 20% less than a decade ago.

The report is the sixth in a series of annual abortion statistics taken from data provided by Jersey's Medical Officer of Health.

More than 53% of the abortions were given to women ages 20-29 years, which is consistent with figures from the previous 10 years.

The under 18 abortion rate remained static at three per 1,000, and the under 16 rate was one in 1,000.

The report comes within 24 hours of a change in UK government legislation allowing women from Northern Ireland to be able to get free abortions in England.

Branchage cuttings left in road 'irritates' constable

BBC Radio Jersey

A parish leader in Jersey is irritated some people are leaving cuttings on the road after they have cut back their hedges.

St Peter Constable John Refault said after the recent rains it was dangerous to road users and could be a flood risk if the cuttings clog drains.

Twice a year under the branchage law officials in Jersey tour the parishes to make sure hedges and trees are cut back.

You can be fined £100 for not clearing up afterwards.

Double gold for Guernsey in half

Guernsey athletes Lee Merrien and Louise Perrio have both won gold in the half marathon.

Merrien won by more than a minute with a time of 1:06:45.

Perrio triumphed in 1:19:06, 12 seconds ahead of Gotland's Marna Egholm.

Jersey's Rebecca Thompson, in ninth, finished in 1:26:03.

Elsewhere, Guernsey's David Emery finished 13th with a time of 1:15:18. Trailing him was fellow Sarnian Carl Holden, who finished in 1:15:48.

Guernsey gold medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017 / Getty Images

Jersey football league to trial sin bins

James Law

BBC Sport Online

The Jersey Football Combination League has been selected as one of the divisions to participate in next season's trial of sin bins.

League president Charlie Browne confirmed the news, which will see "temporary dismissals" of 10 minutes for players yellow-carded for dissent.

Yellow card
Getty Images

The Football Association is piloting the change and chose the Jersey Combination as one of the leagues to test it.

Table-tennis: Sixth medal for Guernsey

Guernsey pair Charlotte Casey and Daisy Kershaw have won bronze for Guernsey in the women's doubles.

It means the Sarnians have won six medals in total in the sport.

The duo lost their semi-final against eventual silver medalists Gotland.

Guernsey bronze medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017 / Getty Images

Table tennis: Dodd gets five

Guernsey table tennis player Garry Dodd has capped his Gotland games off with a bronze medal in the men's singles.

He lost his semi-final against Gotland's Bjorn Axelsson 4-1.

Dodd has now won four medals in all, comprising of one gold, silver and two bronzes.

Guernsey bronze medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Table tennis: Third medal for Morgan

Guernsey's Dawn Morgan has won bronze in the women's singles table tennis, her third Gotland medal.

Morgan lost her semi-final to Aland's Marina Donner, the eventual gold medalist.

She was beaten 4-0.

Guernsey bronze
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017 / Getty Images

Views on the States of Jersey dress code

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Male States members in Jersey must still wear a jacket and tie. If it's hot they can ask to take off the jacket, but so far even during the heatwave that has been refused.

Constables in the States

We asked for the details after Speaker John Bercow said MPs in the House of Commons didn't have to wear a tie.

We asked a handful of members what they think of the rules:

Many of us have good collections we can show off now the States is web streamed! But allowing the removal of jackets would seem reasonable.

Simon CrowcroftSt Helier Constable

I am in favour of maintaining the current dress code in the States Assembly as, particularly now that States meetings are video streamed live, I think that the public are looking to their elected representatives to be professional and business like in the way they conduct themselves.

Simon BreeDeputy, St Clement

Purple, rain expected at closing ceremony

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

BBC reporters in purple ponchos

Two of the BBC team have taken time out of their tough reporting schedule to prepare for the closing ceremony, which is expected to be quite a wet one.

And I know what you are thinking.

Was Tim Pryor (front) planning on wearing purple when he bought those pink shoes?

Oscar Pearson (behind), Louise Sayers, Jen Smith, Naomi Dunning, and Tracey Cahill have also been bringing you the coverage from Gotland this week.

Now that's a lot of medals...

Daniel Lee seen here with his haul from today, five gold and one bronze medal.

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Scoreline didn't reflect tie - Parker

Jersey's gold-winning tennis player Stuart Parker said his final against Guernsey's Pat Ogier was tougher than the result suggested.

Parker beat Ogier 6-0 6-2, but the Jersey player said Ogier battled until the end.

Stuart Parker

The scoreline might look convincing but in the match it was really tight, and it was a long six love, six two, so I'll give Pat credit, he fought until the end.

Stuart Parker

All found safe after call out for missing crew from yacht

Rob England

BBC News Online

All eight crew members of a yacht moored off Sark were found safe and sound after a May Day call in the early hours of the morning.

Four of the crew were onboard the vessel, two were found in a dinghy close to the craft and two were found onshore.

Earlier the Coastguard search and rescue report said it received reports that two people were missing overboard.

The report says at 01:40 a lifeboat communicated with one of the casualties and it "appears that missing persons are on shore. Sark constable to confirm".

RNLI operations manager Peter Gill said: "We were told two people had fallen out of a dinghy from a yacht and were in need of assistance."

Later Mike Gaudion from Guernsey search and rescue confirmed although it was reported two people were in the water in an area north of the Gouliot Passage between Breqhou and Sark, on arrival crews found the pair in a dinghy attached to the yacht. They had not gone into the water.

They were reported safe and well.

Athletics: Jersey pick up a bronze in the 800m women's race

Gemma Dawkins has won a bronze medal in the 800m women's race ahead of Aland and just behind Shetland.

Natwest Gotland 2017 Island Games/Getty Images

Tennis: Stuart Parker and Michael Watkins beat Bermuda for gold

Jersey's men's doubles team win gold in a convincing 3-6, 0-6 victory against Bermuda.

Natwest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Guernsey's Ogier praises 'best ever' Parker

Badminton: Everyone's a winner in all-Guernsey final

Elena Johnson and Ove Toennes Svejstrup have won gold for Guernsey in the Badminton Mixed Doubles, beating fellow Sarnian duo Jordan Trebert and Chloe Le Tissier.

Johnson and Svejstrup won 21-9 21-19.

It means Trebert and Le Tissier pick up silver.

Guernsey gold medal
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017/Getty Images

Missing woman found 'safe and well'

Rob England

BBC News Online

A missing woman who "did not return home last night" has been found "safe and well", police have said.

Alexis McNamee, 54, was last seen near the Gunsite Cafe on Thursday.

Alexis McNamee
States of Jersey Police
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Gymnastics: Jersey's Elisha Stott, 13, wins bronze

Jersey's Elisha Stott has won the bronze in what has become a very successful day for the island's gymnasts.

Natwest Gotland 2017 island Games/Getty Images

Gymnastics medals put Jersey above Guernsey

A flurry of medals for Jersey in gymnastics this afternoon has seen the island overtake neighbour Guernsey.

A short while ago, Jersey were sitting in third place with a total of 75 medals, above Guernsey.

It's thanks in part to 18-year-old Daniel Lee, who has picked up five gold medals including the high bar, floor, and pommel horse events. He also won bronze in the vault.

Lee is Jersey born, but was brought up and trains in the UK.

Island Games medal table
NatWest Gotland Island Games 2017

Bronze for Guernsey's footballers

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

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View more on twitter

Guernsey men's footballers might not be coming home with a gold medal, like they did two years ago, but they aren't heading back from Gotland empty handed.

The Sarnians have beaten Menorca 1-0 today to win bronze after their agonising semi-final loss to Menorca yesterday.