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  1. Man, 80, had 'head injury and had been drinking before death' in Guernsey
  2. Poor behaviour and conduct vote lodged against Jersey deputy
  3. Jersey care inquiry: Disciplinary action possible for States staff
  4. 'First Jersey report' of Asian hornet killing bee
  5. Guernsey banking sector 'turns corner' after financial crisis
  6. Divers heading back to Alderney's Elizabethan wreck
  7. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Monday

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Rob England

BBC News Online

Our coverage across the Channel Islands has finished for the week.

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Blind man drowned after pontoon fall

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Gerald Bisson celebrating his 80th birthday

A blind man who remained "very independent" despite losing his sight drowned after falling onto a pontoon, an inquest heard.

Gerald William Bisson, 80, died on the morning of 23 July at St Peter Port Harbour, Guernsey.

Mr Bisson's body was found floating in the sea at 09:55 BST. The inquest at Guernsey Magistrates' Court heard he had been drinking the evening before.

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Gerald Bisson celebrating his 80th birthday

Blind man drowned after pontoon fall

An 80-year-old man drowned at St Peter Port Harbour following a head injury after drinking, an inquest hears.

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Vessel part of 'expansion' in naval power

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Alderney's Elizabethan wreck, which is to be dived again next month, has been described by a naval historian as an important example of the "great expansion" in sea power under Queen Elizabeth I.

Artefacts brought up from the Alderney Elizabethan wreck
Alderney Maritime Trust

Professor Eric Grove, vice president of the society for nautical research, says the iron guns brought up from the wreck demonstrated "the great advantage" the english had at the time, following the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

The Alderney wreck is dated at 1592, and is considered second in importance to Henry VII's Mary Rose vessel.

"There were a lot of changes after the Mary Rose discovery," he said.

Businesses should follow guidelines after fraudster attacks

BBC Radio Jersey

cyber attack
Getty Images

The body which regulates Jersey's finance sector says local companies need to invest more in cyber security to keep customers safe, after a series of online attacks.

Jersey's Financial Services Commission recently reported three cases where fraudsters registered almost identical web addresses to legitimate companies, then sent emails to their customers asking them for large sums of money.

In one case, they tried to steal nearly £450,000.

John Harris, director general at the commission, says companies need to follow their guidelines to "maximise their protection", and customers must be vigilant.

'Understanding' Asian hornets could help control them

BBC Radio Jersey

Understanding the behaviour of Asian hornets will help control them in future, according to Jersey's Department of the Environment.

There have been 30 sightings of the predatory wasp breed in the island, with the first attack on a honey bee recorded this week.

Beekeepers are now capturing the hornets, and marking them with special dots to better track them.

Asian hornet

If I'm honest, I think it more than likely the Asian hornet is here to stay. We need to understand it so we can mitigate against its effect, which is not only impacting on honey bees, it's all pollinators that exist, it's after protein. It could have quite a major impact on our environment unless we learn how to live with it and control it.

Dr Tim Du FeuDirector of Environmental Protection, States of Jersey

Pan weights among Alderney wreck finds

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Pan weight
Alderney Maritime Trust

Thousands of artefacts have been pulled up from Alderney's Elizabethan wreck site since it was first located in 1977.

Many of them can be viewed in the Alderney Museum, including these two lead, disc-shaped, pan weights, which were used when trading.

They are important as they were introduced after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and wear indicated they were not new at the time of the vessel's loss, thus dating the wreck in the 1590s.

The weights were made by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers of London and stamped with a crowned EL, the monogram of Queen Elizabeth I.

Deputy Lewis: 'No intention to deceive members of the assembly'

Rob England

BBC News Online

A Jersey deputy, who has been accused of breaching the elected members code of conduct, has said he had "no intention" to "deceive" members of the States Assembly, and his comments have been taken "out of context" by a States committee.

The Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC) put forward a vote of censure this morning against Deputy Andrew Lewis to decide whether the States would like to formally express disapproval of the actions of an elected member.

The committee's conclusion leans heavily on accusations levelled against the deputy of lying to the States Assembly and the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry panel.

The care inquiry panel found the deputy had lied about seeing a Metropolitan Police report, the result of which led to the suspension of a former Jersey Police chief, who was investigating historic child abuse in the States child care system.

Guernsey to send further donations to treat cholera in Yemen

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's Overseas Aid and Development Commission has decided to make further donations to cholera relief efforts in Yemen.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organisation said the number of cholera cases in an outbreak in several areas of Yemen was at least 100,000, and the commission has donated £50,000 so far.

President of the Commission, Deputy Emilie Yerby said the decision to provide further aid was based on people not being able to access basic healthcare.

Nearly 15 million people in Yemen are unable to get basic health care while almost 16 million don’t have access to clean water because of damage to infrastructure from the conflict, meaning that cholera could have a devastating toll.

Deputy Emilie YerbyPresident, Guernsey's Overseas Aid and Development Commission

Barcelona attack: Jerseyman describes the aftermath

Rob England

BBC News Online

Barcelona attack

Scott Strudwick from Jersey was in the Plaça de Catalunya when the terrorist attack took place nearby in Las Ramblas in Barcelona yesterday.

The father of two is on holiday with his wife and children, and due to return home tomorrow.

He says he was locked into a shop during the attack, with rumours of terrorists in the building.

Scott Strudwick

"We came out from a large department store to be greeted by police sirens. We were heading towards La Rambla to catch our bus back, and we noticed a lot of people running in the opposite direction." Scott said.

He added: "Police were then pushing us away and pushing people in to shops and trying to close the doors behind them.

"We retired into the large department store, we didn't know what was going on at that point. Shortly after that is where we had our scariest moment.

"We were on the second floor of the shop and people came running through.

"There were rumours there had been gunfire, and potentially a terrorist in the shop, which turned out to be false."

Pixie Lott to appear at Herm music festival

Rob England

BBC News Online

Singer Pixie Lott will be appearing at the Sunset on Herm festival in September.

The festival, held at the Mermaid Tavern in Herm is a house music event, with the singer performing her track Baby, live alongside DJ Anton Powers.

Tickets will be on sale from 25 August.

Pixie Lott
BBC Music Awards

Hester hopes for medal without Valegro

James Law

BBC Sport Online

Olympic dressage gold medallist Carl Hester, from Sark, says it will be a "hard task" for Great Britain to win a European medal without retired horse Valegro.

For the first time in six years, three-time Olympic champions Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro will not feature at a major championships.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro
Getty Images

"If we can achieve it [a medal] of course it would show we have depth in our sport," Hester told BBC Radio Guernsey.

"He [Valegro] is that special and different - we just have to remember that he was a different species compared to most of the horses out there today."

Reds host Premiership opponents tomorrow

James Law

BBC Sport Online

Jersey Reds welcome Premiership side Harlequins to St Peter tomorrow afternoon in their final friendly before the new Championship season.

So far, Harvey Biljon's side have lost to French side Vannes and beaten National One club Coventry as they prepare for competitive action.

This time last year Jersey overcame top-tier side Worcester in a pre-season game in the island.

Alderney's Elizabethan Wreck: How significant was the discovery?

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The wreck attracted worldwide interest in 1992, when the discovery was formally announced.

The Alderney Maritime Trust, founded in 1993, concluded the weight of evidence suggested the unnamed ship was one mentioned in State Papers from 1592 that was "cast away about Alderney".

Cannon from the wreck in the Alderney Museum

The vessel was carrying dispatches from England's treasurer, Lord Burghley to Sir John Norreys, who was leading Elizabeth's forces in Brittany.

The unnamed vessel sank in November 1592 and was last dived in July 2016.

It is considered second only in importance to the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's warship which sank in 1545.

Asian hornet nests 'present on Jersey's east coast'

BBC Radio Jersey

Asian hornet

A search of Jersey's east coast has failed to find any new Asian hornet nests, but the Department of the Environment says they know they are there.

Twenty-five staff from the department and the Jersey Beekeepers Association spent three hours doing a coordinated search from Archirondel to Gorey Castle.

Director of Environmental Protection, Dr Tim Du Feu, says it is important to destroy any nest before the queens leave and make new colonies.

Up to 200 queens will be liberated from a single nest. They all go into hibernation, obviously there will be winter losses, if there's a big frost or something, not all will come through. But each one of those queens, if they get through, can make a primary nest in the spring, and create a new colony.

Dr Tim Du FeuDirector of Environmental Protection, States of Jersey

Barcelona attack: Jersey joins Guernsey in tribute

Rob England

BBC News Online

Flags are to be flown at half-mast today on States buildings as a mark of respect for those who died, or were injured, during the terror attacks in Barcelona yesterday.

Jersey's Bailiff, Sir William Bailhache, made the announcement, following a similar direction from his counterpart in Guernsey earlier today.

A massive manhunt is under way in Spain for the man suspected of killing 13 people and injuring others in the attack.

Spanish media named the man being sought as 18-year-old Moussa Oubakir. He is suspected of using his brother's documents to rent the van that mowed down people on Barcelona's Las Ramblas.

Former lawyer appointed to promote Guernsey

BBC Radio Guernsey

A former lawyer from the UK has been appointed to represent Guernsey and attract high earners to the island.

Edward Stone was appointed by Locate Guernsey, a States-owned agency promoting the island to individuals and businesses.

Mr Stone said the island's "high quality of life" and "attractive tax regime" for businesses and individuals meant it was an "excellent place" for relocation.

Andrew Carey, interim head of Locate Guernsey, said: "Edward’s contact book is exceptional and he’ll be promoting living in Guernsey to the UK community who in turn will advise their own wealthy clients."

Alderney Elizabethan Wreck: Diver recalls cannon discovery

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Fred Shaw

In 1977 it was Alderney fisherman Bertie Cosheril who discovered an Elizabethan era musket, dragged up in his lobster pots.

He then returned to the site with divers Fred Shaw and Dave Rendell.

Mr Shaw, now MBE, said he had no idea how significant that dive would become, as he descended directly on two Elizabethan era cannons on the sea bed.

"As I went over the side I heard him shout out 'I hope you find a cannon Fred!' and I chuckled on the way down laughing to myself and thinking to myself I'm never going to find a cannon, and there right under my nose was two cannons."

Alderney Elizabethan wreck: Size of the project 'daunting'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Work to better understand Alderney's Elizabethan wreck - including a planned dive and consolidating all existing information - is a daunting project, according to its coordinator trustee.

Mike Harrisson was hopeful a survey of the wreck site and planned dive would go ahead in the coming weeks, alongside plans to centralise decades of research.

Mike Harrisson

With favourable tides and weather permitting, they will dive down every day and gain the 20 to 30 minutes maximum time on the sea bed trying to discover whether there are other coherent structural timbers slightly distant from the centre of the site where the work has been concentrated up until now."

Mike HarrissonCoordinator Trustee, Alderney Maritime Trust

Controversial plans for church extension 'right for building'

BBC Radio Jersey

A parish rector has said plans to build an extension onto St Lawrence's Church in Jersey are "right for the building".

The church wants to extend the 12th Century building to allow wheelchair access, a kitchen, and a toilet.

Heritage campaign group, Save Jersey's Heritage, thinks the changes could be contained inside the building, and has submitted its own alternative plans.

But Rector Phil Warren says the church's plans have taken all options into consideration.

I can stand with absolute confidence and say, through these four years, we have listened, we have taken consultation, we've sought the best expertise and advice. The approved plans are approved because they are right for the building."

Phil Warren

Poor behaviour and conduct vote lodged against deputy

Rob England

BBC News Online

A vote to acknowledge inappropriate behaviour and conduct has been brought by a States committee against Deputy Andrew Lewis.

Andrew Lewis

The Privileges and Procedures Committee said it put forward the proposition after concluding the deputy had "breached the code of conduct" for elected members of the States of Jersey.

The committee held a public hearing on 1 August after an official complaint was made against the deputy, following findings in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry panel's final report.

The report found the deputy "lied" about seeing a Metropolitan Police service report, which led to the suspension of former police chief Graham Power.

Five States members signed the proposition, Constable Len Norman, Constable Christopher Taylor, Deputy Sam Mezec, Deputy Simon Bree and Deputy Scott Wickenden.

Constable Norman, committee chairman, said: "It is now a matter for the assembly to decide whether it endorses the committee’s view that Deputy Lewis should be censured for breaching the code of conduct."

Alderney Elizabethan Wreck: What's happening?

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The Alderney Maritime Trust has commissioned a survey of the sea bed and hopes to discover further timbers from the Elizabethan ship wrecked half-a-mile north of Alderney.

Dives have taken place recently in 2015 and 2016, led by the maritime trust's director of archaeology, Dave Parham, from Bournemouth University.

Cannon on the sea bed
Alderney Maritime Trust

He was assisted by a group of professional commercial divers living in Alderney as part of an ongoing geophysical survey.

Now, a further survey of the sea bed is expected, before an exploratory dive, weather permitting, which is scheduled to take place between 4-18 September.

Man assaulted in St Helier

Rob England

BBC News Online

A man was assaulted on the corner of Roseville Street and Croydon Road in St Helier, police say.

He was punched by another man after an argument at about 21:25 on Wednesday.

One of the men involved had short dark hair and stubble, wearing a dark hoodie and shorts and carrying a grey rucksack. He was about 5ft 6in tall. The other man is described as taller, at about 6ft.

Jersey Police say several cars were seen to drive past at the time, and are appealing for witnesses.

Corner of Roseville St and Croydon Road

Barcelona attack: Flags to be flown at half-mast

Rob England

BBC News Online

Cambrils resident: 'I never imagined this happening here'

Flags are to be flown at half-mast today at all States of Guernsey buildings as a mark of respect for those killed in yesterday's terror attacks in Barcelona, the island's bailiff has announced.

Buildings with two flag poles are asked to also lower the Union Flag to half-mast.

Spanish police say they have shot dead five suspected terrorists in the town of Cambrils in a second vehicle attack, hours after another in Barcelona killed 13 people and injured dozens.

Police appeal after man indecently exposed himself

Sarah Gosling

BBC Radio Devon

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man indecently exposed himself in St Helier.

It happend in Liberation Square on Monday at about 16:00, police said.

The man is described as being white, of slim build, with grey hair and possibly a grey beard.

He is thought to have been wearing beige/cream coloured shorts, a light blue checked shirt, a beige fisherman style hat, and reading glasses.

Discovering a shipwreck: 'Right on my nose was two cannons'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Fred Shaw MBE describes the discovery of two cannons, part of a ship wrecked in 1592.

Football: Local results

BBC Sport

In the Jersey charity cup semi final last night JTC Jersey Wanderers beat St Clement five - three.

The other semi final will take place next Thursday when Rozel Rovers will face St Pauls.

Man, 80, had 'head injury and had been drinking before death'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

An 80-year-old man who was found dead in a harbour had a head injury and had been drinking before his death, an inquest has heard.

A verdict of "accidental death" was recorded for Guernseyman Gerald William Bisson, who died last month.

Mr Bisson was found in the water at St Peter Port Harbour on 23 July.

St Peter Port Harbour death

The inquest heard how Mr Bisson, who was registered blind but remained independent, had been drinking in St Peter Port on the evening of 22 July.

He was seen walking towards the ferry building in the early hours of the following day. CCTV footage showed Mr Bisson falling from the inter-island quay and on to a pontoon, before he gets up two hours later.

His body was found by a member of the public floating in the harbour the following morning. A post-mortem examination showed Mr Bisson's alcohol levels were double the drink-drive limit.

Drowning at sea following a head injury and due to a fall under the influence of alcohol were given as the cause of death.

Second electricity provider for Guernsey

Rob England

BBC News Online

After 120 years Guernsey Electricity is no longer the island's only electricity provider, after a licence was granted to another company.

The International Energy Group will now be able to generate and supply in Guernsey, and intends to install and operate systems using combined heat and power technology across the island.

Divers heading back to Alderney's Elizabethan wreck

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Diver examining cannon
Alderney Maritime Trust

Divers are returning to the site of Alderney's Elizabethan wreck next month, it has been announced.

Weather permitting, the Alderney Maritime Trust hopes to discover further 16th Century relics on the seabed.

The wreck site half-a-mile north of the Channel Island is the only Elizabethan ship to be discovered and excavated in British waters.

The unnamed vessel sank in November 1592 and was last dived in July 2016.

Islander 'devastated' by theft of precious jewellery

Jersey Evening Post

An islander has spoken of her devastation after £11,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from her house.

Barcelona attack: Politicians express condolences across Channel Islands

Rob England

BBC News Online

Barcelona: Eyewitness describes moment of attack

Politicians from across the Channel Islands have expressed their condolences for the victims of a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Thirteen people died and dozens were hurt when a van hit crowds on Las Ramblas, Barcelona on Thursday. The driver fled and is still at large.

Spanish police say they have shot dead five suspected terrorists in the town of Cambrils in a second vehicle attack in the area. The men were linked to the Barcelona attack, police say.

The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy described it as a "jihadist attack", which so-called Islamic State said it had carried out.

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Care inquiry: Disciplinary action possible for States staff

Rob England

BBC News Online

Disciplinary action could be taken against up to 10 States employees following the findings of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

jersey care inquiry panel
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

Following the final report from the care inquiry panel, Senator Andrew Green revealed a civil servant from the Department for Education and a member of staff at the Department for Health and Social Services had been removed from "front-line" duties, with disciplinary proceedings to take place.

A recent Freedom of Information request has now revealed less than 10 employees have been removed from front-line services "pending disciplinary action".

The request also details that the staff, who are still employed by the States, are receiving full pay and have been moved to different roles.

The inquiry panel's final conclusions found children could still be at risk within the States of Jersey's care system.

‘London City loss is dreadful news for our economy’

Guernsey Press

Losing the London City route is "dreadful news" for the finance sector and the island’s economy as a whole, industry groups have said.

Guernsey's banking sector at 'plateau' since financial crisis

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's banking sector has hit a "plateau" in recent years after taking a significant hit in the global financial crisis, according to Guernsey's Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Jeremy Quick, from the commission, said the number of registered banks has halved since 2007, the number of staff has dropped by a quarter, and cash deposits are down by 30%.

But there has been much more stability in the last five years, he says.

financial downturn
Getty Images

Since about 2012-2013 that decline has stopped, it's levelled out and we seem to have hit more of a plateau at the moment, so that's good news. Although staff numbers have fallen, what is unclear is whether productivity has risen. So there may be fewer people here, but they may be more productive.

Jeremy QuickDirector of Banking and Insurance Policy and Supervision, GFSC

'First Jersey report' of Asian hornet killing bee

BBC Radio Jersey

Asian hornets have begun killing native bees in Jersey, the Department for the Environment has confirmed.

The predatory wasp breed, which the department called a "threat" to honey bees and other pollinators, was first seen in the island in August 2016.

Tim Du Fue, the Director of Environmental Protection, said he recently saw footage of what is thought to be the first recording of an attack on a honey bee by an Asian hornet.

Asian Hornet

Quite macabre to have a look at, the speed of the attack of an Asian hornet. Going into the hive, seizing a bee, taking it to a nearby tree, decapitating it and then eating the thorax. That's what they do and it was all textbook stuff.

Tim Du FueDirector of Environmental Protection, States of Jersey

BBC Local Live across the Channel Islands

Rob England

BBC News Online

Good morning and happy Friday, welcome to BBC Local Live across the Channel Islands.

We'll be bringing you the latest news, sport, travel and weather throughout the day.

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