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  1. Guernsey report spells out housing need
  2. --- Island needs up to 800 more local market properties, according to a £100,000 report
  3. Jersey road closure trial after child killed
  4. Updates on Friday 25 August 2017

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Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

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L'Ancresse wall repairs cost £70,000 since 2006

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Repairs to the wall at L'Ancresse have taken up a "reasonable proportion of the annual budget over the last decade" says the States' committee responsible.

The coastal defence budget is needed for the maintenance of and repairs to many areas of Guernsey's coastline, including the sea defences all along the eastern seafront and several stretches of the west coast.

States of Guernsey

A committee statement says the proposed "managed realignment represents the best value for money for the island’s current and future tax payers".

It said while there were "significant upfront costs" it would lead to longer-term savings

The statement said: "Taking an even longer term view, this is the most flexible, adaptable and effective option available in terms of climate change and sea level rise, underscoring its value for money both now and in the decades to come."

Warning over Trump-shape ecstasy pills

BBC Radio Guernsey

A dangerously strong batch of ecstasy-type tablets in the shape of Donald Trump’s head may be circulating in Guernsey warn officials.

Guernsey Police

One side of the carrot-coloured tablets show Mr Trump’s face, while the president’s surname is written on the reverse.

Reports suggest they contained dangerously high levels of MDMA.

Rebecca Falla, senior investigation officer at the Guernsey Border Agency, said: "People taking the drug are putting themselves at risk, and those risks are increased if the tablets are taken with alcohol.

"Our message to islanders is it’s simply not worth it.”

Jersey earnings: By sector

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The latest earnings data for Jersey, released today, show a huge pay disparity between sectors.

On average, those working in the finance industry in June earned £600-a-week more than workers in hotels, restaurants and bars. After inflation, average pay across the board rose by just 0.1%.

Average earnings by sector in Jersey, based on June 2017 data
States of Jersey Statistical Unit

Average earnings in the finance sector rose by 2.9%, slightly greater than that seen in the previous year and the five-year average.

Despite having the lowest average earnings staff in hotels, restaurants and bars saw their pay increase the most, year-on-year, by 3.5%,

The rise, along with a 3% boost for agriculture workers were "predominantly driven by the rise in the minimum wage, implemented in April 2017", according to the States of Jersey Statistical Unit.

Construction sector earnings rose by 3.2%, while the lowest increase was in the public sector, which saw average earnings increase by 1.6% compared to June 2016.

Guernsey to Alderney swim: 'Ultimate challenge'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Rosie Williams has completed the 19.5 mile swim between Guernsey and Alderney in six hours and 31 minutes.

She said: "I've always wanted to, it was always my ultimate challenge.

"Today it was just perfect conditions for it, I was so lucky with the weather, with the tides."

Rosie Williams with her support team

Ms Williams said: "It was a bit touch and go in the last hour, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and it felt like Alderney wasn't getting any closer and I didn't think I was going to make it.

"As soon as I got on the boat we looked out and the tide changed so if I'd been any later I would have completely missed it.

"It is a really tough [swim], a lot of people do have challenges with the tides to actual land in Alderney.

"I thought the probability of landing was going to be really slim, so it was more about doing the swim than actually landing."

Many ‘struggling to make ends meet’ across Jersey

Jersey Evening Post

Many Islanders are ‘struggling to make ends meet’, a backbench deputy has warned as figures reveal that the average wage increase over the past 12 months is being virtually wiped out by inflation.

Weather: Cloudy but dry overnight

BBC Weather

It will remain dry overnight, although becoming a little cloudier.

There will be light winds with some clear spells persisting, possibly allowing the odd mist or fog patch to form.


Jersey forecast


Guernsey forecast

Bunkers sprayed with swastikas to stay open

Rob England

BBC News Online

Three wartime bunkers sprayed with swastikas will stay open for the weekend because the group that looks after Jersey's occupation site says they can't afford to close them.

Forty swastikas have been painted on the outside walls of the bunkers at Noirmont using black and gold spray paint.

Volunteers from the Channel Islands Occupation Society haven't been able to clear the symbols from the site, but a member of the public has donated a pressure washer to help remove them.

Society president Colin Isherwood says the site needs to stay open: "We're a non-profit making organisation, so we need the complexes open to take admission fees to ensure that these complexes are maintained."

Swastikas daubed on a Jersey bunker
States of Jersey Police

Stamps to mark Princess Diana connection

Tyler Allen

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's military links to the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment are being celebrated in a series of stamps, released next month.

The new set by Guernsey Post will be released on 1 September 2017, the day after the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

They also mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the regiment and depicting Princess Diana as well as members of the regiment.

Guernsey Post Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment stamp collection
Guernsey Post
Princess Diana stamp
Guernsey Post

St Helier road closure could 'go further'

BBC Radio Jersey

There has been a call for safety precautions on roads in St Helier to go further.

The parish is closing Gas Place to vehicles for a year, following an independent safety review of the roads around the Millennium Town Park.

It was held after the death of three-year old Clinton Pringle last year, after he was hit by a van on Tunnell Street.

Bernie Manning, from the Friends of the Millennium Town Park Group, said the changes were "a good step in the right direction" but a larger stretch of road could have been closed.

Mower damage culprits sought

BBC Radio Guernsey

Police in Guernsey are appealing for information after someone poured gravel into the petrol tanks of three ride-on mowers.

The incident happened at a private address in Rue des Touillets in the Castel, sometime between 10 and 24 August.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police or Crimestoppers anonymously.

Public vote for chief minister a 'giant leap' for democracy

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Deputy Russell Labey

Islanders could vote in Jersey's next chief minister, if politicians support a move by Deputy Russell Labey.

He is seeking support to change the current system, which sees elected politicians decide on who fills the top job.

Under the proposition, lodged on 24 August 2017, the chief minister would be elected "by an island-wide vote of registered electors".

Candidates for chief minister would have to secure 18 or more votes from States Members, Deputy Labey said, before a public vote "no later than 21 days after the general election".

He described the move as a "small step for politicians, but a giant leap for democracy in Jersey".

Student internships help set course for digital future

Guernsey Press

Careers in digital are on the cards for 11 local sixth formers and other students who got involved in this summer’s first Discover Digital internships.

Hospital manager resigns

BBC Radio Jersey

The manager of Jersey's general hospital has resigned from her post citing personal reasons.

Helen O'Shea sent an email to all staff this morning, saying it wasn't an easy decision.

Mrs O'Shea will leave her post at the end of February next year.

Cricket: Guernsey 'still confident' despite injuries

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Jersey bowler delivers to a Guernsey batsman
Jonathan Huelin

Island coach Ash Wright is hopeful his side can beat Jersey in tomorrow's Inter-Insular despite potentially being without three fast bowlers.

Leicestershire all-rounder Will Fazakerley will not feature tomorrow or in September's World Cricket League Five in South Africa, after a scan revealed a stress-fracture in his back, Wright said.

Fazakerley is replaced in the squad by Lucas Barker.

Captain and fast bowler Jamie Nussbaumer also faces a last-minute fitness test after injuring a rib, while his brother and fellow pace bowler Luke has already been ruled out with injury.

"Unfortunately, as we've got closer, been hit with a few injuries, so we're a little up in the air with the team we're going to play.

"The lucky thing is we have quite a strong squad.

"The boys are still confident," said Wright.

The game starts at Guernsey's KGV ground at 10:45 on Saturday 25 August.

I'll be keeping you up-to-date with radio updates, and throughout the afternoon on Twitter.

A 'handful' of hospital responses

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey Hospital

A small number of responses to a consultation on Jersey's proposed new hospital has prompted concern from planners.

The project involves knocking down two hotels in Kensington Place.

Planning officer John Nicholson said it is really important people give them feedback, as it could make a difference to the project.

A "handful" of people have put their views through formally, he said.

"There's been a lot of social media coverage and there's been a lot of discussion on news outlets, but not a great deal has fed its way through to the planning department."

Developer welcomes reduced home target

BBC Radio Guernsey

A Guernsey property developer has welcomed a recommendation to reduce the number of homes that need to built, set out in a housing review released today.

Charles McHugh believes the target identified within the report - lower than the States' goals of creating 300 homes per year - is now more realistic.

"In the Island Development Plan in 2015, the whole plan was developed around the target of 300 houses.

"Now that we're only actually going to be building less than half of those, that's good news because we can actually not fill up all of our green areas, and not fill up all of our infrastructure with housing."

'Enormous' concern prompted traffic change

BBC Radio Jersey

Concern from members of the public has prompted bollards being put up at Gas Place in St Helier to stop it being used as a through road, according to a parish constable.

It follows an independent safety review of the roads around the Millennium Town Park following the death of three-year old Clinton Pringle last June.

The changes are part of a year-long trial, but Constable Simon Crowcroft hopes they will be made permanent.

"Certainly things have changed now, we've had an enormous post bag from people not only after the last year, but for longer than that," he said.

"People [were] concerned with the proximity of children to cars in the whole area of the cafe.

"It's a sort of dog leg with zero visibility for motorists as well."

Late nights worth the effort - winning float team

BBC Radio Guernsey

Winning Jungle Book float
Fran Torode

A member of the team behind the winning float at Guernsey's Battle of Flowers says she is "really proud" of the achievement.

Previous winners The Northern Warriors triumphed in the senior prix d'honneur category with their natural flower Jungle Book float.

The team chose the theme to mark 50 years since the movie was released.

Grace Shearer, 18, said: "We've put in a lot of effort and had some rather late nights the past few nights so it's really nice to have the trophy again this year."

Tall Ship arriving in Guernsey

Housing report: In numbers

Simon Fairclough

Guernsey Political Reporter

A review by KPMG on the island's housing demand, has concluded that Guernsey needs between 97 and 157 additional local market homes each year over the next five years.

Between 486 and 783 additional local market units are required by the end of 2021 to meet the island's housing needs, the report said.

KPMG further breaks down the total required by stating the island needs between 146 and 209 affordable housing units and between 340 and 574 private housing units over the same period.

Other recommendations include:

Identifying areas of land suitable for first-time buyer housing and applying relevant zoning or planning conditions to help encourage first home developments.

Considering the removal of document duty and bond fees for first-time buyers.

Missing tourist found safe - after catching wrong bus

Jersey Evening Post

A major search operation on the Island's east coast was stood down yesterday after it turned out a missing German tourist had simply got on the wrong bus.

Housing report: Growth in number of rental properties

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

Table of median rental costs by region
States of Guernsey

Guernsey’s housing stock grew from 24,175 in 2010 to 25,310 in 2016, a housing market review reports.

It says while owner occupied properties have stayed steady at about 15,000 units there were nearly 900 more rental properties compared to six years earlier, with a total of 6,982.

Owner occupied dwellings make up about 60% of the housing stock, while affordable housing makes up about 10%.

The report found private sector development was limited in 2016 with eight new units – compared to 35 constructed by the Guernsey Housing Association.

The report’s authors warn a limited supply of available land and competition can cause a bias of developments away from market need towards higher value developments.

Guernsey is second only to London in terms of average rental cost, according to the report.

Small real term rise in Jersey wages

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey banknotes

Workers in Jersey are earning 2.6% more than they were a year ago, according to the latest earnings data for June.

At the same time RPI, which measures inflation, rose by 2.5%, meaning average pay went up in real terms by 0.1%.

Guernsey's most recent data for March showed a fall in real term income by 0.6%.

Jersey finance workers earned an average 1,000-a-week compared to £400-a-week for hotel workers.

The biggest percentage pay rise, however, was for hospitality staff who earned 3.5% more following an increase in the minimum wage in April 2017.

From 2001 to 2017 earnings levelled out in real terms to just over 1%, compared to an 18% rise between 1990 and 2000.

Hopes that dig will reveal islet’s secrets

Guernsey Press

A tiny islet which may have been home to monks will be excavated next week to try to uncover its secrets.

Jersey earnings: Private vs public sector

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Graph of public and private sector earning in Jersey 2001-2017
States of Jersey Statistical Unit

The latest pay data in Jersey shows public sector earnings have fallen after inflation by 2% over the past three years, while private sector workers enjoyed a 2.3% rise in real terms.

All-sector earnings were "essentially flat" since 2001, according to the States of Jersey Statistical Unit.

Earnings increased by 0.3% in real terms in the private sector over the past year to June, while earnings decreased by 0.9% in the public sector.

Housing report: First-time buyer profile

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

First-time home buyers in Guernsey are, on average, 28 years old, with 62% living with their parents at the time of purchase.

The details have emerged in a States of Guernsey commissioned housing review, released today.

The average deposit and transaction costs total a whopping £53,000.

Successful first-time buyers info graphic from States of Guernsey report
States of Guernsey

Weather: Sunny afternoon expected

BBC Weather

Mist over Guernsey fields this morning
There was a misty start in Guernsey this morning

Friday will be a dry day with some sunny spells for all parts, despite the skies clouding over at times.

With light winds, it will feel pleasantly warm in the sunshine.

New Zealand eases holiday visa rules

Jersey Evening Post

New Zealand will accept people from Jersey into the country on a working holiday visa – subject to a case-by-case assessment.

Medical bill help highlighted

Oscar Pearson

BBC Radio Guernsey

People in Guernsey struggling to pay their medical bills are being asked to reach out for financial help.

The Victoria Hospital Incorporated, which started as a cottage hospital in the 19th Century, subsidises people in Guernsey who aren't able to afford medical, dental and ambulance costs.

Derek Le Page, the organisation's chairman, says they're now looking to raise awareness of their scheme in a hope that more people in need will come forward.

He said: “It’s never been purposefully kept quiet. We’ve operated mainly through introductions from health visitors and doctors."

"What we would like to see now is many more people coming direct to us,” he said.

Weather: Sunny spells today

Dan Downs, Weather Forecaster

It will be a fine and bright day with good spells of sunshine.

There will be fairly light winds, with temperatures at 22C (72F) perhaps 23C (73F) for Jersey.

Channel Islands weather forecaster Dan Downs with forecast for Friday

Man who ‘lacked empathy for his victims’ sent to jail

Jersey Evening Post

A 26-year-old man who was jailed for 18 weeks for kicking a doorman has been told "he lacked empathy for his victims and had failed to take responsibility for his actions".

Misty start in Guernsey captured

BBC Weather Watchers

Thanks to our BBC Weather Watchers Gail and Chris in Guernsey, who sent these two pictures of this morning's mist in.

Mist in fields in Guernsey
Mist in fields in St Andrew, Guernsey

Jersey earnings report: The highlights

Jersey earnings report: The highlights
States of Jersey Statistical Unit

Minister downplays GCSE change impact

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's education minister thinks the new GCSE grading system won't cause problems for student or employers, despite concerns.

The system, which replaces letters with numbers, has been introduced in some Jersey schools for pupils studying English language, literature and maths.

GCSE results published yesterday showed Jersey students performed better than their counterparts in England.

Deputy Rod Bryans said he was "pleased" with achievements of pupils, which showed they had coped with the changes.

"We've put a lot of pressure on them over the last couple of years through a lot of changes with curriculum and moderation, and they've risen to that brilliantly," he said.

Housing report: The political background

Simon Fairclough

Guernsey Political Reporter

Concerns about the lack of affordable local housing in Guernsey highlighted in a report released today is nothing new of course.

And it was back in September 2015 - nearly two years ago - that Guernsey's politicians first agreed to carry out a review of the operation of the local housing market.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby's successful amendment forced the hand of the States to identify ways of tackling house price inflation, with a report originally due back before the States by the end of July last year.

The South East Deputy placed the amendment as she believed members needed to make evidence-based decisions, describing the information available on the subject at the time as "woefully inadequate".

Concern was expressed by some at the time about the scope of a review, with some local estate agents claiming that answers to Guernsey's housing problems lie beyond the local market.

Road closure trial after child killed

BBC Radio Jersey

The Parish of St Helier is to close Gas Place to though traffic for a year as part of a trial.

It follows an independent safety review of the roads around the Millennium Town Park following the death of three-year old Clinton Pringle in 2016.

Constable Simon Crowcroft said the proposal will stop people using the road as a short cut.

The death of Clinton Pringle on Tunnel Street, near Millennium Town Park, prompted the review
Pringle family
The death of Clinton Pringle on Tunnel Street, near Millennium Town Park, prompted the review