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  1. Advertising body finds Condor £32 ferry ticket advert misleading
  2. One-hundredth hearing in trial of man accused of Sarah Groves murder
  3. Situation 'unclear' for Guernsey yard development
  4. Christmas lights 'guaranteed' for St Peter Port after £35k raised
  5. Jersey's government provides nearly £50m to build 200 new homes
  6. Live updates on Thursday 31 August 2017

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By Rob England

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Rob England

BBC News Online

Our coverage across the Channel Islands has finished for the day.

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First Century urn found in Alderney being examined in Jersey

Rob England

BBC News Online

A rare early 1st Century urn found in Alderney is being researched in Jersey by conservationists after being moved over from Guernsey.

It was discovered in June when crews laying electricity cables unearthed a burial site which contained pottery, jewellery and human remains.

Neil Mahrer, from Jersey Heritage, said an X-ray had found rare designs in the urn, including a metal band which was not common for the era.

The artefact is largely surrounded by sand, which will be removed unless it is found to be significant to the history of the piece.

Alderney site
The urn was found in Alderney near a Roman fort know locally as the Nunnery

Latest weather: Chance of showers

David Braine

Weather Forecaster

The chance of showers will increase across the Channel Islands this evening, with some heavy and thundery downpours possible. Minimum temperature: 13C (55F).


The overnight showers will gradually ease away to the south during Friday morning, leaving a largely dry afternoon with some sunny spells. Maximum temperature: 18C (64F).

Sun screen 'should be worn year-round if working outside'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Sun screen should be worn all year round if you are working outside, according to Guernsey's Health Promotion Unit.

A new campaign is seeing community nurses offering people sun screen who are spending a lot of their time working outside.

Heather Kennedy, from the campaign, said people needed to protect themselves throughout the year because UVA rays could be present in autumn and winter too.

She said: "It's the UVA rays which can penetrate skin and cause damage that will probably cause problems in years to come."

Bowl closes abruptly with more than 10 staff made redundant

Guernsey Press

Staff at the MFA Guernsey Bowl were given no notice before being made redundant today, as it was suddenly announced the business was shutting down permanently, with immediate effect.

Community 'supportive' of Christmas lights appeal

BBC Radio Guernsey

St Peter Port's Town centre will see festive lights this Christmas after a fund-raising drive surpassed its £35,000 target.

The St Peter Port Christmas Lights charity launched its Buy a Bulb campaign in May and has so far raised £42,000.

Guernsey Post helped the campaign by posting envelopes across the island, inviting people to donate.

The head of corporate engagement at Guernsey Post, Dawn Gallienne, said the appeal touched islanders.

Christmas lights in St Peter Port

Everybody loves going in to town and doing a bit of Christmas shopping. Of course people shop online as well, but the local community plays a big part. What's been really nice is that everybody has been so supportive. There's been lots of personalised notes scribbled on the back of the envelopes."

Dawn GallienneGuernsey Post

Last chance to see Edwardian Guernsey exhibition

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey Museum’s exhibition An Unseen World will close on Sunday 10 September, the States has said.

The display, featuring detailed photographs of Edwardian Guernsey taken by a local, FW Guerin, has been open since 26 May.

'Bullied' farm hands jailed for battering co-worker

Jersey Evening Post

Two "bullied and ridiculed" farmworkers who repeatedly punched a sleeping co-worker in his bed in the early hours of the morning have been jailed for six months.

Jersey Opera House profit increases, despite falling ticket sales

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's Opera House made £40,000 more profit last year than in 2015, despite making much less money on ticket sales.

The theatre, subsidised by the States, has published its accounts under a Freedom of Information request.

The figures showed it made a £52,000 profit last year - far more than 2015, where it made just over £18,000.

But between 2015-2016 ticket sales went down, with sales dropping to £470,000 from a previous £650,000.

But in hiring out its spaces, the Opera House made nearly £200,000 extra in turnover last year, compared to just over half that amount from similar operations the year before.

Condor improving pricing information after advert complaint

BBC Channel Islands News

Condor Ferries has accepted the ruling from the UK's advertising watchdog that one its advertisements was misleading and said it will not run it again.

The advert claimed customers could book a trip with the ferry company to the UK from £32 per person each way with a car.

A customer complained to the Advertising Standards Authority after not being able to find a booking at the advertised price.

The ferry company said it had accepted the ruling and it was improving the accuracy of its advertised fares.

One-hundredth hearing in Sarah Groves murder trial

Rob England

BBC News Online

Sarah Groves

The man accused of murdering Sarah Groves has returned to court in India for the 100th hearing of the case, according to the Caters News Agency.

Ms Groves, from Guernsey, was found dead on a houseboat she shared with a local family in Kashmir in 2013.

Richard De Witt was charged with her murder in June 2013 and the trial started a month later.

The agency reported a new judge had been assigned to the case, who reversed a previous decision to allow Mr De Witt to represent himself.

The judge warned Mr De Witt to "behave properly and show respect", before setting consecutive hearing dates.

However, there is currently no prosecutor in the trial as the assigned advocate announced he had a conflict of interest and had to withdraw from proceedings.

The next hearing dates are 18 to 19 September.

Man found not guilty of rape in Royal Court trial

BBC Channel Islands News

A man accused of raping and sexually assaulting a woman in Jersey has been found not guilty by a jury.

Jersey's Royal Court heard 32-year-old chimney engineer Wayne Highfield, from St Helier, was accused of multiple offences against a women, who claimed he raped her in his flat after a party. The jury cleared him of all charges.

In a three-day trial, prosecuting Crown advocate Simon Thomas said there was no evidence the woman was "positively interested" and "wanted sex" with Mr Highfield.

Defending, advocate Michael Haines said the woman's account was "inconsistent" and "not corroborated by a single witness".

DNA findings also supported Mr Highfield's case.

Islanders attempt to 'move a million miles'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Islanders will come together in September to attempt to move a million miles.

The challenge, A Million Miles for MS, starts on Sunday and has been organised to remember a local fundraiser, Paul "Dil" Diligent.

Multiple sclerosis patient Mr Diligent died two years ago.

Two local charities, the Guernsey Cheshire Home, where Mr Diligent lived, and the Guernsey branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society have set up the event, designed to raise awareness of the condition.

Alex Jenner, a member of the society, says this is not just a simple fundraising event.

It's not really about raising money. Yes, we want to raise some money, and there are lots of good reasons why we want to raise money. But this is more about raising awareness of MS, and just having something to remember Dil by. He's going to be up there laughing at us thinking: 'Yeah, you're never going to do it', and getting in to the spirit of it, hopefully."

Alex JennerMultiple Sclerosis Society, Guernsey

Organiser 'hopeful' memorial flight will appear at air display

BBC Radio Jersey

Keith Wilson

The organiser of Jersey's air display says he is "hopeful" aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will still be able to come for this year's event.

A fault was found in the engines of the squadron's Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane aircraft, which all use the Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

The planes have been grounded, but engineers have found it is a problem with a part called the pinion gear.

They were due to appear at displays in both Jersey and Guernsey and Mike Higgins, who organises the display in Jersey, says the historic planes are still scheduled to take part, and is hoping they will be there.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it was a funnel cloud

Sarah Bailey

Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio Jersey

Housing review 'vindicates' deputy who fought for it

Guernsey Press

The deputy behind the housing market review says she feels vindicated by its findings, but disappointed with how long it took to get there.

Rare 1st Century urn evidence of new era in islands history

Rob England

BBC News Online

A rare 1st Century Gallo-Belgium urn, found in Alderney earlier this year, could be the first piece of evidence to help archaeologists shed light on a mysterious early Roman period in the Channel Islands.

Alderney pot
Jersey Heritage

The find, called a pedestal urn by historians, was dug up by Alderney Electricity crews in June as they were laying power cables by a road near the site of a Roman fort, known as the Nunnery.

Philip de Jersey, archaeologist for the States of Guernsey, said it was found with human remains and items of jewellery, such as silver broaches and bracelets.

"It was a prestigious piece of pottery", he said, adding it may have belonged to a wealthy individual, who could have been a native becoming used to the luxuries of the Roman Empire, or immigrants.

He added the find was "unique" as no previous significant pieces of evidence had been found in the Channel Islands for this period, which pre-dates the Roman occupation of Britain, beginning in AD43.

The latest from Guernsey's Weather Watchers

BBC Weather Watchers

Here's what it's looking like out there in Guernsey, courtesy of our great Weather Watchers.

Chris Cumulus captured this morning in St Andrew
Meanwhile, Brass took this moody scene in St Peter Port
Another corker from Chris Cumulus captures this afternoon's outlook from Côbo

Summer parking chaos gets Islanders hot under the collar

Jersey Evening Post

Islanders have voiced their concerns about parking at the seaside and the ‘chaos’ it can cause during the summer holidays.

L'Ancresse wall petition withdrawn as States announce debate

BBC Radio Guernsey

A petition for the States of Guernsey to debate the future of the L'Ancresse anti-tank sea wall has been withdrawn by deputies, as is it due to be debated anyway.

The Committee for Environment and Infrastructure lodged separate proposals on the 18 August, which are due to be debated, although a date has not been set.

Last week more than 150 islanders attended a public meeting on States plans for the east end of wall.

L'Ancresse anti tank wall

Crayfish making a comeback?

BBC Radio Guernsey

A diver in Sark says she has recorded a number of sightings of crayfish, also known as crawfish, which were caught almost to extinction in the Channel Islands in the 1960s.

Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans, which look similar to lobsters.

Sue Daly says she saw many younger crustaceans, which could indicate the population is making a comeback.

Sue Daly

This summer I've been going to all of the reefs that I dive in around Sark and I have been counting how many crawfish I'm seeing. So far I've looked at four reefs and I've seen 11 crawfish, which is probably more than I've seen in all my years of diving."

Sue Daly

Condor to improve pricing data after advert complaint

Rob England

BBC News Online

Condor Rapide

Responding to an upheld complaint against a "misleading" advert, Condor Ferries have said they have taken steps to avoid this in the future.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the company should not repeat similar advertisements offering tickets from a certain price, unless it was available to a "reasonable" amount of customers.

A spokesman said: "We accept the ruling of the Advertising Standards Authority and have taken steps to improve our archiving of availability data about promotional fares."

He says the firm always pays close attention to make sure there is "sufficient space" in their pool of available tickets for the prices promoted by travel deals.

Emergency closure of Les Gravees

‘We went beyond our duty on newborn report’

Guernsey Press

Health and Social Care has defended its response to an information request which revealed it did not know what had happened to an internal report on the resuscitation of newborn infants.

Jersey Reds' ground renamed in new sponsorship deal

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

Jersey Reds have renamed their St Peter home ground as part of an extended sponsorship deal with bank Santander International.

St Peter Stadium Jersey

From the start of the 2017/18 season, which begins this weekend, the Reds will play their home fixtures at Stade Santander International.

The Championship club sold off their assets, including the clubhouse and pitches, last year for £1.5m and leased them back after running into financial problems.

Jersey host Doncaster Knights in their opening fixture, which will be live on BBC Radio Jersey's Saturday Sportscene.

Navy aircraft's trip was indeed just a flying visit

Rob England

BBC News Online

Blink and you missed it - the Guernsey Airport visit from a T1/1A RNAS Hawk today has come and gone.

The military aircraft was performing a practice diversion.

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Co-op doing 'everything we can' for Leale's yard development

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society has said it is doing everything it can to push ahead with the housing development at Leale's Yard.

Planning permission for more than 400 homes, shops, offices and parking was granted for the site a year ago, but its current status is still unclear.

Chief executive officer Colin Macleod has defended the lack of progress in the development, but added he could not say when it would go ahead.

We are doing everything we can, we are having all the conversations we can, and we are taking our responsibility to take this development forward for the benefit of Guernsey very seriously.

Colin MacleodCEO, Channel Islands Co-operative Society

The difference between 'banter' and 'hate crimes'

BBC Radio Jersey

More work needs to be done to show people the difference between what is considered to be a "hate crime", according to an equality and diversity campaigner.

A recent States of Jersey Police survey showed only a small proportion of those who experienced hate crime reported it.

Race was the most common reason for people here being verbally abused or attacked, with others saying they had been targeted because of their sexual orientation.

Vic Tanner Davey, from the Channel Islands charity Liberate, said people needed to understand the difference between "banter" and "hate crimes".

I certainly think we need to do some education around what is a hate crime and what isn't a hate crime. One of the things that came out of the survey is that fact that people don't necessarily know whether they are actually the victim of a hate crime or not. And what constitutes a 'bit of banter'? Does that constitute a hate crime? Or has it not yet stepped over that mark that says 'This is now a hate crime'?

Vic Tanner DaveyCEO, Liberate

Rugby: A look ahead to the new season

BBC Sport

The new Championship rugby season kicks off this weekend, with Jersey Reds at home against Doncaster Knights.

BBC Radio Jersey's Cameron Ward looks forward to the Reds new campaign this afternoon.

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Navy training aircraft to use Guernsey Airport

Rob England

BBC News Online

If you keep you eye on the sky today, you might see a Royal Naval Air Squadron Hawk T1/1A as it uses Guernsey Airport for a training exercise.

The Hawk first entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1976, both as an advanced flying-training aircraft and a weapons-training aircraft.

This jet is hopping across from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall.

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Promotional motoring film raises conservation concerns

Jersey Evening Post

A promotional film set in the Royal Bay of Grouville has started an online debate about whether it should have been allowed in the Island’s Ramsar marine conservation site.

ASA finds Condor advert 'misleading'

Rob England

BBC News Online

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found an advert put out by Condor Ferries to be "misleading" and has said it "must not appear again" in its current form.

The advert read: "Condor Ferries - UK from £32 pp* each way with your car. Book now".

A customer complained after not being able to find a booking at the advertised price of £32, and the authority upheld it.

Condor Liberation

In their assessment, the authority acknowledged "many consumers would understand that not all sailings would be priced at £32", but should have been able to find the price "across a range of dates".

The ASA told Condor any future adverts should not feature a price unless it was available "to a reasonable proportion of customers", and any limitations were clearly stated.

Latest weather: Sunny spells and scattered showers

BBC Weather

A day of sunny spells and a scattering of showers across the Channel Islands.

The showers may turn heavy at times, with a risk of thunder.

Maximum temperature: 18C (64F).

In Jersey:


In Guernsey:


Shared space roads 'scary' for children

BBC Radio Jersey

A road safety campaigner in Jersey has said he is unsure why shared space roads are needed.

Next week the father of toddler Clinton Pringle, who died on a shared space road outside Millennium Park in St Helier last year, will petition the Prime Minister Theresa May to change the UK government's guidance on building them.

The Parish of St Helier recently closed a nearby road, Gas Place, to through traffic following a review of safety in the area, but Tunnel Street - where the boy died - remains open.

Tim Parker Garner, the chairman of Jersey's Road Safety Panel, said the roads can be "scary" for children.

It seems to be done just for the design - it looks nice. It's not particularly practical because you find when there isn't a defined curb it can get a bit hairy and scary for the kids."

Tim Parker-GarnerJersey Road Safety Panel

Christmas lights 'guaranteed' for St Peter Port

BBC Radio Guernsey

Christmas lights are "guaranteed" for St Peter Port this year after a fundraising campaign surpassed its £35,000 target.

The St Peter Port Christmas Lights charity launched the "Buy a Bulb campaign" in May with Guernsey Post, delivering more than 28,000 donation envelopes to all residents and businesses.

This was followed by the Channel Islands' Co-operative Society rolling out collection boxes and badges across all of their branches.

The total raised now stands at £42,500, and organisers said money was still coming in.

Christmas lights
Chris George
Tanya Dorrity (left), Channel Islands Co-op; Jax Robin (centre), St Peter Port Christmas Lights and Dawn Gallienne (right), Guernsey Post

We are so grateful to the people of Guernsey. They have been so incredibly generous with their donations. The pressure was really on because we had to raise the minimum £35,000 before September so that we could commit to the supplier to putting the lights up in October. We are really thrilled that we have been able to do this."

Jax RobinChairwoman, St Peter Port Christmas Lights

Guernsey Electricity has agreed to cover the cost of powering the lights.

The charity launched the campaign after it was announced parishes would no longer underwrite part of the cost of the decorations.

Two school plans 'would be difficult to set up'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Alternative plans for reforming Guernsey's secondary education system would be "difficult to set up", according to the vice president of the Education Committee.

Deputy Carl Meerveld said he was concerned at the prospect of having up to 1,500 pupils in two school and he felt the plans had already been considered in the past.

The idea has been put forward by four deputies, who will meet the committee to discuss their plans next week.

It comes as the committee seeks feedback on its plans to move towards three all-ability schools.

Despite his concerns, Mr Meerveld said he would approach the meeting with an "open mind".

Suspected ecstasy effects scare nightclub customers

Jersey Evening Post

Witnesses have described ‘frightening’ scenes at a Jersey nightclub after three people were taken to hospital following what is believed to have been a reaction to a strong batch of ecstasy.

Locals remember 'bizarre' scene of Diana crash 20 years on

Ashlea Tracey

BBC Radio Jersey

Tributes are being paid to Princess Diana on the 20th anniversary of her death.

Dubbed the "people's princess" by then Prime Minister Tony Blair, she died after a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997, aged 36.

George and Jean Baird, from St Brelade, were in Paris for the weekend when they heard the news, staying in a hotel near the scene of the crash.

After hearing what happened on French television, they made there way down to the tunnel.

princess Diana

We actually went down to the tunnel and we could see exactly where the accident had taken place. It was bizarre. What was so gripping was we arrived, I think it was around about 08:00 or 09:00 in the morning, and it was swarming with paparazzi, you know, international reporters. When we arrived there, there were very few normal people, it was the world press. We actually met Kate Adie."

George Baird

We recognised her right away, and Kate Adie said: 'This is one interview I don't want to do'. I said: 'I don't blame you' and we just hugged one another and had a cry."

Jean Baird

Nearly £50m to be spent on 200 new homes

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Jersey's government has provided nearly £50m to build new homes in St Clement.

The former Samares Nursery site is set to become 200 new homes, as set out in the island's development plan.

property market
Getty Images

Some £47m has been raised for the project by selling government bonds.

Andium Homes will pay 5% interest on the loan over 24 years, repaying the full amount from rental income and the sale of up to 40 homes to first-time buyers.

The planning application faced resistance from the parish of St Clement over traffic, flooding and drainage problems.

Situation 'unclear' for Leale's yard development

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

The current situation of the Leale's yard development is still unclear, a year after planning permission was granted, a deputy has said.

The site is intended to provide more than 400 new homes, shops, offices and parking.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, president of Economic Development Committee, said he had not heard anything about the proposals recently and added it may not be "commercially viable".

I think there are problems in developing the site. It might not be cost-effective, but it's there. The planners, I have no doubt, would do absolutely everything they could to ensure that site is properly developed. It's a matter of commerciality."

Deputy Peter FerbrachePresident, Committee for Economic Development, States of Guernsey