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  1. Jersey's Deputy Andrew Lewis reprimanded for lying to care inquiry and States
  2. Only Guernsey's States 'can change population laws,' Home Affairs Committee president says
  3. Boy, 14, his nose broken in Jersey skate park fight with up to eight others
  4. Citizens Advice Guernsey 'facing more demand for its services'
  5. Live updates on Wednesday 13 September

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Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

That's all from BBC Local Live in the Channel Islands for today, but we'll be back at 08:00 tomorrow to bring you all Thursday's news, sport, travel and weather updates.

Don't miss Channel Islands news this evening at 18:30 on BBC One and the late bulletin at 22:30 tonight.

Air display: Any changes to be announced early on Thursday

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Battle of Britain Memorial flight airborne
Kevin Garner

Any last-minute changes to the make-up of Guernsey's air display will be announced by 09:00 tomorrow morning.

Organisers said: "Further changes may be required based on the prevailing weather conditions and serviceability of the aircraft."

At the moment, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (pictured), considered by many the highlight of the event, is scheduled to appear in Bailiwick skies at about 11:00.

Weather update: Showers to continue overnight

BBC Weather

Heavy showers and longer spells of rain will continue during the evening and overnight. Winds will be quieter though.

Jersey forecast:

Jersey weather forecast

Guernsey forecast:

Guernsey weather forecast

Phone firm welcomes telecommunications survey

BBC Channel Islands News

Airtel Vodafone is welcoming the findings of a telecommunications survey, despite the results suggesting customers in the Channel Islands are less satisfied than UK users.

The survey, conducted by the Channel Islands competition regulator, follows the approach taken by the UK's Ofcom watchdog, which means operators in the islands can be compared to those across the UK.

A survey of 857 islanders showed customers were least satisfied with broadband services, with just 61% of people in Guernsey and 71% in Jersey "satisfied", compared to 87% in the UK.

Regulator director Louise Read said people would benefit from "shopping around" if they were not happy with their provider.

Airtel Vodafone's head of marketing, Peter Zunino, said there was still a perception that it was very difficult to change mobile providers. He said the company was pleased to see CICRA's acknowledgment of how straightforward it was for consumers to switch.

The regulator is considering measures to include far greater transparency for customers about their provider's obligations.

Fall in unemployment on Guernsey

BBC Radio Guernsey

The number of people out of work in Guernsey has fallen.

Latest figures show 256 people were unemployed in Guernsey in August this year, more than 100 fewer than at the same time last year.

It continues a downward trend, with 272 people out of work in July.

Two more turn down care panel invitation

Jersey Evening Post

Two more backbench politicians have turned down the opportunity to sit on a panel which will advise the Chief Minister on implementing the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Jersey teachers' views sought

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

A teacher in front of a class

Teachers at Jersey schools are being asked to complete a survey of the profession being launched tomorrow: Thursday 14 September.

It's the second of its kind and seeks views on workload challenges, classroom practice and student behaviour management.

About 45% of teachers responded to the initial September 2015 survey, and there are hopes more will take part in the new anonymous survey, which will be released in schools and online.

Education Minister Deputy Rod Bryans said: "We care deeply about our teachers and their wellbeing, and this questionnaire opens a direct line of communication where they can provide their views and have an influence on the future of their profession in Jersey."

New central counter to deal with Guernsey States queries

BBC Radio Guernsey

People in Guernsey will soon be able to visit one central counter when they have to deal with the States.

The States' Corporate Customer Service Counter, which starts next Tuesday at Edward T Wheadon House, will deal with queries about income tax, employment and social security.

It will replace counters at Sir Charles Frossard House and Cornet Street in town.

The States said the move should save people time and cut duplication.

Guest worker law 'could be changed by end of the year'

Guernsey Press

Changes to the new population law could be brought in by the end of the year if an independent report concludes that it has caused industry-wide problems.

Sea search after emergency beacon goes off

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey lifeboat and the Channel Islands' search plane were called out to search the sea north of Jersey after an emergency locator beacon was set off.

The devices are on most vessels and some lifejackets, and are set off when someone is in distress.

The search lasted for two hours in clear conditions and no one was found.

Emergency crews said they thought the beacon may have been set off accidentally.

Pay debate 'opens wider pay questions' - Constable

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's next chief minister won't be paid more than other ministers after a proposal to pay the incumbent more from 2018 failed.

It was a tied vote, with 20 members voting in favour of giving the next minister an extra 15% or £7,000, with 20 voting against and two abstaining. The tied vote meant the proposal failed.

Constable John Refault argued a rise wasn't just about paying the chief minister more, but also about whether different roles in government should have different salaries.

"It does seem to me that this about differential pay. I think the argument for the thin end of the wedge, and the slippery slope, is relevant," he said.

FAB Link vote: What are politicians being asked to decide?

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Map of proposed FAB Link electricity project

Politicians in Alderney will be asked to approve plans for a public vote on whether the £500m France-Alderney-Britain electricity link includes the island.

But what specifically are States members being asked to approve?

  • The vote will "ascertain whether a majority support the States providing FAB Link Ltd the right to pass the cable under and through the foreshore and land"
  • The date of the vote will be "a minimum of three weeks" after financial negotiations with the developer are completed
  • The question being put to the electorate will again require States approval
  • All information relating to the ballot will reach Alderney homes and be placed on notice boards, and the States website, at least 10 days before the vote
  • Only voters on the electoral roll will be eligible to vote
  • Voting will take place in the Island Hall from 09:30 to 18:30 on the day of the vote
  • Voters will be asked to simply mark yes or no in answer to the question
  • The votes will be counted under the supervision of an "external official", independent of the States of Alderney, who will also publicly announce the result

Jersey could be Brexit model for the UK, says think tank director

Jersey Evening Post

The head of a political think tank has suggested Jersey could act as a model for the UK of how to deal with the EU post-Brexit.

Unhappy telco customers should 'shop around'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Broadband cables

Channel Islanders unhappy with their broadband, mobile or landline providers should "vote with their feet", according to competition regulator CICRA.

A survey of 857 islanders conducted by the regulator showed only 61% of people in Guernsey were satisfied with their broadband provider, while all islanders were marginally less satisfied with mobile and landline services than UK customers.

CICRA Director Louise Read said: "It is, however, for consumers to balance the convenience of bundling against possible higher satisfaction and value for money when purchasing services individually.

"CICRA is urging customers who are unhappy with their current service to shop around. Switching mobile operators takes a couple of days and broadband and landline services take a little longer, generally up to 10 days."

Weather update: Showers continue to persist

BBC Weather

Blustery showers, including some heavy ones will continue to come and go.

Heavy showers and longer spells of rain will continue during the evening and overnight.

The winds will eventually be quieter though.

Jersey forecast:

Jersey weather forecast

Guernsey forecast:

Guernsey weather forecast

Commonwealth baton visits Jersey

BBC Radio Jersey

Commonwealth Games relay baton

The Commonwealth Games Baton Relay is due to arrive in Jersey.

It will be on the island for four days as part of the relay launched at Buckingham Palace in March, signalling the official countdown to the start of the games.

The Queen marked the start by putting her message to the Commonwealth and its athletes into the baton before it set off.

Jersey is the 47th destination for the baton, which will finish its journey at Australia's Gold Coast at the opening ceremony in April 2018.

Young cyclist injured in collision with car

Jersey Evening Post

A 12-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital on Wednesday morning following a collision with a car at a junction near the Airport Playing Fields in St Brelade.

Andrew Lewis: Committee had 'no choice over deputy who lied'

BBC Radio Jersey

States of Jersey Chamber

The head of a committee that found Deputy Andrew Lewis had breached the States' code of conduct says bringing a vote of censure to the chamber was necessary.

The States approved the reprimand by 26 votes to 16.

It was after the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry found Deputy Lewis lied about seeing a report on the police child abuse investigation in 2008 when he hadn't.

Constable Len Norman, the chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee, accepted it was unpleasant but said they had to do it under the circumstances.

He said: "When a £23m committee of inquiry, set up by us, terms of reference agreed by us, tells us that a colleague has lied to us, lied to it, I think we had no choice but to sit up and take notice."

Relationship problems a factor in CAB inquiry rise

BBC Radio Guernsey

Increasing marital and relationship problems mean more people are turning to Guernsey's Citizens Advice Bureau for help.

The charity received more than 10,000 enquiries in 2016, up 6% on 2015.

It's looking to recruit more volunteers to ease the workload.

Chief executive Kate Raleigh said family issues "usually related to the fallout from relationships breaking down" were partly behind the rise.

College launches mentoring programme

Jersey Evening Post

A mentoring programme has been launched at Victoria College to help students who may be struggling in their home life or with day-to-day organisation at school.

Disgruntled employers should 'speak to panel' about population law changes

BBC Radio Guernsey

People walking along Guernsey's high street

Home Affairs President Deputy Mary Lowe has said employers need to discuss any issues they have with the new population law with an independent panel.

The Population Employment Advisory Panel was set up to review the laws, introduced in April 2017.

A number of employers in the hospitality sector have criticised the new regime, which allows guest workers a maximum of five year-long licences, opposed to the previous rolling "nine month on, three month off system".

Deputy Lowe said the panel needed evidence to act.

She said: "Hearsay is no longer accepted, that's what the States approved."

"We're now going on facts and evidence to make sure this island will function with the right people here to be able to make businesses successful."

Football: Guernsey manager expresses selection frustration

BBC Radio Guernsey

GFC Manager Tony Vance

Guernsey FC Manager Tony Vance says he is finding it "frustrating" and "difficult" to get strong sides out after his squad of just 12 players lost 2-0 to second-placed Whyteleafe last night.

When asked about selecting his next squad for Saturday's home game against South Park, he said:

"24 hours, or 12 hours, or two hours is a long time in a GFC manager's role."

"I went to bed last night with 16 players, and woke up and had 12, and spent the morning trying to find a few more bodies."

"So... trying to answer a question on who we have available for South Park in four days time? Sorry I can't do that."

Two school model the 'right policy' - deputy

BBC Radio Guernsey

Deputy Matt Fallaize

One of the group of deputies exploring an alternative, two school model for secondary education in Guernsey says their model focuses on the needs of pupils, and not merely on how they can be dispersed among existing school buildings.

Deputy Matt Fallaize said he was confident the two school plans could be ready by the end of the year. The Education Department has proposed a three school model.

He said: "Unlike the committee's proposals, we don't think that we should say: 'This is the estate we have, and therefore this is the system we have to have'.

"In other words, the students will just have to fit in to wherever the buildings are.

"We think it's better to establish the right policies so that we provide the best possible education system for the greatest number of students."

Lifeboat called out after emergency beacon triggered

Jersey Evening Post

The St Helier all-weather lifeboat was deployed at 05:00 on Wednesday after an emergency beacon was triggered between Jersey’s north coast and Sark.

Alderney politicians to decide on FAB Link power plan public vote

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

FAB Link protesters gathering in August 2017
FAB Link protesters gathering in August 2017

Politicians in Alderney will decide later on whether a public vote will take place on the controversial France-Alderney-Britain power link.

States members will debate the matter at their September meeting.

If approved, the island's chief executive will be asked to "ascertain whether a majority support the States providing FAB Link Ltd the right to pass the cable under and through the foreshore and land".

Local opposition has been raised to the £500m electricity project.

Protesters are worried about the environmental impact of an electricity converter station, while others have claimed the island should receive greater financial incentives from the developers.

Negotiations on that deal are ongoing between FAB Link Limited and the States of Alderney, with the intention of the public vote going ahead once a final financial settlement is agreed.

BreakingNo £15k pay rise for Jersey's top politician

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's next chief minister won't be paid any more than other politicians, after a tied vote in the States.

After debating for more than two hours, 20 members voted in favour of giving the next minister and extra 15%, or £7,000-a-year. But 20 voted against it, and two abstained.

A tied vote means the proposal fails.

App parking payments begin

BBC Radio Jersey


From today you will be able to pay to park at Green Street's car park using a mobile phone app.

Staff will be on site this morning to help drivers with the new system, a first in the island.

It's all part of a new trial which, if successful, will be extended to other car parks.

You can still use paycards, season tickets, and eco permits.

Drone reminder for airshow

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

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Restrictions on drone use are in place from this afternoon in Jersey.

They come from the director of civil aviation for the Channel Islands, ahead of air displays in Jersey and Guernsey tomorrow.

The use of small unmanned aircraft is prohibited in Jersey between 13:00 and 18:00 today, and again between 12:00 and 18:00 on Thursday.

The restrictions do not apply to those who've obtained prior permission from Jersey Air Traffic Control.

Flying restrictions are also in place in Guernsey.

Weather watchers: Sun peeking through above the islands

BBC Weather Watchers

Our weather watcher Brass has captured this relatively calm scene at Belle Greve Bay on Guernsey's east coast.

No sign of Storm Aileen here, although strong winds and rain are expected later.

Belle Greve Bay

Politicians debate £7k pay rise for chief minister

BBC Radio Jersey

Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst meeting Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta
Chief Minister Ian Gorst meeting Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

States members are debating whether future chief ministers should be paid more than other politicians.

The committee overseeing members pay brought the plan to the house. If adopted, it would mean the next chief minister would get an extra 15%, around £7,000-a-year.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst asked whether he should leave the debate because if he stood for election again he would want to be chief minister again.

The Greffier, however, ruled he would be able to take part because there was no guarantee he would succeed in being re-elected.

Asian hornet nest found in bungalow

Jersey Evening Post

Another Asian hornet nest has been found in the Island – this time in the roof of a bungalow – sparking more fears the invasive insects are becoming established in Jersey.

Football: Guernsey manager 'fed up' with critics after sixth straight defeat

Oscar Pearson

BBC Radio Guernsey

Tony Vance, Guernsey FC Manager
Fran Torode

Guernsey FC manager Tony Vance said he was "fed up" with "armchair" commentators after his under-strength side lost 2-0 to second-placed Whyteleafe last night.

It is their sixth straight defeat, leaving the Green Lions 21st in the Botisk South.

Speaking after the final whistle, Vance said he only had 12 fit players to choose from.

He said: "The bottom line tonight is that, for 70 minutes, I thought the players were brilliant; you know, outstanding."

"They've got 29 players to chose from and tonight we had 12".

On critics of his GFC side, Vance said: "I'm kind of a little bit fed up with hearing people say that's six straight defeats, and that'll be the headlines. It is the reality, I'm not going to hide away from that.

"A lot of assumptions are made from armchairs and people doing press reports here and there, and media reports, and taking assumptions.

"There's a couple of people who probably will have a pop and think they can do better. Well good luck to them."

Imminent gale warning issued

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Strong winds are on the way.

A gale warning has been issued for the islands, with westerly gale force eight winds expected in the next six hours.

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More tunnel air quality tests

BBC Radio Jersey

Traffic at Jersey's tunnel in St Helier

There are to be more tests of car fumes inside Jersey's tunnel.

Officials are also reviewing the signs at the entrance which warn walkers about the air quality.

Environment Minister Steve Luce said there would be more tests later this year, including real time monitoring of the pollution levels.

Recent tests showed air quality in the tunnel was poor.

Weather: Strong winds, showers and some bright spells

Holly Green

BBC Weather

We've got a weather front just to the south, and that could well bring some more persistent rain, especially over parts of Jersey at times.

In general though, there are some bright spells around today. But again this risk of heavy and potentially thundery showers and a strong and gusty wind too.

Maximum temperature: 17C (63F).

Holly Green with the Channel Islands forecast on 13 September 2017

'Rising demand' sees CAB recruitment drive

Tyler Allen

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) says it is facing an increased demand for its services.

The organisation - which offers free advice on legal and financial issues - is looking to take on a number of volunteer advisors to meet a rising workload.

It received 10,245 inquiries in 2016, up 6% on 2015.

CAB needed to recruit four or five general advisors to help meet demand, it said.

Former employee defrauded charity with petrol card

Jersey Evening Post

A former employee of Autism Jersey defrauded the charity by using a petrol card belonging to the organisation despite no longer working there.

Phone and broadband satisfaction lower than UK

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Broadband cables

Channel Island customers are less satisfied with the landline, mobile, and broadband services they receive than UK customers.

A survey of 857 islanders has been conducted by competition regulator CICRA.

It showed customers were least satisfied with broadband services, with just 61% of people in Guernsey and 71% in Jersey "satisfied", compared to 87% in the UK.

Satisfaction with overall mobile services was described as "high", at 82% in Guernsey and 78% in Jersey. However, this was still lower when compared to the UK figure of 93%.

Overall satisfaction levels for landline services were below the UK (90%), but described as "healthy" at 79% in Guernsey and 74% in Jersey.

Second hornets' nest suspected

BBC Radio Guernsey

An Asian hornets' nest in Jersey, also removed yesterday
John De Carteret
An Asian hornets' nest in Jersey, removed yesterday

The Asian hornet nest found in Torteval over the weekend is unlikely to be the only one in Guernsey, according to the States.

Sightings of the hornet in the island suggest another nest may be in the Vale, between Bordeaux and the Bridge.

States Agriculture Countryside and Land Management services is calling for islanders to be vigilant and report any further sightings of the invasive species to them.

Loss of L’Eree Bay Hotel is ‘a blow to tourism industry’

Guernsey Press

Losing the ‘prominent and picturesquely located’ L’Eree Bay Hotel is a blow to the tourism industry, Economic Development has said.