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  1. Life sentence for man who stabbed pensioner to death
  2. States reports back on care inquiry progress
  3. Mind CEO: 'Opportunity' for Guernsey to make a difference on mental health
  4. Fire destroys car and garage in Jersey
  5. 'Dramatic increase' in abandoned reptiles in Guernsey
  6. New youth league for Guernsey football
  7. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Wednesday

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By Rob Byrne

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Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Our coverage across the Channel Islands has finished for today.

We'll be back on Wednesday from 08:00 with the latest news, weather, travel and sport.

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GSPCA 'concerned' by rise in reptiles needing care

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

A reptile in the GSPCA's care

The Guernsey animal welfare charity says the growing popularity of having reptiles as pets is leading to more of them being abandoned.

The numbers being cared for by the GSPCA have seen a "dramatic increase" in recent years, with 14 being cared for in 2016, much higher than the average in previous years.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said it was important people care for exotic pets in the correct way.

"Feed them appropriately and ensure their needs are met as coming from tropical to desert environments mean each species and their bodies require certain humidity levels, temperatures, lighting, feed and much more which can vary depending on the time of day or even season without which they can die.”

"With the numbers we have seen recently at the GSPCA we are concerned for the growing trend of these exotic pets that need specialist care," he said.

Chouet quarrying 'could start by 2021'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

States of Guernsey Island Development Plan, showing the Chouet Headland
States of Guernsey Island Development Plan

Construction company Ronez is planning on starting to quarry material from the eastern end of Chouet Headland by 2021, subject to planning approval.

Ronez's existing Les Vardes site will be exhausted in around ten years' time.

Quarrying at Chouet would initially start on Ronez-owned land at the eastern end of the headland, the company said.

Exploratory drilling will begin on the site, which is designated as a mineral safeguarding area, on Monday.

General manager Steve Roussel, said: “Should our extensive studies at the headland prove that it contains commercially-viable mineral reserves, and the development framework is adopted, it would be Ronez’ intention to start preparing a planning application but only in respect of the land owned by Ronez.

“Quarrying is considered to be of strategic importance to Guernsey and a new quarry at Chouet would provide decades of sustainability for the Guernsey industry.”

Mental health issues 'affects a third' of jobseekers

BBC Radio Guernsey

A group which helps disabled people secure and sustain work in Guernsey says more than a third of its current cases are related to mental health.

The national CEO of mental health charity Mind says Guernsey's government needs to turn its mental health strategy into a reality.

The Guernsey Employment Trust says a significant number of people it helps suffer from mental health problems and are trying to get back into work.

A man holds his head in his hands

Once we find employment, we can help support them and their employer with understanding that person's health needs and what reasonable adjustments they might need in the workplace."

Nikki Ioannou-DroushiotisGuernsey Employment Trust

Weather update: Staying dry overnight

BBC Weather

It will stay dry later this afternoon and overnight, with largely clear skies.

The odd mist or fog patch may form during the early hours.


Jersey weather forecast


Guernsey weather forecast

Rents 'could go up' under new standards move

BBC Radio Jersey

Exposed electrical wires in a Jersey rental property
States of Jersey Environment Department

The Jersey Landlords Association has warned measures designed to protect tenants in the island may increase the cost of renting.

The association's president Robert Weston believes landlords might get fed up with excessive red tape and pull their properties off the market, or increase rents as they are charged for mandatory inspections that aren't needed.

"The enforcement should be the result of a complaint by a tenant, not inspectors going round inspecting 18,000 properties.

"Who's going to pay the cost? Well, the landlord is going to be charged £30-£40 per unit inspection, and that's going to go onto the rents," Mr Weston said.

States members are due to debate plans to provide greater protection for renters, beginning today.

Drilling to begin at possible quarry site

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Ronez's Les Vardes site
Ronez's Les Vardes quarry site will be exhausted in around ten years' time

Exploratory drilling will begin at Guernsey's Chouet Headland next week in the next phase of a project to assess whether the area can be a future quarry site.

Construction firm Ronez is behind the work at the northwest tip of the island, which it says is "essential" to a future planning application.

Ronez says it's in discussion with the States over over the future of land which is suitable to be quarried, of which it owns a third, with the remainder belonging to the States.

Drilling will take place during daylight hours from 6 November 2017.

Should there be minimum standards for rental accommodation in Jersey?


A cooker underneath a staircase in a Jersey rented property
States of Jersey Environment Department

You've been having your say ahead of the item being debated in the States of Jersey.

Russell: I've worked in the building and services all my working life, I've seen some shockers on both sides of the fence, yes landlords need to up their game, but why if a tenant destroys it?

Ellen: Yes - it’s shocking the way some people live.

Shirley: Oh pleeez. If a individual decides to rent out a property then that's a chance they take.

Rosemary: Greedy landlords have been getting away with this for years not always locals either.

Eddy: Long overdue!!!! There should have been a cap on renting over here a long time ago, as well as landlords being held accountable especially when we pay more per square metre than anywhere else in the world.

Jonathan: There are minimum standards now, it’s called the tenancy Law, it’s strict, needs to be complied with and is meant to protect both the Landlord and Tenant.

‘We’d strongly oppose any plan to merge Forest with La Houguette’

Guernsey Press

Any move to merge La Houguette and Forest primary schools would be met with ‘a huge amount of opposition’ from parents, according to two parish deputies who are on the Education committee.

States to review policy on reporting sexual abuse

BBC Radio Jersey

Senator Ian Gorst

Jersey's Chief Minister has ordered a review of States policy on reporting sexual abuse or harassment within the government.

It follows similar moves at Westminster where a new system of dealing with complaints has been proposed.

Senator Ian Gorst said he wanted to make sure processes within the States allow victims of abuse or harassment to come forward.

"The reality behind the headlines is, I fear, that people are afraid to come forward and to make a complaint about individuals.

"They're afraid they won't be believed, that it won't be acted upon, and often they will therefore suffer in silence," he said.

Carving a pumpkin today?

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Pumpkins at a Guernsey farm

You might wonder where the tradition comes from.

Guernsey's Anglican Vice Dean Father John Moore says the custom, like dressing in costume, and trick-or-treating, goes back centuries.

"The tradition of carving pumpkins initially started in the Middle Ages," he says, with lanterns "supposed to represent the souls of the dead".

Father Moore says people believed the souls wandered the earth until the following day, All Saints Day.

All Hallows' Eve therefore provided a final chance for the souls to get vengeance before moving to the next world.

Phone operator kept killer talking for 45 minutes

Jersey Evening Post

Detectives have praised an ambulance service telephone operator and specialist States police negotiators who spoke to a killer for more than one hour on the phone after he stabbed his neighbour 18 times.

Deadline for tax corrections looming

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey residents have until the end of the year to correct any errors, deliberate or accidental, on their annual tax form.

After that time people will be fined or prosecuted, with harsher penalties planned from next year.

Since April, when the voluntary tax disclosure initiative was launched, 50 people have come forward with accidental and deliberate omissions.

The tax office says the most common mistakes have been not declaring non-Jersey income such as UK ISAs, dividends on shares, and rental income on foreign property.

'Improve or remove' substandard rental properties - environment minister

BBC Radio Jersey

A damaged ceiling at a rented Jersey property
States of Jersey Environment Department

Rented homes in Jersey need to meet a certain standard, or be taken off the market, the island's environment minister has said.

Deputy Steve Luce believes proposed new laws will ensure that anyone renting a home will be guaranteed a level of health and safety there.

Jersey Landlords Association has warned of excessive red tape, but Deputy Luce said he had seen the terrible conditions some people have lived in with damp, rotting window frames, and ceilings falling in.

Deputy Luce said: "I want those properties either improved or removed."

Memorial to abuse victims

BBC Radio Jersey

Images of Jersey abuse victims
Gifford Aubin

Plans for a memorial for children who suffered abuse in Jersey care homes should be in place by next June, it's been revealed.

In the latest progress report on bringing in the recommendations from the care inquiry report, ministers say they hope to have a clear idea of what form the memorial will take.

People who have spent time in care, and other islanders, will be able to put forward their suggestions for it.

Decades of slavery, bullying and abuse were revealed in the report into the care system in Jersey.

Victims reported hundreds of alleged offences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

'Dramatic increase' in abandoned reptiles

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

A lizard in the care of the GSPCA

The number of reptiles being cared for by a Guernsey animal welfare charity has "dramatically increased", bosses have said.

The GSPCA told the BBC it cared for 14 reptiles last year. Between 2011 and 2015 the charity said it saw between one to three reptiles each year.

The GSPCA has also cared for nine reptile species so far this year, including five corn snakes, two musk turtles and three bearded dragons.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said: “We have seen a huge increase in the number of reptiles coming into the shelter in the last two years.”

“In fact its 1,300% increase when we compare 1 January 2016 until now, in comparison to the previous two years of reptiles coming through the doors at the GSPCA.”

New youth league for Guernsey football

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

An under 15's football league is to be introduced in Guernsey for the first time.

Guernsey's FA says the success of an under 13's league that was first introduced in 2013 has meant there are now enough boys to add a league for under 15's players, as well as the current under 14 and 16 age groups.

Footes Lane

"This is a first for Guernsey football and is testament to the work undertaken throughout youth football by the GFA, GFL and the clubs. We look forward to seeing this league grow and flourish over the coming seasons," said Nick Graham, chairman of Guernsey Football League.

"It is great to see the continued growth in youth football, and the introduction of a new under 15 development league is testament to the local clubs and their commitment towards providing opportunities for children to participate,’ added Angus Mackay, football development officer for the Guernsey FA.

More than 700 players are now involved in youth leagues in Guernsey with six teams competing in both the under 13 and under 14 leagues, four in the new under 15 league and seven in both the under 16 and under 18 leagues.

Changes proposed for Jersey's statistics unit

BBC Radio Jersey

There could be tighter controls on how Jersey's government statistics unit uses data about islanders in the future.

The department will be legally obliged to be independent and fair with the way it treats information.

While the unit is already seen as an independent body, it's not yet been bound by law.

The change is part of a review of how information is gathered about islanders.

Guernsey bowler leading world competition in Australia

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Guernsey Bowls player Todd Priaulx is top of his section after the second day of competition in the World Singles Champion of Champions competition in Sydney, Australia.

Priaulx is leading section 1 of the men's competition on 18 points.

You can follow his progress here.

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Pensioners told: ‘Don’t be too proud to ask for help with fuel’

Guernsey Press

No old person should be sat at home with "blankets around their legs and hot water bottles on their laps" during winter when there is assistance available, the chairman of Age Concern’s fuel fund committee has said.

BreakingInquest into baby's death at Guernsey hospital opens

James Rabey

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey hospital sign

The inquest into the death of a baby who died at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital in 2014 has been opened and adjourned.

The circumstances surrounding the death of baby Jack led to a review of maternity services and midwives being struck off the nursing register.

Judge Philip Robey, who was presiding at the Magistrates Court today, suggested three people act as expert witnesses but called for another to be agreed upon before the inquest reopens.

Mr Robey offered his "sincerest condolences" to the family for the "tragic loss".

Pensioner killed after 'inappropriate comment' about neighbour's daughter

Christina Ghidnoi

BBC Channel Islands News

A Jersey man given a life sentence stabbed a pensioner to death after he made an inappropriate comment about his daughter, a court heard yesterday.

John McCarthy, 73, was stabbed multiple times when he opened his front door to Michael Charles Brown, 52, in the block of flats where they both lived in Vauxhall Street.

After being stabbed, Mr McCarthy staggered into the street where a passer-by called an ambulance but paramedics couldn't save his life.

Returning to his flat Brown also called 999 and told the operator he had stabbed someone and the knife was on the floor in front of him.

Brown suffered a serious brain injury when he was attacked in prison in 2003 and he had also been drinking alcohol on the day of the killing.

The Crown said Brown had attacked a defenceless man in his own home and because of his untreatable brain injury he was at high risk of impulsive and out of control violence in the future.

The superior number were unanimous in finding that the risk to the public was so high that they must be protected on his release. And a life sentence, with a minimum of six years, was the only way to achieve that.

'Severe fire causes unsafe building'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Fire crews took three hours to put out a blaze which engulfed a garage in St Ouen, in Jersey, last night.

The fire was so "severe" that the Route de Millais, next to the building, remains closed today. No-one was hurt.

St Ouen fiire
Jersey Fire and Rescue Service
St Ouen fire
Jersey Fire and Rescue Service
St Ouen fire
Jersey Fire and Rescue Service

The heat generated and damage caused by the fire is so severe that the structure of the building has become unsafe. Therefore, La Route de Millais, which is the road adjacent to the building, has been closed as a safety measure for members of the public.”

Richard RyanWatch Commander, Jersey Fire and Rescue Service

Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

Kamal Ahmed

Economics editor

The Bank of England believes that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in financial services following Britain's departure from the European Union.

I understand senior figures at the Bank are using the number as a "reasonable scenario", particularly if there is no specific UK-EU financial services deal.

The number could change depending on the UK's post-Brexit trading relationship with the EU.

Travel: Another Guernsey road shuts

BBC Radio Guernsey

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Les Caches in St Martins will close overnight for five nights for sewer works. Elsewhere:

  • Vale Road is closed for 12 weeks for sewer renovation
  • The Val de Terres is closed for cliff stabilisation works until the end of next month
  • A section of Victoria Road is closed from lower Vauvert through to Valnord Road today with lower Vauvert, nearby, closed overnight
  • La Gibauderie is closed between Dalgairns Road and Elm Grove until next Friday

Hospital cost now estimated at £466m

BBC Radio Jersey

An impression of what Jersey's new hospital's atrium will look like
Health and Social Services

Jersey's Council of Ministers has put forward plans to pay for the island's new hospital, at an estimated cost of £466m.

The plan includes the cost of buying the land, the new build, the refurbishment of Westaway Court and re-using a granite block.

It also includes rental costs for key workers until 2020.

Ministers are proposing a mix of funding including borrowing up to £275m, plus £23m from the Strategic Reserve Fund.

The States will be asked to approve the business case for the project in December, following a public planning inquiry which starts next week.

Raiders have 'great vibe', says skipper

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

Guernsey Raiders captain Lewis Hillier says the atmosphere in the squad is one of the main reasons for their success.

The island side are a point clear at the top of the London and South East Premier Division after seven wins in their eight games so far this season.

The Green and Whites earned a bonus point from their most recent victory, 29-17 over fifth-placed Westcliff.

Guernsey Raiders
Martin Gray

"There's a great vibe amongst the boys, everyone's really excited to play," Hillier told BBC Guernsey.

"We're taking it week in, week out, we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves and get too confident, but it's really good at the moment," the second row continued.

Their current league position is the highest the club has ever been in the national rugby system - with two fifth-placed finishes their best end-of-season placing.

Halloween: How did you score in our creepy quiz?

BBC News England

Black cat

Want to get into the spirit of Halloween without leaving the sofa? Then take part in our creepy quiz. No trick-or-treating required.

Here are 13 skin-crawling questions.

Weather: Sunny spells and light winds

Sara Thornton

BBC Weather

There will be bright, sunny spells today for the Channel Islands.

Light and gentle winds and a high of 13C (55F).

BBC weather forecast for the Channel Islands on 31 October 2017

Mind CEO: 'Opportunity' for Guernsey to make a difference on mental health

BBC Radio Guernsey

The CEO of the mental health charity Mind says Guernsey's government needs to turn its mental health strategy into a reality.

Paul Farmer was involved in a UK review which showed poor mental health cost the economy between £70 and £90bn each year.

As a small jurisdiction, he believes Guernsey's government, voluntary organisations and businesses can work closely together to transform the experiences of people with mental health problems.

Guernsey can do that, he says, by "delivering on some of the important aims and objectives put forward" under the strategy.

"Like a focus on prevention, but also making sure that the services are of a quality that people with mental health problems really need."

Weather Watchers: Days are drawing in

BBC Weather Watchers

It was light on my way into work earlier this morning, but it was really noticeable how quickly it got dark yesterday evening, that first day back to work after the clocks have gone back.

Thanks to BBC Weather Watcher cloug4ie for sending this photo in from St Sampsons in Guernsey.

I think it captures the autumnal scene perfectly.

Sunset over St Sampsons and St Peter Port, Guernsey

States reports back on care inquiry progress

Naomi Dunning

BBC Radio Jersey, Reporter

Care inquiry
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

Jersey's government has given an update on how it has responded to the findings of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

The inquiry panel made eight main recommendations for change, and the chief minister's department says it has started work on a significant number of those.

The report claims the government has completed, or started work on, 21 of 43 actions which are necessary to achieve the recommendations made by the inquiry panel.

Senator Ian Gorst describes it as a "significant day for Jersey".

The recruitment process has begun to employ a children's commissioner, and there are plans to separate the role of the Bailiff.

More staff will be employed to make sure vulnerable children are cared for. Dates for future work have also been revealed.

A public consultation into the future of Haut de la Garenne will start in February 2017, and plans for a memorial will be in place by June. The States will be asked to approve the document which details the progress made so far.

Haut de la Garenne

Decades of slavery, bullying and abuse were revealed in the report into the care system in Jersey.

Victims reported hundreds of alleged offences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Fire destroys car and garage

BBC Radio Jersey

Firefighter tackles blaze in St Ouen
Jersey Fire and Rescue Service

A Jersey road has been closed after a fire destroyed a large garage overnight.

The owner of a house on La Route de Millais, in St Ouen, called the fire department just before 23:00 when they saw their property was alight.

Officers found a car was burning inside the garage, creating a lot of smoke and flames.

The building started to collapse as they worked to bring it under control.

It took three hours to put the blaze out completely, but no-one was hurt. It's not clear what started the fire.

Life sentence for man who stabbed pensioner to death

BBC Radio Jersey

Michael Charles Brown
States of Jersey Police
Michael Charles Brown

A Jersey man who stabbed a pensioner to death in St Helier has been jailed for life, with a minimum of six years.

Michael Charles Brown, 52, was charged with the manslaughter of John Stephen McCarthy, 73, on the grounds of diminished responsibility because he suffered a serious brain injury in a prison assault 14 years ago.

Mr McCarthy was stabbed 18 times by Brown in Vauxhall Gardens in October 2016.

BBC Local Live across the Channel Islands

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Good morning from a rather chilly Guernsey, and welcome to BBC Local Live across the Channel Islands.

Stay with us on Halloween for all the latest news, weather, travel, sport and all things spooky for the day.

If you want to send in any photos or comment on what we're doing, please email us.

Why not kick off the day by testing your Halloween knowledge, I'll warn you it's tough though!