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  1. BBC correspondents report from key locations in Syria and its neighbours as part of two days of special coverage of the conflict
  2. More than 200,000 people have been killed and 11 million displaced in almost four years of war
  3. The war has spilled over into neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. We will bring you live coverage from each country
  4. We will bring you in-depth stories from Syrians from all walks of life
  5. We will also bring you all the latest news from the Syrian conflict, as it happens

Live Reporting

By Yaroslav Lukov, Thom Poole, Mirren Gidda, Mohamed Madi, Shereen Sherif and Alex Murray

All times stated are UK

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This brings to an end Day One of the BBC's special coverage of the Syria conflict on our live page. Thanks for staying with us! On Thursday, the BBC will continue its project focusing on "Syria's War" - bringing together eyewitness reporting and analysis from inside Syria and across the region. For all the latest updates on this and other news stories please go to

the BBC News website.

The BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, has been assessing four years of conflict in Syria for

the World Tonight. "Even if the guns fell silent tonight - and they're not going to - this country is going to take years and years to recover. Sadly, looking at it, and looking at all the international links, which I think makes it harder to solve what's going on here, I think this war probably will go on in some shape or form for years to come."

US President Barack Obama has asked his national security team for another review of the US policy toward Syria after realising that Islamic State may not be defeated without a political transition in Syria and the removal of President Bashar al-Assad, senior US officials and diplomats tell CNN.

BBC's Debbie Randle

David Miliband on UK Syria refugees

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, has responded to the news that Britain has accepted just 50 refugees from Syria. He tells

BBC Newsnight: "My reaction is that that is a very, very low number, like in the US, I think, the figure is 179 and you've got 3.5 million refugees... No-one pretends that 1,000 or 5,000 is the answer to 3.5 million refugees, but as an act of solidarity with those countries that do have millions of refugees, it is of inestimable value."

BBC's Ghadi Sary

tweets: Coverage #BBCSyriaWar continues, opening a virtual window soon on news at ten into one of many syria refugee camps

BBC team in Beirut

Pictures are now emerging of the aftermath of what opposition activists say was a strike by Syria's government forces on the northern city of Aleppo. The government in Damascus has not commented on the claim.

Residents inspect a site hit by what activists said was a strike by government forces on Aleppo. Photo: 12 November 2014

Syrian children have suffered horrendously in the conflict. The UN says of the more than three million people who have fled Syria, over half of those refugees are children.

Phil Mackie reports on how child refugees in Lebanon are being taught to play again.

Syrian child refugees being taught to play in Lebanon

BBC's Mishal Husain

tweets: Another view of 'our' camp, red peppers drying in the sun #BBCSyriaWar

Red peppers drying in the sun at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon

And Mishal's on air right now on BBC World from a refugee camp in Lebanon with a special look at the crisis.

Helen Eleftheriou

tweets: I am a tourist in Istanbul. Heartbreaking how many Syrian refugee children are begging in the streets. The world is letting them down. #BBCSyriaWar

Coalition meet to plan IS fight

More than 30 nations taking part in the US-led coalition against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are holding a planning conference in Tampa, Florida. "It is the coalition that will get the job done and done the right way, and as quickly as possible," Gen Lloyd Austin, head of Central Command,

said in a statement.

Almost four years on since the wave of protests across North Africa and the Middle East that became known as the "Arab Spring", who are the winners and losers? The BBC's World Affairs editor, John Simpson,

has been considering.

Anti-government protesters in the Syrian capital Damascus in 2011

The BBC's Phil Mackie reports from

a shelter in Lebanon where child refugees are taught how to play again by a charity after traumatic experiences in Syria.

BBC Radio 5 live

tweets: Syrian refugee Ahmed refused to work for free. Says Lebanese men beat him for it. #BBCSyriaWar

Syrian refugee Ahmed

Syria's state-run Sana news agency is reporting that seven school pupils have been killed in the central province of Hama, in what it describes as a "terrorist attack".

Darshna Soni, Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent

tweets: Great reports on Syria across the BBC today, focusing not on Islamic State, but on the civil war's impact on ordinary civilians

The former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford,

tells the BBC that moderate opposition groups in Syria are in worse shape than they were when the US began bombing Islamic State targets. Mr Ford adds that he is not optimistic about a way out of the country's civil war.

BBC World Service

tweets: Caught in the crossfire - the teacher who saw her students die #BBCSyriaWar @BowenBBC


tweets: Syria's neighbours host majority of 3.2 million refugees. Rich countries need to share the burden & act in solidarity

On Thursday, the BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen is holding another Q&A from 16:30 GMT. You can tweet him with

#AskBBCBowen to ask a question or send a text/email. All details are here:

Lyse Doucet Q&A

David Montgomery: What do you do to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by the situation in Syria?

Lyse Doucet responds

Lyse's Q&A is over now. You can see more of her responses


BBC's Mark Frankel

tweets: Some twitter highlights of #BBCSyriaWar day one coverage #BBCSyriaWar

BBC's Debbie Randle

tweets: 3 years of war
@BBCiPannell looks back over his reporting in rebel-held northern #Syria on
@BBCPM 'from hope to desperation'

Lyse Doucet Q&A

Mariol Sinanaj: Why does Assad still have a considerable support from the Syrian people?!

Lyse responds

Coalition raids continue

US-led coalition forces have carried out 10 air strikes targeting Islamic State militants in Syria since Monday,

US Central Command says. Most of them were near the border town of Kobane, where Kurdish fighters have been battling IS for weeks.

BBC's Phil Mackie

tweets: Not just victims, these Syrians took part in the #Beirut marathon to raise money for other causes

Syrians in Lebanon fundraising in a marathon

To those who've just joined our live page on the Syrian conflict - welcome! Why not take a look at a more detailed map

on our page mapping the conflict, showing the areas held by each group, the location of the country's natural resources and also where Syria's refugees have fled to.


BBC's Will Vernon

tweets: Hear the stories of the children of the #Syria conflict with @ritula on
@BBCWorldTonight at 10pm

Syrian pupils

Lyse Doucet Q&A

Geoff Bridges: (President) Assad and the Syrian people are the victims. Why did the Western imperial nations back bloodthirsty jihadi militants to overthrow yet another stable regime in the Middle East and turn it into chaos as they did in Iraq and Libya?

Lyse Doucet responds


tweets: when modern civilization gets communication lines back up, they will find: Lebanon completely destroyed, Damascus destroyed..

Lyse Doucet Q&A

Sahr Komba: I would like her to put the Syrian conflict in perspective. I hear of the Assad regime, anti-Assad rebels and ISIS. Who is fighting who and for what?

Lyse Doucet's answer on Facebook

So, the BBC's Lyse Doucet has started answering your questions on Syria via


Screenshot of Lyse Doucet's Facebook page

BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen

tweets: A free taste at Bakdash, the famous #Damascus ice cream shop still going strong. #BBCSyriawar

A staff member at Bakdash ice cream shop in Damascus

BBC's Daniel Fisher

tweets: Syrian refugee children in Lebanon paid 50p (80 cents) an hour to pick potatoes to support their families

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon pick potatoes


tweets: #BBCSyriaWar @bbclysedoucet amazing on the ground reports. Refugees in their millions. Moving, informative reports 4 years on

The UN mediator in the Syrian conflict, Staffan de Mistura (left), has met Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Cairo as part of continuing efforts to resolve the crisis.

Earlier this week Mr Mistura outlined the UN's plan for a "freeze" in the fighting.

Staffan de Mistura (left) and Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Cairo

Syria football

Despite years of internal conflict, Syria still has a national football team. They have just beaten Malaysia 3-0 away. The Syrian men currently rank 151st in the world.

Anas Joudeh, a member of Syria's opposition Building the Syrian State political party, confirms to the BBC earlier reports (see 14:08 entry) that the party's leader, Louay Hussein, has been arrested in Damascus.

Lyse Doucet Q&A

So, in less than one hour (16:00 GMT) the BBC's chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet - who has been in Aleppo and Damascus this week - will be answering your questions on the conflict via

Facebook. What would you like to ask her?