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  1. Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a category four storm
  2. Harvey - now a tropical storm - was the most powerful to hit the US in 13 years
  3. Town of Rockport, where hurricane made landfall, badly damaged
  4. Winds of up to 130mph (215 km/h) have battered coastal areas
  5. President Donald Trump has signed a disaster proclamation for the state
  6. A warning has been issued for record flooding in many regions

Live Reporting

By Roland Hughes, Mal Siret and Vicky Baker

All times stated are UK

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End of our live coverage

hurricane Harvey from space - 26 august 2017

We're bringing a pause to our live coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Here is the latest:

  • Harvey is now a tropical storm, having hit Texas as a category four hurricane
  • It is now moving very slowly south-east of San Antonio - bad news, as it will drop more rain as it stalls over the coming days
  • The port city of Rockport appears to have been worst hit, with one person confirmed dead
  • Weather officials warn of "catastrophic" rainfall over the coming days - Houston's mayor says the city may get 3ft (90cm) of rain
  • At least 18 people were rescued from tugboats in distress near Port Aransas

You can read our latest update here, and you can follow the BBC's James Cook in Texas for all the latest updates. Thank you for joining us.

Five striking images

A car is surrounded by floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey in Point Comfort, Texas, August 26, 2017.
This car somehow found itself in the sea in Point Comfort, Texas
Jessica Campbell hugs Jonathan Fitzgerald (L-R) after riding out Hurricane Harvey in an apartment on August 26, 2017 in Rockport, Texas
Getty Images
Jessica Campbell hugs Jonathan Fitzgerald after they survived the storm in Rockport
Wind from Hurricane Harvey batters a Texas flag on August 26, 2017 in Houston, Texas
Getty Images
The Texas flag was left battered in Houston
An oil tank damaged by Hurricane Harvey is seen near Seadrift, Texas, August 26, 2017
This oil tank near Seadrift was almost stripped of its exterior
Terry Smith stands in the kitchen as Henry McKay sleeps in the apartment where the ceiling collapse when Hurricane Harvey hit on August 26, 2017 in Rockport, Texas.
Getty Images
The ceiling in Terry Smith and Henry McKay's house collapsed in Rockport

Rockport hotel in ruins

One of the buildings that suffered the most damage in Rockport appears to be the Fairfield Suites hotel, where some stormchasers and media had been staying.

The end wall of the Fairfield Inn is seen partially missing after Hurricane Harvey struck in Rockport, Texas, August 26, 2017
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Focus on search and rescue

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that emergency services are focusing on search and rescue operations as the storm threatens to deliver up to 3ft (0.9m) of rainfall.

Mr Abbott said that several searches had taken place on Saturday and would continue in the coming days despite sustained winds and torrential rain.

Rescue efforts are currently focused on supporting evacuees from the Corpus Christi area, Mr Abbott said, although this area is likely to expand.

About 1,000 rescuers have so far been assigned to operations.

Risk of chemical and oil spills

The commander of the coastguard in southeast Texas, Tony Hahn, has warned that his teams will be watching for potential chemical and crude oil spills in the area in the coming days.

He said that Corpus Christi is the third largest petrochemical port in the US and that there was a risk that spills could occur as a result of possible flooding, AP news agency reports.

Live feed of Galveston coast

It's calmed down a fair bit compared with a few hours ago, but it's still pretty unpleasant out at sea near Galveston, as this live feed shows.

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Trump thanks volunteers

Tornadoes aplenty

We mentioned earlier that tornadoes have posed a big problem to Texans over the past day - well this shows just how much of a problem.

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Up to 3ft of rain expected in Houston

Houston is expected to receive up to 3ft (0.9m) of rain in the coming days, Mayor Sylvester Turner said on Saturday.

"This is serious," Mr Turner said in a televised interview, adding: "It is important that people stay off the roads."

Mr Turner said that the city was preparing for what he described as a "major water event."

Earlier, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported rainfall of over nine inches in some areas of Houston within 24 hours.

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Coastguard rescues tugboats

We reported earlier that three tugboats had issued mayday alerts.

The US Coast Guard has just confirmed that it has rescued 15 people who were in distress near Port Aransas.

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Hospitals to be 'flexible' over healthcare

US Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, 8 August 2017
Getty Images
Tom Price said that healthcare providers had to be "flexible" in helping those impacted by the storm

A public health emergency has been declared in Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey.

US Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said that "necessary measures" were being taken to "provide immediate assistance" to those affected by the storm.

In a statement released on Saturday, Mr Price said that his office recognised the "gravity of the situation" and measures were being put in place that would allow "flexibility" to health service providers caring for those in need of medical attention.

He said that some Medicare beneficiaries were likely to have been evacuated to neighbouring communities where hospitals were without records or personal information.

Mr Price added that hospitals would be able to "waive certain documentation requirements" in order to provide care where needed.

The biggest storms in US history

Hurricane Katrina aftermath - 2005
Getty Images
Hurricane Katrina was a category three storm when it struck New Orleans in 2005

Harvey, that made landfall as a category four hurricane but is now a tropical storm, was the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the US for 13 years, since Charley hit Florida in August 2004.

Across the Atlantic, Charley killed 15 people and destroyed more than $16bn of property (in 2004 currency).

Harvey is only the fourth hurricane in 48 years that has been category four or higher on reaching land.

But it is not yet clear whether the damage will be on the scale of category five Andrew, that struck Florida 25 years ago this week, or of Katrina (which was a category three when it devastated New Orleans).

So where will the storm head next?

This map shows the latest projections for its route through southern Texas over the next few days.

Map showing route of tropical storm Harvey

Man in a suit told not to surf

An unknown man in a suit has been caught on film, apparently trying to surf on a Texan beach in the middle of the bad weather.

After a lifeguard stepped in to stop him, he did not look happy and stormed off down the sand.

'People couldn't afford to leave'

The BBC's James Cook in Rockport says many people could not afford to leave their homes.

The city bore the brunt of Hurricane Harvey, but many now face not being able to afford to rebuild their homes.

Hurricane Harvey: "People couldn't afford to leave"

You can follow James on Twitter.

BreakingOne dead in Rockport

Rockport's mayor Charles J Wax says one person is known to have died in a house fire that started as Hurricane Harvey passed over the city.

It is the first confirmed fatality in the storm.

Tornado 'sucked air from home'

Some of the damage caused to towns in Texas in the past day has been because of associated tornadoes, not just the hurricane winds.

One man told CBS News what happened when one struck his home in Sienna Plantation.

Hurricane Harvey: "The air just sucked out"

Helping displaced dogs

Lots of animals have reportedly been separated from their owners during the chaos.

A shelter in Corpus Christi has said it will temporarily take in any it finds, until they can be reunited with their owners.

The local police shared the details on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user, @AaronJayJack, has appealed for help to find the owner of a dog, which, he says, leapt into his car when he stopped for petrol near Runge.

He's calling the dog Harvey, and he is currently en route from Victoria to Austin, hoping someone gets in touch.

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Rockport airport in ruins

There won't be much action at the airport in Rockport for some time by the looks of it - it suffered significant damage in the storm. Here are some images coming in:

A badly damaged light plane in its hanger at Rockport Airport after heavy damage when Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017
AFP/Getty Images
A destroyed building and vehicles at Rockport Airport after heavy damage when Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017.
AFP/Getty Images
A badly damaged light plane in its hanger at Rockport Airport after heavy damage when Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017.
AFP/Getty Images

Trump holds cabinet conference

President Trump has held a teleconference with cabinet members to discuss the response to the storm.

According to a White House statement, "President Trump emphasized his expectations that all departments and agencies stay fully engaged and positioned to support his number one priority of saving lives."

He issued thanks to the "many volunteer and faith-based organizations that are dedicating their time and effort to helping their fellow Americans".

The statement ended by saying the president, and Vice President Mike Pence, "extend their thoughts and prayers to those affected".

National Guard arrives

The National Guard has arrived at Port Aransas to help with the clean-up operation.

Earlier, equipment was moved to the area to help clear access to devastated parts of the city.

Pictures shared on social media show tractors clearing mud and debris from roads to allow emergency services through.

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The White House "stepped up", says governor

Governor Abbott praised the White House for "stepping up" to sign the disaster declaration.

Other key points he made:

  • More than 1,000 people are involved in the search-and-rescue operation
  • 1,800 military will help with the clean up
  • The Red Cross has opened 21 shelters, and it has 42 more on standby.

BreakingNo fatalities confirmed

Governor Abbott has been asked if he can confirm any fatalities.

He said, "No".

Recovery will take 'years'

Recovery efforts and the clean-up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey will take "years", officials say.

"This is going to be an unprecedented, long and frustrating event for the state of Texas," the head of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, told MSNBC.

"The recovery from this disaster is going to be years", Mr Long added.

The storm has destroyed homes, severed power lines and forced tens of thousands of people to flee.

Disaster declaration expanded

Governor Abbot says the state disaster declaration - which was signed last night by President Trump - has now be expanded to include 20 more counties.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is giving a press conference. He says the current focus is on the rescue mission. He says some areas have already experienced 20 inches of rain, and there are concerns that there will be 20 or 30 inches more.

BreakingHarvey downgraded

Hurricane Harvey has weakened in wind strength since landfall and has now been downgraded by the US National Hurricane Center to a tropical storm.

Boats lining pavements

Meanwhile, pictures emerging from Port Aransas, a city on Mustang Island, near Corpus Christi, show mobile homes stacked against one another, cars turned upside down in the street and boats lining the pavement.

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'Residents may be buried'

The mayor of Rockport, Patrick Rios, says the town has suffered widespread devastation with the collapse of several buildings, leading to fears that residents may have been buried under the rubble.

Elsewhere in the state, water levels are continuing to rise and rivers are spilling over. Emergency services said a school, a hotel and other buildings had also suffered structural damage.

A car caught in floodwater in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas, 26 August 2017
Cars trapped in floodwater in Rockport, Texas, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Businesses devastated by storm

More images are coming in of structures hit by the storm - here are a few.

An oil tank damaged by Hurricane Harvey is seen near Seadrift, Texas, August 26, 2017
An oil tank near Seadrift, Texas
Hurricane Harvey winds at Seadrift, Texas, August 26, 2017
An oil refinery continues to operate in high winds near Seadrift - about 20% of oil production in Texas stopped before the storm
Bales of cotton near Seadrift, Texas, August 26, 2017
Bales of cotton lie in flood waters

'Watch very, very closely'

Speaking to the BBC, the deputy director of the National Hurricane Center, Dr Mark DeMaria, said the flood risk in affected areas was very high.

There's an extreme danger of catastrophic flooding. The values we're seeing in the forecasts are things that we've never really seen before, values that high, up to 40in totals. That could lead to very hazardous and dangerous flooding conditions, both flash flooding and the river-accumulated flooding. So the residents in that area are going to have to watch it very, very closely over the next couple of days.

Hurricane Harvey: The latest

It's been more than 12 hours since landfall, so here's the latest:

  • Hurricane Harvey touched down as a category four storm, but is now down to category one and will likely be downgraded to a tropical storm soon
  • The hurricane is now moving very slowly - bad news, as it will drop more rain as it stalls
  • The port city of Rockport appears to have been badly hit by the storm, but there is no word on casualty numbers yet
  • At least 300,000 customers are without electricity
  • Weather officials warn of "catastrophic" rainfall over the coming days

Concern for little Texan town

The BBC's James Cook, who has been reporting from Corpus Christi, has just shared pictures of severely damaged buildings in Rockport.

He earlier reported of serious concern for the town, where the roof of a housing centre for elderly people collapsed trapping a number of residents.

Ten people were later taken to a country jail for treatment, AP news agency reports, citing local TV station KIII.

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Rockport community devastated

The town of Rockport, where Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the early hours of Saturday, has been severely battered by winds of up to 130mph (215km/h).

The latest pictures from the city show buildings destroyed as local residents return to assess the damage caused to their homes.

A resident of Rockport at his flat where the ceiling collapsed after Hurricane Harvey hit
Getty Images
A resident of Rockport at his flat where the ceiling collapsed after Hurricane Harvey hit
The hurricane destroyed an entire apartment complex in Rockport, Texas
Getty Images
The hurricane destroyed an entire apartment complex

Images also show a local community church reduced to rubble.

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Texas governor to speak soon

We'll bring you the latest updates from governor Greg Abbott as soon as we can - he'll be speaking in the next few minutes.

Thousands of inmates being moved

Prison officials say about 4,500 inmates are to be moved from three prisons in Brazoria County, south of Houston.

The level of the Brazos River is rising significantly, so the inmates are being moved to other prisons in east Texas.

'Massive' numbers of injured possible

The Caller-Times newspaper in Corpus Christi reports that the main hospital there is taking emergency admissions only.

It adds:

Hospital staff have been advised that they could also be receiving massive numbers of residents injured in the storm that hit Rockport and other neighboring coastal communities the hardest.

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'I'm basically homeless'

Some of the worst damage so far appears to be in Katy, Texas. One woman there who lost her home was interviewed by CBS News.

Hurricane Harvey: 'I'm basically homeless'

Trump 'weak' over news dump

While the biggest hurricane in 13 years made landfall in Texas, you could be forgiven for not noticing other important news stories taking place.

The timing of two in particular - President Trump's pardoning of a controversial sheriff and his decision to reinstate a ban on transgender members of the military - has been criticised.

Democrat Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, attacked Mr Trump's timing on Twitter.

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Three babies born during storm

The Caller-Times newspaper in Corpus Christi is reporting that three babies were born in the city while the hurricane passed nearby.

Two were delivered by Caesarean section in hospital, and another was a home birth. The mothers and children are all doing well, a medical official said.