Royal wedding watch: Cousins, UFOs and a balding prince

With the big day nearing for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the internet is abuzz with royal wedding stories. As a confessed wedding obsessive, I'll be keeping up with what's being talked about. This week's round-up includes famous relatives, UFO sightings and Prince William's receding hairline.

Is Kate Middleton really a commoner?

A new report by the New England Historic Genealogical Society explains that the bride to be is related to more than a couple of famous Americans, including George Washington, Ellen DeGeneres and the Star Spangled Banner author Francis Scott Key, says E! News Online.

But that's not all - the report also says Kate is, gasp, her future husband's 14th cousin.

"It turns out Middleton's family tree has some pretty high-reaching branches. Now wouldn't this be ironic - if the woman largely responsible for modernizing the monarchy was related to the same man [George Washington] who led a revolution to be done with it?"

It seems the speculation, media attention and wedding planning has left Prince William a bit stressed out.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press in Canada, the future king is losing more and more hair as the wedding date approaches.

"Prince William looks like someone who has it all: royal status, a charming fiancée, good health and an easy touch with his future subjects. But there is one thing he lacks: a full head of hair. Casual observers who have not paid much attention to Britain's future king in the years before his recent engagement to Kate Middleton have been surprised by the extent of the 28-year-old's hair loss. William still cuts a tall, imposing figure, but his bald spot has been spreading as his hairline recedes."

And it seems like the prince isn't the only one on edge these days. The future groom may be balding, but his bride to be has to worry about learning to deal with the press, says Vanity Fair.

"After following advice from the Palace to watch old footage of Diana to see how to navigate the paparazzi, Kate told a friend it was 'creepy'. Kate does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and, unlike Diana, seems eager to follow her fiancé's lead."

In other news, a retired Air Force major is convinced that the number of UFO sightings will increase due to the upcoming nuptials, says AOL News.

"The upcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be viewed by more than a billion people worldwide - and possibly a few extraterrestrials, according to at least one former military officer. George Filer, a retired Air Force major who runs the National UFO Center, says his center averages more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminster Abbey, the site of the 29 April wedding. There are two reasons behind Filer's prediction: In the last few weeks, he's been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel, and, more importantly, he says the royal family is very interested in the UFO phenomenon."

Looks like ET and company might make an appearance at the royal wedding. And to think the etiquette experts were worried about the behaviour of the official guests.