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The price of a first-class stamp has shot up by an inflation-busting 5p. The cost of stamps and of pints of milk are classic measures of being in touch with reality. So test yourself on the prices of everyday items.

Postie delivering letters

1.) Multiple Choice Question

So after the 5p rise, how much is a first-class stamp now?

First-class stamps
  1. 36p
  2. 41p
  3. 46p

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Just one of these foods costs the same now as it did a year ago. Which one?

Bananas and other items
  1. Bananas, per kilo
  2. Pint of milk
  3. Loaf of sliced white
  4. Kilo of sugar

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Speaking of bread, wheat prices have risen more than 80% in the past year. The average price for a loaf of sliced white is up 1p - but is the price change for wholemeal loaves...

Brown breads
  1. More
  2. Less
  3. The same

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Milk in your cuppa? Tea bags and instant coffee are both in the ONS's sample basket of goods used to track inflation. Which is cheaper?

Pints of milk in glass bottles
  1. Tea bags - box of 80
  2. Instant coffee - 100g jar

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The cost of keeping the radiators warm, the lights on and the taps running in our homes is on the up. Which utility has risen the most since 2005?

Gas hob
  1. Gas
  2. Electricity
  3. Water

6.) Multiple Choice Question

England is now the only part of the UK to still charge for prescriptions - and the fee has gone up. What is it now?

Man holding prescription in pharmacy bag
  1. £7.40
  2. £7.20
  3. £6.50
  4. £5.90

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Inflation is currently 4.4%, more than double the official target of 2%. But "everyday inflation" - items households consume most regularly - is 5.4%. Which has gone up the most?

  1. Fuel
  2. Home repairs
  3. Car insurance
  4. Food


  1. First-class stamps are now 46p, up from 41p. And second-class stamps have risen by 4p to 36p.
  2. It's milk - it averaged 44p a pint in February 2010, and averaged 44p a pint a year later, according to the most recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures. Bananas are cheaper by 10p a kilo; but sugar and loaves of bread are more expensive.
  3. It's the same. The average price of wholemeal loaves is also up 1p from February 2010 to 2011, says the ONS.
  4. It's tea bags, average price £1.92 for 80 compared with £2.47 for 100g of pure instant coffee.
  5. Gas prices have risen the most - up almost 89% since 2005 on the Consumer Prices Index. Water is up about 30%, and electricity 60%.
  6. It's now £7.40. On 1 April, Scotland abolished its £3 charge to join Wales and Northern Ireland in having free prescriptions. In England, it rose by 20p - although medicines are free for children, those on low incomes, and sufferers of some chronic diseases.
  7. It's car insurance, up 29% in a year, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Food is up 5.7%, fuel up 15.9% and home repairs up 9.3%.

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