7 questions on High Street shops

7 questions on disappearing High Street shops

Thorntons is the latest High Street chain to feel the pinch and close stores - 180 in total. Both Habitat and clothes chain Jane Norman have also gone bust in recent days. So how much do you know about disappearing High Street names?

Thorntons shop

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Home store Habitat was founded in 1964 by Sir Terence Conran. What did he put the shop's initial success down to?

  1. Cheap pasta storage jars
  2. Paper carrier bags
  3. Laying the shop out like real rooms
  4. Flat-pack furniture

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Jane Norman also collapsed this week, while Oddbins recently had 52 shops go into administration and Mothercare could close up to 110, as it moves stores out of town. Which is the oldest business?

  1. Mothercare
  2. Oddbins
  3. Jane Norman
    Jane Norman

3.) Multiple Choice Question

And who was Jane Norman?

Jane Norman store
  1. She never existed
  2. The founder's first girlfriend
  3. 1960s model

4.) Multiple Choice Question

C&A used to be a stalwart of the High Street, but the last UK store shut in 2001. It still has branches in many other countries. Which singer released a clothing line with the store last year?

  1. Beyonce
  2. Shakira
  3. Katy Perry
    Katy Perry

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Woolworths was one of the first big High Street names to be a casualty of the recession when it went bust in 2008. Where was the first British store opened in 1909?

  1. Manchester
  2. Liverpool
  3. Leeds

6.) Multiple Choice Question

JJB Sports narrowly avoided administration but has had to close stores. It was founded in 1971 by ex-footballer Dave Whelan. Which team did he play for?

Dave Whelan
  1. Blackburn Rovers
  2. Wigan Athletic
  3. Everton

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Hardy Amies, dressmaker to the Queen for over 50 years, went into administration in 2008. His association with royalty began when he designed outfits for her tour of which country?

Hardy Amies and a model
  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Trinidad


  1. It's cheap pasta storage jars. Sir Terence has said in interviews that sales of the jars soared because the market for dried pasta was just taking off in the UK.
  2. It's Jane Norman, which was founded in 1952. Mothercare was founded in 1961 and Oddbins in 1963.
  3. There never was a Jane Norman. Norman Freed, who founded the chain, reportedly combined his name with that of his mother Jane to create the brand.
  4. It's Beyonce. She released her own clothing line, Dereon, in co-operation with C&A in the summer of 2010.
  5. It was Liverpool. The company was originally founded in Pennsylvania.
  6. It's Blackburn Rovers. He also played for Crewe Alexandra and owns Wigan Athletic.
  7. It was her royal tour to Canada in 1950, when she was still Princess Elizabeth.

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