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A survey has suggested that UK shoppers are the biggest complainers in Europe. The poll of 11,000 Kelkoo shoppers in seven countries found the French were the least likely to grumble to retailers. Here are seven questions on customer complaints.

Unhappy shopper

1.) Multiple Choice Question

An advert showing a blind footballer kicking a cat was the most complained about advert in the UK last year. Which of these was not in the top three?

Blind footballer
  1. Advert for family planning charity Marie Stopes
  2. Department of Energy and Climate Change advert on CO2
  3. Irn-Bru advert

2.) Multiple Choice Question

A 2011 survey by lastminute.com asked people to list their top complaints when eating out. What was the number one pet hate?

Woman eating in a restaurant
  1. Tables put too close together
  2. Prices put up for a special occasion
  3. Automatically being charged for service

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which energy giant has just been fined £2.5m for poor complaint handling?

Gas hob
  1. Npower
  2. British Gas
  3. EDF Energy

4.) Multiple Choice Question

When dealing with a complaint about the lack of a view, Basil Fawlty asked what the guest had expected to see - the Sydney Opera House, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and what else?

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty
  1. Flamingos
  2. Wildebeest
  3. Camels

5.) Missing Word Question

It looks like a baaji but it’s in *

  1. cream
  2. custard
  3. chocolate


The six-page complaint was a masterclass in the art of letting off steam, attacking every aspect of the meal. Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson telephoned the author and thanked him for his "constructive if tongue-in-cheek" email.

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin staff

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Irresponsible consumers have been known to dial 999 to complain. What did a kebab-eater tell the police was wrong?

  1. Soggy pitta bread
  2. Funny-tasting meat
  3. Too much chilli sauce

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Regulator Ofcom released complaints figures for landline and broadband firms, with TalkTalk having the most. How many complaints does Ofcom receive about the big providers every day?

Man shouting at phones
  1. 450
  2. 1,000
  3. 2,500


  1. The Irn-Bru ad featured cute cartoon animals, cheery music and a Pied Piper-type figure. But things turned more sinister when the animals were led to a butcher's shop.
  2. Literally rubbing shoulders with strangers on the next table came out top.
  3. It was British Gas. Regulator Ofgem ruled that the company had failed to reopen complaints when customers said they had not been resolved.
  4. His exact words were "herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically".
  5. It was custard. This memorable letter of complaint about a meal during a flight from Mumbai to London went viral in 2009, complete with pictures.
  6. It was the excess of chilli. In the same year, Northumbria Police received an emergency call from a woman complaining her son wouldn't get out of bed.
  7. It's 450. The figure covers complaints made to Ofcom about all the major firms between October 2010 and February 2011.

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