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It's the World News 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

Planet Earth, seen from space

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Melbourne has claimed the title of the world's most liveable city in the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest survey. Which European city came second?

  1. Vienna
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Helsinki

2.) Multiple Choice Question

The remains of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly have been identified, 131 years after he was hanged for murder - but not his skull. Where is his skull last thought to have been seen, in 1929?

Ned Kelly
  1. On a detective's desk
  2. In a Melbourne jail display case
  3. In a bar in Wangaratta

3.) Multiple Choice Question

To which humble creature did Japan's new prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, compare himself this week?

Yoshihiko Noda
  1. A blowfish
  2. A loach
  3. A copepod

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Officials in Germany have this week relaxed a ban on teenagers doing what?

German teenager
  1. Sunbathing naked in parks
  2. Buying a violent video game
  3. Getting tattooed

5.) Multiple Choice Question

News that Beyonce is pregnant set a record for the highest amount of tweets posted per second. What event set the previous record?

  1. Men's World Cup final 2010
  2. New Year in Japan 2011
  3. Women's World Cup final 2011

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The Steffen method was in the news this week - in association with which news story?

  1. A "parking meter" system for issuing permits to prostitutes in Bonn
    Prostitution meter
  2. A body liquefaction unit unveiled at a Florida funeral home
    liquefaction unit
  3. A study on how to board planes most effectively

7.) Multiple Choice Question

"Looking for tears? Not going to happen." Who said?

  1. Usain Bolt after being disqualified from the 100m final at the World Championships
    Usain Bolt
  2. Madonna, responding to reviews of her film, after its premiere in Venice
  3. George Clooney, after ruling himself out as a possible future US president
    George Clooney


  1. It's Vienna. Helsinki - which came seventh - was the only other European city in a top 10 dominated by Australian and Canadian cities. The top-ranked US city was Honolulu, which came 26th. (London was 53rd.)
  2. It's on the Victoria State detective's desk. The whereabouts of the skull are a mystery. In 1978, a skull widely believed to have been Kelly's was stolen from Melbourne Gaol. Tests now show that it belonged to someone else.
  3. It was a loach. The new PM grabbed headlines this week when he compared his jowly features to those of a "dojo" loach - a bottom-feeding fish.
  4. It's buying the video game. The classic video game Doom was put on an index of controlled titles in 1994 as it was deemed likely to harm youth.
  5. The women's World Cup final previously held the record for the highest number of tweets posted per second. New Year in Japan held the record from January until July.
  6. It was a study on how to board planes. The method was devised by American astrophysicist Jason Steffen, who found himself in a long boarding queue a few years ago. He suggested boarding in alternate rows, window seats first, progressing from the rear forward. It nearly doubles boarding speed, according to research.
  7. It's Usain Bolt. He fell foul of new regulations where athletes are disqualified for one false start.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Warming up

4 - 6 : Overtaking

7 - 7 : Lap of honour

The world news quiz is published every week on a Friday.

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