7 questions on uniforms


A survey has suggested that parents in the UK will spend an average of £77 a child on "back to school" basics this year. So let's all go back to the classroom and answer these seven questions on uniforms.

Children at school

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Pupils at Christ's Hospital School in West Sussex wear the world's oldest school uniform. What is the school popularly known as?

Pupils in a science class
  1. The Bluecoat School
  2. The Redcoat School
  3. The Yellowcoat School

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these fashion designers hasn't revamped the Girl Guide uniform?

Girl guides
  1. Jeff Banks
  2. Ally Capellino
  3. Paul Smith

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Who should wear their uniforms to and from work, according to a think tank this week?

  1. Police officers
  2. Fire crews
  3. Prison officers

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these is the beret of the Royal Anglian Regiment?

  1. Beret A
  2. Beret B
  3. Beret C

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Grange Hill had a few uniform changes over the years. A new school badge was introduced in 1987 and worn on school blazers. Which two colours were used?

Grange Hill uniform
  1. Yellow and blue
  2. Yellow and red
  3. Yellow and purple


The original Grange Hill badge was changed after Mrs McClusky decided she wanted a new identity for the school to celebrate it merging with Rodney Bennett and Brookdale. She launched a pupil competition to design it which was won by Danny Kendall.

Grange Hill uniform

6.) Multiple Choice Question

"The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country." Who said?

  1. Lord Baden-Powell
    Lord Baden-Powell
  2. Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill
  3. Karl Marx
    Karl Marx

7.) Multiple Choice Question

A row broke out recently after staff were given "Do Not Disturb" vests to wear over their uniforms. But who was it?

Do Not Disturb sign
  1. Bus drivers
  2. Flight attendants
  3. Nurses


  1. It's Bluecoat. Uniforms in Britain date back to Tudor times and they were referred to as "bluecoats". Pupils at Christ's Hospital School still wear blue trench coats, breeches (pleated skirts for the girls) and yellow socks.
  2. It's Paul Smith. Jeff Banks designed a range of mix-and-match garments in 1990, including culottes and a badge sash. Ally Capellino revamped the uniform in 2000, introducing rugby shirts.
  3. It's police officers. The right-leaning Policy Exchange said it would increase police visibility and help reassure the public.
  4. It's beret B. UN peacekeepers wear beret A and Royal Marine Commandos wear beret C.
  5. It's yellow and purple. It was replaced briefly by a green badge but changed back.
  6. It was the founder of the scouting movement Lord Baden-Powell.
  7. It's nurses. Some hospital trusts have asked nurses to don the vests during drug rounds to help cut down on errors. Critics said the tabards could stop some patients approaching staff.

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