The SAS secret hidden since World War II

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Operation Bulbasket

Operation Bulbasket

Operation Bulbasket was an operation involving 1 SAS and commenced on D-Day. The mission was to stop German reinforcements getting to Normandy. The SAS had been increased in strength especially for D-Day and now consisted of two regiments.

Behind enemy lines

Behind enemy lines

Men parachuted deep behind enemy lines and from there helped organise, arm and train the French resistance, known as the Maquis.

Intelligence gatherers

The SAS's role was also to feed back intelligence. During the operation the men located 11 petrol trains, which were later bombed by the RAF. They also sabotaged communication networks - railways, roads and bridges - and harassed the Germans in any way they could.


Jeeps were parachuted in for the SAS

Jeeps were parachuted in for the SAS and used, among other things, to ambush German conveys. But Bulbasket was ultimately ill-fated and the SAS were betrayed to the Germans. Along with a captured US pilot, 30 men were executed by firing squad.



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