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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

Graphic of the number seven

1.) Multiple Choice Question

A film projected on to a giant monolith is the latest artwork to be unveiled in the Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern. The looped movie stands 13m (42ft) tall. How does this compare with the Angel of the North?

The Film at the Tate Modern
  1. Smaller
  2. Same
  3. Taller

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which country announced that it is considering offering thousands of free flights to foreigners?

Plane in the sky
  1. Bhutan - in celebration of the king's wedding
  2. Japan - to encourage post-nuclear disaster tourism
  3. North Korea - which is opening a mountain resort
  4. Greece - to generate more money from tourism

3.) Multiple Choice Question

"Who feels like quitting? I want to go on." Who said this?

  1. Sir Bruce Forsyth vowing to carry on entertaining after he was knighted by the Queen
    Sir Bruce Forsyth
  2. EuroMillions winner Dave Dawes who will carry on working in a factory despite winning £101m
    Dave Dawes
  3. Defence Secretary Liam Fox following claims about the role played by his friend Adam Werritty
    Liam Fox

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Self-styled Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones, 23, was arrested over allegations of using pepper spray, which he denies. But what is the name of the crime-fighting group he belongs to?

Phoenix Jones
  1. Seattle Supersonics
  2. Rain City Superhero Movement
  3. Storm City Superheroes


Now something of a celebrity in the US, Phoenix Jones - or Benjamin Fodor to use his real name - started his crime-fighting crusade earlier this year. He is reportedly driven around in a Kia by a female sidekick who does not get out of the car.

Actor Rainn Wilson, Phoenix Jones and film producer James Gunn

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The Royal Mail is releasing an alphabetical series of stamps based on famous British landmarks. Seaside venue the Kursaal has been chosen for K, but where is it?

Stamp deaturing the Kursaal
  1. Southend-on-Sea
  2. Bridlington
  3. Colwyn Bay
  4. Great Yarmouth

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Officials from where are keen to redesign their lion flag - often depicted with bloody claws - because of fears that it is projecting an unflattering image abroad?

  1. Wales
  2. Flanders
  3. Latvia

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Finally, Paul McCartney married US heiress Nancy Shevell in London. One of her relatives is a famous US television star, but who is it?

  1. Martha Stewart
    Martha Stewart
  2. Ellen DeGeneres
  3. Barbara Walters
    Barbara Walters


The pair tied the knot at Marylebone Old Town Hall and then enjoyed a noisy post-wedding celebration at their London home. DJ Mark Ronson had to turn down the volume after complaints from neighbours and a visit from council noise officers.

Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney


  1. It's smaller, with the Angel of the North standing 20m (66ft) tall. Tacita Dean's 11-minute silent film features flickering images of snails, clocks, giant bubbles and other random things. Dean describes it as a "visual poem" that celebrates analogue film-making. .
  2. It's Japan. It was announced that the country would fly in 10,000 tourists from next year and ask them to write about their travels in reports that will be published on the internet.
  3. It's Sir Bruce Forsyth. Mr Fox also insisted he was fully focused on his job and would not be resigning, but Mr Dawes announced his "retirement" at a news conference about his win.
  4. He reportedly is the leader of the 10-strong Rain City Superhero Movement. The Seattle Supersonics were the city's NBA basketball team and the Storm City Superheroes do not exist.
  5. It's Southend-on-Sea in Essex. Its inclusion in the series has been questioned in some newspapers. But the venue, now home to a bowling alley among other things, says it was the world's first theme park when it opened in 1901.
  6. It's Flanders. Belgium is edging closer to forming government bringing together its Flemish and Walloon parties after the collapse of the administration in 2010. Flemish protesters demanding the break-up of Belgium have been brandishing the lion flags during demonstrations.
  7. It's US journalist, author and television presenter Barbara Walters, who is her second cousin. She was among the guests at the wedding.

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