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Olympics Quiz

With 2012 only days away London is gearing up for its big year, hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Test yourself on Games past and present.

Olympic Stadium in Stratford, east London

1.) Multiple Choice Question

London hosted the 1908 Games at short notice after which natural disaster struck Italy?

Women archers at the 1908 Games
  1. Earthquake
  2. Volcano
  3. Tidal wave

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Five-times gold medal winner Sir Steve Redgrave is pictured here with team mate Sir Matthew Pinsent celebrating his fourth win. But at which Olympics?

Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent (R) celebrating
  1. Sydney 2000
  2. Barcelona 1992
  3. Atlanta 1996

3.) Missing Word Question

Faster, Higher, *

  1. Stronger
  2. Further
  3. Greater

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Athletes will compete in 26 disciplines in the 2012 Olympics but how many sports will be contested in the Paralympics?

Mark Zupan of the USA (L) and Alan Ash of Great Britain
  1. 14
  2. 16
  3. 20

5.) Multiple Choice Question

A recent UK Sport report showed Team GB is on track to outstrip its Beijing 2008 medal haul. How many did they win in China?

Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington with their gold medals
  1. 57 medals
  2. 47 medals
  3. 37 medals

6.) Multiple Choice Question

So where did this tally of 47 medals place Team GB in the overall medals table?

The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing
  1. Second
  2. Fourth
  3. Sixth

7.) Multiple Choice Question

During the Olympic Torch's 8,000-mile journey around the UK it will travel by steamer and zip wire. True or false?

Snowdon Mountain Railway
  1. True
  2. False

8.) Multiple Choice Question

In which athletics event did Seb Coe, chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee, win his first Olympic gold medal?

Sebastian Coe
  1. 1500m
  2. 800m
  3. 400m

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Whose creative mind will be behind the Olympics opening ceremony on 27 July at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, east London?

Stephen Daldry, Damon Albarn and Danny Boyle (L-R)
  1. Stephen "Billy Elliot" Daldry
  2. Damon "Blur/Gorillaz/etc" Albarn
  3. Danny "Trainspotting" Boyle

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Medals for the 2012 Games. Designs differ between the Olympics and Paralympics. But which is which?

Gold medals for 2012 Games
  1. Left is Olympics, right is Paralympics
  2. Left is Paralympics, right is Olympics


  1. It was a volcanic eruption. Rome's preparations were thrown into disarray in 1906 when Mount Vesuvius erupted in April, causing widespread devastation.
  2. It was at Atlanta in 1996 that Sir Steve won his fourth gold medal. His haul also includes gold medals from Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Sydney 2000.
  3. It's stronger. The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius - Latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger - and was introduced in 1924 at the Paris Games.
  4. There are 20 sports in the 2012 Paralympics, which run from 29 August to 9 September and involve about 4,200 athletes. Sell-out events include wheelchair rugby, wheelchair tennis and track cycling.
  5. Team GB came home with 47 medals - 19 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze. The British haul included three golds for cyclist Chris Hoy and two golds for swimmer Rebecca Adlington.
  6. Team GB came fourth behind China, the United States and Russia.
  7. It's true. In addition to torchbearers on foot, alternative modes of transport include a steamer across Windermere, zip wire off the Tyne Bridge and Snowdon Mountain Railway.
  8. It was in the 1500m. Seb Coe won his first Olympic gold medal in the 1500m at the Moscow Games in 1980, and successfully defended his title in Los Angeles in 1984. At both Games he also won silver in the 800m.
  9. It's Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning director behind Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. Also in the team is dance-act duo Underworld.
  10. Left is Olympics and the medal on the right is for the Paralympics. Both medals are being made by the Royal Mint in Llantrisant near Cardiff. .

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