Levittown's 'American dream' after 60 years


Levittown, Pennsylvania was built for the "American dream."

On June 23, 1952, the first family moved in as one of the country's original planned suburban communities took shape on old farm land.

The houses were cheap and the jobs were plentiful - young couples could buy starter homes and military veterans were given special deals.

But 60 years later, is the idea of the "American dream" still attainable?

As part of the BBC's year-long look at Levittown, we asked residents to reflect on their home - an icon of suburban America - over the decades.

Produced by the BBC's David Botti

Additional photo/video: British Pathé, Richard Wagner and Amy Duckett Wagner, Temple University Urban Archives, and Adam Blenford.

Levittown: A suburb at 60

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