Collaboration four: The artists

Christian Jankowski

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Media captionRami Farook guides a blindfolded Christian Jankowski around Dubai

Berlin artist Christian Jankowski has a mischievous approach to art.

He started out as a performance artist who put himself centre stage, but he now works almost exclusively in collaboration with a range of people in and outside the art world.

From convincing a Christie's auctioneer to strip off and sell his clothes, to filming representatives from the Vatican judging an X Factor style search for an actor to play Jesus, Christian constructs situations that require his subject to be complicit in his work.

For a recent commission from the Frieze Art Fair, Jankowski collaborated with luxury yacht manufacturers CRN of Ancona in an attempt to sell a bespoke 65m euro cruise liner. CRN salesman Luca Boldrini tried to convince wealthy art lovers at Frieze to fork out an extra 10m euros on top of the regular price of the yacht for it to be certified by Jankowski as an original work of art.

The boat remained unsold but Boldrini's performance was a way for Jankowski to gently poke fun at the international art market, whilst questioning the nature of art itself and its value.

Rami Farook

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Media captionCurator Rami Farook

Few figures in Dubai represent the region's recent cultural explosion better than 31-year-old Rami Farook.

He is a curator, collector and artist as well as the founder and director of Traffic, a design store, gallery and studio, and Satellite Space, a large warehouse gallery which he uses for more experimental shows.

Farook is doing all he can to bring the world of art to the citizens of Dubai, and is a key figure in the vibrant contemporary art scene that lies behind the well-documented glitz and glamour of the city.

In the past, he has staged pop-up markets and ping pong tournaments inside Traffic to entice a diverse crowd to his gallery.