News tweets: Healthcare, TomKat and male strippers

Katie Holmes, Bellydancer, Tom Cruise
Image caption Katie Holmes, a Bellydancer protesting for a single-payer healthcare system, and Tom Cruise

For the week of 24 June, here is the news - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Egyptian election committee must be the only men alive who care this much about foreplay

Danish/Lebanese journalist Helen Hajjaj (@ DKHajjaj ) commented on the lengthy prologue before the committee announced the results of the Egyptian presidential election.

2. BREAKING: NATO set to humor Turkey

New York Post editorial writer Josh Greenman (@ joshgreenman ) as NATO condemned Syria for downing a Turkish plane.

3. AP says it's upheld, CNN says it's not. HOORAY WE ALL WIN sports editor Kevin Lincoln (@ KTLincoln ) after CNN and Fox News initially reported that the Supreme Court had struck down the contentious individual mandate of the healthcare law.

4. Today is going to be such an awesome episode of "The Newsroom" in 2 years.

Sports writer Bill Simmons (@ sportsguy33 ) wonders how the healthcare decision will play out on Aaron Sorkin's new show, which is set in the recent past.

5. Who is having a worse day Republicans, Ann Curry or CNN?

Political daughter Megan McCain (@ McCainBlogette ) reflects on Thursday's events, in which the healthcare law was upheld, Curry left her anchor position on NBC's Today Show, and CNN had to issue a correction.

6. What a relief. Now i can do my bath salts and not worry about impending face hunger

Rapper Earl Sweatshirt (@ earlxsweat ) after toxicology reports showed that the "Miami zombie" was not under the influence of a drug called bath salts when he ate part of a homeless person's face.

7. This is great news for Andy Murray - he can now lose in the final, rather than the semi ‬

The Daily Mirror's Football account (@ MirrorFootball ) is excited for Scotsman Murray's prospects now that Rafael Nadal has been eliminated from Wimbledon.

8. "Magic Mike" made $2 million at midnight screenings last night, entirely in crumpled dollar bills covered in baby oil.

Daily Show head writer Tim Carvell (@ TimCarvell ) marvels at the early success of Channing Tatum's new movie about male strippers.

9. For $650 billion in bailouts, you'd think Germany could have extracted Italian and Spanish forfeits in Euro 2012‬

Slate writer Will Saletan (@ saletan ) draws more parallels between football and finance.

10. I can't believe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. Who will get custody of the Body Thetans?‪

Comedian Warren Holstein (@ WarrenHolstein ) on the dissolving nuptials of the Scientology power couple.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity

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