News tweets: Weiner, Google and Jeremy Lin

Anthony Weiner, Jeremy Lin and Michelle Bachmann
Image caption Anthony Weiner, Jeremy Lin and Michelle Bachmann

For the week ending 22 July, here is the news - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Hey girl, I know you're not pregnant and CEO of Yahoo, but you've got it together just enough for me.

New York Post editorial writer Josh Greenman (@ joshgreenman ) tries out a pick-up line for anyone who's not former Google executive Marissa Meyer.

2. Boy Scout policy only bans "open or avowed homosexuals." Boys too scared or self-loathing to come out still welcome.

Wired investigative reporter Steve Silberman (@ stevesilberman ). The scouting organisation this week re-affirmed its opposition to gay members.

3. Turns out the cows who can't spell "Eat More Chicken" correctly aren't the most ignorant people working for Chick-Fil-A.

Comedian Jason Mustian (@ jasonmustan ) after the CEO of the chicken chain came out against same-sex marriage.

4. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is thinking of running for mayor. Did you hear his new slogan? "Hard to Beat."

Tonight show writer Larry Jacobson (@ Larry_Jacobson ) after the former New York senator gave an interview to People Magazine. Weiner, who resigned after it was revealed he tweeted lewd photos of himself to women, says he hasn't ruled out a political comeback.

5. On the bright side, Knicks fans, Jeremy Lin has no history of proving people wrong.

GQ editor Devin Gordon (@ devingo917 ). Jeremy Lin, the Asian-American basketball player who went from sleeping on his teammate's sofa to international superstar last year, signed with the Houston Rockets this week after the New York Knicks decided not to match Houston's offer.

6. FACT: When Meatloaf sings "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that," he's talking about releasing his tax returns.

Bloomberg writer Josh Barro (@ jbarro ). Despite continued calls from Democrats and some Republicans, presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declined to release more tax returns.

7. "On the 7th day, Obama dropped by and said, 'You didn't build that!'"

Humour writer Frank Flemming (@ IMAO_ ) after President Obama said that successful businesses were made possible only with government support.

8. I love Fred Willard. He's a great guy. For his birthday I'm getting him a den and a computer.

Comedian Albert Brooks (@ albertbrooks ). Actor Fred Willard was fired from his job hosting a PBS television show after he was arrested for lewd acts in a Los Angeles theatre.

9. "Michele Bachmann has a really good head on her shoulders," said no one ever.

The Twitter feed for Vanity Fair magazine (@ VanityFair ). Michelle Bachmann came under fire from Republicans and Democrats this week for suggesting that Muslims working in high levels of DC politics - including Huma Abedin, assistant to Hillary Clinton - might have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

10. Mary had a little lamb until the government seized it for violation of farming regulations. #ObamaKidsBook

Twitter user Mr Conservative (@ mr_conservative ), participating in a Twitter meme satirising US President Obama's policies.