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#BBCTrending: Coca-Cola v Gay Rights

29 January 2014 Last updated at 10:33 GMT

A Coca-Cola website allowing users to name Coke cans has been replaced by the company following social media controversy and a #BBCtrending investigation.

The site allowed people to write their names on Coke cans but wouldn't allow the word "gay" to be used.

It caused a storm on social media, but why was the site (based in South Africa) attracting the attention of the global gay rights movement? And was the criticism fair? Coca-Cola sponsors the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, and many Olympic sponsors are being criticised by gay rights activists who oppose a Russian law that imposes fines for providing "propaganda" about homosexuality to minors. Coca-Cola has now taken down the site and apologised for any offence caused, saying it is "a strong supporter of the LGBT community".

Mukul Devichand from #BBCtrending investigates.

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