10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The sound of rustling tin foil can give cats seizures.

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2. People underestimate how much fun they'll have alone, and overestimate how much others even notice.

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3. Printing out the entire internet - not including the dark web - would require about eight million trees.

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4. Children confined to the middle seat on car journeys grow up to be more successful.

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5. Wearing a suit encourages people to think more broadly and holistically.

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6. You're more likely to have a "female" brain if your right thumb is at the top when you clasp your hands together.

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7. Smart bullets curve their trajectory in mid-flight to hit moving targets.

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8. Humblebragging is less effective than bragging.

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9. China has more vineyards than France.

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10. Tattoos can cause Apple's smartwatch to malfunction, as the ink interferes with the device's sensor.

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