10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The Borrowers would be deaf, virtually blind and need to wear extremely thick coats.

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2. A hamster called Marvin belongs to the Royal household.

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3. The Orcadian island of Mama Westray doesn't exist, but it has a very professional-looking tourist brochure.

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4. Labradors might be hard-wired to overeat.

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5. Cycling is always the best option for your health in London, but not in Dehli, Doha or Karachi.

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6. Spanish bishops consider it a sin to illegally download films.

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7. Air rage is more common on flights with a first-class cabin.

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8. There aren't enough people in the world to literally cry a river, but if each cried 55 tears they could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

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9. Crocodile eyes are fine-tuned for lurking.

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10. Two-dollar bills are legal tender in the US, but not everybody knows that.

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