10 things we didn't know last week

1. Holding your coffee cup from above in a claw-like grip is the best way to prevent it from spilling.

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2. Dog people have on average 26 more Facebook friends than cat people.

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3. Horses' funny walk, known as an ambling gait, first appeared in York during the 9th Century.

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4. Only about half of perceived friendships are mutual.

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5. When you wake up with stiff limbs in the morning, it's because your body's natural ibuprofen hasn't kicked in yet.

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6. Some people believe Twitter will close down in 2017 (the company says it won't).

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7. One female Greenland shark is around 400 years of age, making the species the longest-living vertebrate known on Earth.

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8. In Thailand, it's illegal to be a "dishonest" politician - as defined by officials loyal to the military.

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9. There's a mystery object beyond Neptune with an orbit that is hard to explain.

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10. Extroverted CEOs make their companies less money.

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