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Final shuttle countdown: Send us your memories

Image caption Space shuttle Atlantis, sits on launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center waiting for lift-off

NASA will send its last planned space shuttle mission into space later this week. Are you a part of shuttle history?

The shuttle Atlantis will become the last of the US space agency shuttles to go in to space.

NASA is retiring its shuttles to make way for crew and cargo transportation services that will be operated by private companies.

In total, 355 individuals will have flown 852 times on 135 shuttle missions since the first shuttle flight on 12 April, 1981.

Discovery was the first ship to begin the run-down with a final flight in March, followed by Endeavour which came back to Earth for the last time on 1 June.

Bumper crowds are expected on the Space Coast to watch the 1126 local time (1526 GMT) lift-off.

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