Primary school league tables in Westminster

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What does this mean? School name What does this mean? Expected level in English and maths (%) What does this mean? High achieving pupils (%) What does this mean? Value added
All Souls CofE Primary School 100 45 101.2
St Clement Danes CofE Primary School 100 50 102.2
Soho Parish CofE Primary School 100 21 101.4
Hampden Gurney CofE Primary School 100 83 102
Queen's Park Primary School 98 33 101.9
St Joseph's RC Primary School 97 47 100.8
St Peter's Eaton Square CofE Primary School 97 56 101.9
St Saviour's CofE Primary School 96 62 101.5
George Eliot Primary School 95 53 102.9
Gateway Primary School 94 28 101.5
Westminster Cathedral RC Primary School 93 37 100.6
St Gabriel's CofE Primary School 93 41 100.8
St Vincent's RC Primary School 91 52 100.8
St Augustine's CofE Primary School 89 41 100.4
St Stephen's CofE Primary School 89 41 101.8
St George's Hanover Square CofE Primary School 89 43 101.6
St Vincent de Paul RC Primary School 87 42 102.4
Barrow Hill Junior School 85 45 101.3
St James's and St Michael's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 85 20 100.8
Hallfield Primary School 84 33 100.5
Millbank Primary School 84 25 99.6
St Mary Magdalene CofE Primary School 83 21 100.5
St Matthew's School, Westminster 83 17 99.1
Edward Wilson Primary School 82 24 101.2
Burdett-Coutts and Townshend Foundation CofE Primary School 82 24 100.1
Our Lady of Dolours RC Primary School 79 32 100.4
St Barnabas' CofE Primary School 79 33 100.7
Christ Church Bentinck CofE Primary School 77 37 102.1
St Mary of the Angels RC Primary School 76 29 99.9
St Luke's CofE Primary School 74 22 100.9
St Mary's Bryanston Square CofE School 74 22 100
St Edward's RC Primary School 71 18 98.7
St Peter's CofE School 70 17 100.8
Essendine Primary School 69 17 99.8
Churchill Gardens Community Primary School 68 14 100.8
Wilberforce Primary School 67 18 100.5
Paddington Green Primary School 51 5 99.4
What do the table headers mean?
School name
Click to visit the Department for Education's information and performance data for the school.
% expected level in English and maths
Percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths
% High achieving pupils
Percentage of Year 6 pupils reaching Level 5, the level expected of a 14-year-old, in both English and maths
Value added
A school's value added score shows how well it helps pupils to progress

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