Primary school league tables in Richmond upon Thames

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What does this mean? School name What does this mean? Expected level in English and maths (%) What does this mean? High achieving pupils (%) What does this mean? Value added
St Osmund's Catholic Primary School 100 50 101
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School 100 57 101.4
St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School 100 58 101.8
The Queen's Church of England Primary School 100 78 100.8
The Russell Primary School 100 36 99.9
East Sheen Primary School 96 51 101.8
Barnes Primary School 96 76 103.2
St James's Roman Catholic Primary School 95 75 101.9
St Mary's Church of England Primary School 95 55 101.2
St Mary's and St Peter's Church of England Primary School 95 50 101.3
Sheen Mount Primary School 94 69 101.8
Stanley Primary School 93 50 101.1
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School 93 68 100.8
Collis Primary School 93 59 101.1
St Edmund's Catholic Primary School 93 47 100.7
Marshgate Primary School 92 65 102
Lowther Primary School 91 26 101.5
Trafalgar Junior School 90 42 99.5
Hampton Junior School 90 35 99.5
Heathfield Junior School 90 29 99.9
Darell Primary School 88 21 99.8
The Vineyard School 88 61 101.4
Archdeacon Cambridge's Church of England Primary School 88 44 100
St John the Baptist Church of England Junior School 88 33 99.7
St Stephen's Church of England Junior School 87 52 100.9
Hampton Hill Junior School 87 52 100
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 87 33 101.3
Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School 87 50 100.6
Kew Riverside Primary School 86 57 101.3
Meadlands Primary School 83 52 100.5
Chase Bridge Primary School 82 30 100.4
Buckingham Primary School 81 28 100.3
Nelson Primary School 79 26 98.4
St Richard's Church of England Primary School 74 16 101.2
What do the table headers mean?
School name
Click to visit the Department for Education's information and performance data for the school.
% expected level in English and maths
Percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths
% High achieving pupils
Percentage of Year 6 pupils reaching Level 5, the level expected of a 14-year-old, in both English and maths
Value added
A school's value added score shows how well it helps pupils to progress

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