Primary school league tables in Hammersmith and Fulham

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What does this mean? School name What does this mean? Expected level in English and maths (%) What does this mean? High achieving pupils (%) What does this mean? Value added
St Stephen's CofE Primary School 100 77 102.4
The London Oratory School 100 71 99.8
Good Shepherd RC Primary School 100 64 102.8
Miles Coverdale Primary School 97 59 104
All Saints CofE Primary School 96 54 100.6
St Augustine's RC Primary School 93 47 100.5
John Betts Primary School 89 46 100.6
Sulivan Primary School 83 44 102
St Peter's Primary School 87 43 100.1
Melcombe Primary School 94 42 101.5
Holy Cross RC School 70 41 100
Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 88 40 101
Avonmore Primary School 86 39 101.1
Pope John RC School 100 39 101.7
Greenside Primary School 83 39 101
Queen's Manor School and Special Needs Unit 76 36 100.5
Brackenbury Primary School 86 36 101.3
Normand Croft Community School for Early Years and Primary Education 88 35 100.6
St Johns Walham Green Church of England Primary School 72 34 100.8
New King's Primary School 83 31 102.3
Fulham Primary School 93 30 100.2
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 80 30 101
Bentworth Primary School 82 27 100.6
Flora Gardens Primary School 69 24 99.6
Sir John Lillie Primary School 79 21 101.5
Wendell Park Primary School 85 19 100.4
Lena Gardens Primary School 75 18 100
Addison Primary School 72 17 100.4
St Mary's Catholic Primary School 100 17 99.9
St Paul's CofE Primary School 68 14 98.8
Wormholt Park Primary School 68 14 100.3
Kenmont Primary School 87 13 101.6
Old Oak Primary School 62 8 99.6
Langford Primary School 52 7 99.1
Canberra Primary School 55 6 98.2
What do the table headers mean?
School name
Click to visit the Department for Education's information and performance data for the school.
% expected level in English and maths
Percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths
% High achieving pupils
Percentage of Year 6 pupils reaching Level 5, the level expected of a 14-year-old, in both English and maths
Value added
A school's value added score shows how well it helps pupils to progress

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