Twitter redesign looks like Facebook to many tweeters

Twitter page of Michelle Obama The new-look Twitter bears more than a passing resemblance to Facebook's profile pages

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A new-look Twitter is being rolled out, with many commenting that it looks very similar to Facebook's profile pages.

The redesign will be available to a small group of users initially and will be made available across the whole site "in coming weeks".

Cover photos appear full-width along the top of the screen, with the main picture on the left-hand side.

Tweets that have received the most engagement will appear slightly larger and photos are given more prominence.

The changes were first tested in February.

The new design was outlined in a blog post that listed some of the other big changes, including:

  • Tweets that have received the most engagement will appear slightly larger to make an account's best content easy to find
  • Tweets can be pinned on the top of the page so that followers can "see what you're all about"
  • Users can select which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Options are: tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies

The BBC took to Twitter to gauge reaction.

"Not sure this is going to go down well," said Michael H in response to a @BBCTech tweet asking about the redesign.

"Looks a bit much to me. I love the simplicity of Twitter, this is a huge departure," said Tom Barnett.

"Disgusting," tweeted Nick Turner. "Twitter is turning into Facebook and taking away everything that makes it good."

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