Google Glass appoints Ivy Ross as new head

Google Glass Ivy Ross has been appointed head of Google Glass

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Ivy Ross will lead Google's smart eyewear team from 19 May this year, according to a post on the company's website.

Ms Ross will replace Babak Parviz and will be working under Google X for Astro Teller and Sergey Brin.

Coming from a design and marketing background, Ms Ross has said she hopes to answer the "audacious" questions Glass proposes.

Glass recently went on sale for a single day in America for $1,500.

Ms Ross has previously worked for, Calvin Klein, Mattel and Gap, among others. She was lead designer at Bausch & Lomb, one of the world's largest suppliers of eye health products.

In an open letter Ms Ross said she was excited to start working on Glass, describing it as "especially cool".

"I'm just getting started on Glass, but, because of all of you, and your thoughtful and smart feedback, I feel like I have an incredible head start."

A creative choice for Google, Ms Ross has previously expressed her interest in design and innovation at a TedX talk in 2013.

Smart specs

Google glass went on sale for a singe day in the US on 15 April this year on a first-come, first-served basis.

Previously the tech giant sold the device to 8,000 individuals in 2013 as part of their Explorer programme.

The BBC understands that UK developers may have access to the device in June.

However, not everyone is excited about Google Glass. Campaigners have warned that the device risks creating a world in which privacy is impossible.

Early adopters of the wearable headset include BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones, who has been blogging about his experience.

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