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The BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones gives an interactive roundup of the week's top technology stories, as covered by BBC News online.

Our lead story on Tech Tent is Microsoft's big unveiling of Windows 10 - the top news was that it's going to be free.

But what really caught the eye was a concept product - a holographic helmet. It's sort of Google Glass meets Oculus Rift.

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Media captionMicrosoft is not alone in developing augmented reality headsets

But on Tech Tent we're devoting much of the programme to cybersecurity. We've a number of angles, from the hacker culture to state sponsored attacks.

And we've been finding out just how vulnerable anyone with a credit card is to fraud both online and in shops. A security researcher cloned my card, as you can see here.

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Media captionThe BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones finds out how criminals go about cloning your card

Reporting on the big cyber scares is a real challenge - there's a lot of speculation and precious few facts. My colleague Dave Lee has been writing about that and it is definitely worth a read.

We popped along to BETT - the technology in education fair - and confronted a key issue.

Are the huge sums spent on filling classrooms with shiny gadgets money well spent or would it be better to employ more teachers? I've a blog on that right here.

It's been quite a week for exhibitions. London's Toy Fair has become a hi-tech event, as Dave Lee - yes he's been a busy boy - found out when he went along to have a play.

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Media captionWATCH: The BBC goes to London Toy Fair to see what will be hitting shelves this year

And finally something of an in-house story - in this mobile era more and more people are getting most of their news from their phones, and this week the BBC News mobile app has had a radical revamp. I've had a look at that….

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Media captionRory Cellan-Jones tries out the new BBC News app

You may hate it at first - which of us likes change? But I bet it grows on you.

Let us know what you think of this new format.

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