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A sense of history

The role of historical knowledge in political decisions

History graduates now make up almost one-sixth of the Commons, so Parliament looks to be better informed historically than it's ever been before. Keith Macdougall asks how far a strong sense of history does, and should, influence politicians' decision-making.

Mike Bushell tries Stoolball

A mixture of cricket, baseball and rounders - Mike Bushell tries stoolball, one of the country's oldest sports.

Remains of Henry VIII's birthplace uncovered

Greenwich Palace remains found by Old Royal Naval College archaeologists

Archaeologists working at London's Old Royal Naval College have discovered remains of the palace where Henry VIII and his daughters Mary and Elizabeth were born. William Palin, the college's director of conservation, told PM presenter Carolyn Quinn that "a beautiful glazed tile floor with about 100 tiles, surrounded by a little wall" can be clearly seen. (Photo: A drawing of the Placentia Greenwich from 1560. Credit: Getty Images)

Antonia Fraser and Margaret MacMillan discuss writing history

Antonia Fraser and fellow historian Margaret MacMillan discuss writing history