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Three Barclays branches to shut in Devon

BBC Radio Devon

Three branches of Barclays in Devon are to close in the October and November, the bank has confirmed.

They are:

  • Holsworthy on 13 October
  • Axminster on 20 October (pictured)
  • Brixham on 3 November

The bank said the decision had been made because only between 89 and 113 customers were using the branches exclusively for their banking, that the number of counter transactions had decreased, and people were also using other ways to bank, including online and by phone.

The bank previously announced that its Cullompton branch was to shut on 1 September.

Barclays, Axminster

Bank closure due to decline in customers

Barclays says its decision to close its bank in the East Cambridgeshire village of Burwell has been forced by a decline in customers.

It is one of 54 Barclays branches which will close by the end of the year.

The bank has closed its branches in the other Cambridgeshire villages such as Littleport and Sawston in recent years.

Barclays, Burwell

Christine Ambrose-Smith is a Conservative district councillor in Littleport and also worked in the Barclays branch.

She said its closure had a negative impact on village life: "It is fair to say a lot of business has declined, but customers that came in to the branch needed our help and services.

"One business in the town centre said their trade fell dramatically as soon as the bank closed."

Group claim sex abuse by 'Barclays doctor'

More than 100 people who say they were sexually assaulted by a Tyneside doctor carrying out medicals for Barclays Bank have brought a damages action at the High Court.

The 130 claimants - mostly women - were examined between 1968 and 1984 when Dr Gordon Bates carried out unchaperoned pre-employment checks of prospective employees at his Newcastle home.

A posthumous police investigation begun in 2012 - three years after Dr Bates's death at the age of 83 - concluded there would have been sufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution if he had not died.

There were 48 criminal acts reported and a further 77 inappropriate medical examinations recorded. More complainants came forward and proceedings were issued against Barclays in 2015.


At a hearing in London to decide whether Barclays was vicariously liable for any assault carried out by Dr Bates, Lord Faulks QC said his relationship with the company was neither one of employment nor "akin to employment".

Lawyers for the group say Dr Bates used a Barclays template for his medical examinations for which he was paid.

They say that, because he was the doctor chosen by Barclays for all the relevant examinations in the North East, and prospective employees were not given a choice of doctor, this provided further evidence of integration.

The hearing was told the claimants were vulnerable teenagers, with many of them 16 or younger.

Barclays has denied negligence.

The judge reserved her decision to a later date.

Listen: Concerns as another bank closes in Yorkshire

Elly Fiorentini

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

There are concerns that older people and small business will be hit hardest by a fall in the number of banks on West Yorkshire's high street.

Barclays closes in Elland near Brighouse today leaving just one bank in the town, which is also due to close. In the last five years, more than 200 branches in Yorkshire have shut.

Andy Caton is from West Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.