Refugees and asylum seekers

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What is life like for residents in Greece's 'refugee hotel'

A Syrian-born resident living in an abandoned hotel taken over by refugees in Athens, Greece, tells BBC World Service about life inside.

'I felt like I'd failed' says asylum charity worker

Death sparks calls for more support for vulnerable and destitute asylum seekers in Wales.

રોહિંગ્યા મુસ્લિમો હિજરત કરતી વખતે પોતાની સાથે શું લઈ જાય છે?

માનમારમાં હિંસાથી બચવા બાંગ્લાદેશ પલાયન કરતાં રોહિંગ્યા મુસ્લિમો તેમને પ્રિય વસ્તુઓ લઈ જાય
Integrating Syrian migrants via musical theatre in Germany

Refugee teens are performing with Germans in a musical to help them integrate into their new country.