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How election campaigns have inspired literature

The Times Literary Supplement editor casts a satirical eye over historic electoral moments

Regular listeners to the World Tonight programme will know that it has tried to inject a little poetry into this somewhat prosaic election campaign. To continue on this artistic track, the programme is looking at how general election campaigns have inspired great poetry or literature. The editor of the Times Literary Supplement Stig Abell has racked his brain and combed his library to see whether electioneering throughout the ages has produced any creative works. (Photo: Scene from Charles Dickens first novel The Pickwick Papers - Chaos at the Eatanswill election) Credit: Getty Images)

Sally El Hosaini and Iain Sinclair

Film director and screenwriter Sally El Hosaini meets the writer Iain Sinclair.

The cultural conversation continues: this week the film director and screenwriter Sally El Hosaini meets the writer Iain Sinclair. As a film-maker Sally records the city at one moment - so what techniques does Iain use to document his surroundings and their changes over decades? Sally El Hosaini was born in Swansea, the daughter of a Welsh mother and an Egyptian father. Her first feature film, My Brother the Devil, won the best screenplay award from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain and numerous international prizes. Sally herself received the Best Newcomer award at the 2012 London Film Festival. My Brother the Devil charts how two brothers are drawn into gang crime in East London, where Sally has lived for for more than a decade. The writer Iain Sinclair was born in Cardiff. Since the early 1970s, his work has focused on London and its surrounds. From his home in Hackney, he has almost obsessively walked the city's changing streets, recording details and finding patterns. For his much-acclaimed book London Orbital he followed the route of the M25 motorway on foot. He has said that his next book - The Last London - will be his final word on the capital. Producer Alex Mansfield Original music by Brian Eno.

Julian Fellowes: 'Wrong' that inspiration for Hardy's Tess might be concreted over

A campaign is calling to exhume and reinter the remains of the woman who was the inspiration for Hardy's novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles