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'I fell from the top of the jungle to save an eagle'

Alexander Blanco's conservation work is helping to save the world's most powerful eagle.

Inter-island environment meeting held in Sark

BBC Radio Guernsey

Representatives from each of the Channel Islands are meeting in Sark today to talk about environmental issues.

It is the first time the inter-island environment meeting has been hosted in Sark and it coincides with the tenth anniversary of Sark's Ramsar Site - a site recognised worldwide for having special animal and plant life - being created at Gouliot Caves.

Richard Axton from the Societe Sercquaise said they had made progress making Sark's environment safe with a "tremendous amount of help" from the other Channel Islands.

Sir David Attenborough on his hunt for the Kimodo Dragon

Sir David Attenborough spoke to the BBC about Zoo Quest, the environment and the planet's future.

Ethiopian artists create art from animal bones and bags

Two artists in Ethiopia hope to protect the environment by turning rubbish into art.

Brecon Beacons

Steffan Messenger

BBC Wales Environment Correspondent

Experts say devolution's environmental impact has been largely positive, but there is still work to do.

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