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Inside Raqqa after IS pushed out
The BBC's Feras Kilani was with Syrian Democratic Forces as they took control of the centre of Raqqa, Syria.
No, Islamic State group has not been defeated
US-backed forces may be celebrating after taking back another city, but fighting will not end soon.

Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls

The self-styled capital of the Islamic State group has fallen to US-backed Syrian forces
After months of fighting, the Islamic State group's self-proclaimed capital Raqqa has been seized by a US-backed Syrian militia. How big a moment is this in the fight against the jihadists? Shashank Joshi is a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a foreign affairs think tank in the UK.

(Photo: A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by US special forces, holds up their flag at in Raqqa. Credit: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)
Video screengrab shows a number of jihadist groups pledging allegiance to the so-called Islamic State group

Abu Sayyaf is one of the smallest and most violent jihadist groups in the southern Philippines, notorious for kidnapping for ransom.

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