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Scrapyard scales in Dudley let big dog be 'blood hound'

When Ahaon the Irish Wolfhound visits the vet, he goes via the local scrapyard to be weighed.

Primates 'sliding towards extinction' say scientists

A report says that 60% of the world's primate species are under threat of extinction.

Call for dog fighting clampdown

Call for dog fighting clampdown

There have been almost 5000 calls to the RSPCA animal charity to report dog fighting between 2006 and 2015. But figures released to BBC South East show over the same period of time, only 137 people were prosecuted by the charity for offences relating to dog fighting. David, an undercover investigator for the League Against Cruel Sports, RSPCA acting chief inspector Jayne Bashford and Steve Duncan, the owner of Ruby, a rescued dog, discussed the issues with Victoria.