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Scottish capercaillie numbers decline

Scotland's capercaillie population continues to decline, according to the results of the latest national survey of the large birds.

"We have a whole wall of yak dung"

Wu Yuchu has created a museum dedicated to Yaks in Lhasa, Tibet.

Wu Yuchu has a passion for yaks. He's even set up a museum dedicated to them. Wu Yuchu was born in Jiangxi Province in the East of China, but after he graduated he was sent to work in Tibet, where yaks are traditionally used as beasts of burden. They have shaggy hair, humped shoulders, huge horns and weigh up to half a ton.Through an interpreter, Wu Yuchu told Matthew Bannister how his fascination with Yaks began. Image: Wu Yuchu (R) with Yaks Credit: Yak Museum, Lhasa

Killer whale pictured flipping seal into the air off Shetland

The dramatic moment when a killer whale flipped a seal into the air while hunting off Shetland has been captured on camera.

Cotswold Wildlife Park wolf may have climbed fence

A wolf, which was shot after escaping from Cotswold Wildlife Park, may have climbed over an electric fence.

An ongoing investigation by the park has found it was not properly charged.

Managing director, Reggie Heyworth, said there was no obvious breach and it was possible she climbed over the barrier.

The wolf was found just outside the park's perimeter fence and was shot by a member of staff.

Mr Heyworth said they had no other option as they were too far away to use a tranquilser dart safely and effectively.

Cotswold Wildlife Park
The three-year-old Eurasian wolf was found outside the park fence
Shetland firefighters use oxygen masks for animals

Oxygen masks designed especially for animals are being used by firefighters in Shetland in what is believed to be a Scottish first.