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Man who fired catapult at dogs was successful RSPCA prosecution

More successful animal welfare prosecutions were secured by RSPCA Cymru in 2016 than the two previous years.

Making music for cats

Professional musician David Teie on why he composes music for animals.

David Teie is a classically trained cellist and music researcher based at the University of Maryland. He's spent most of his career trying to appeal to the ears of humans, but recently he's been composing music for animals. He started with monkeys but it was his album Music for Cats, that reached the top of the music charts and received the most attention. David told Outlook how his fascination with music's effects on felines began. (Picture credit: Adrian Dennis AFP.)

Beavers could be our friends against flooding

The furry river-loving rodents released into the wild at a secret spot in Devon may hold the answer to averting flooding.

Dog in hole saved with thermal camera

Dog in Cwmtillery hole saved with thermal camera drone

A dog trapped down a mountain hole after being missing five days was rescued following a drone search. Chihuahua-cross Cherry, five, went missing on a walk and was found after a thermal imaging camera scanned the area above Cwmtillery, Blaenau Gwent. Her owners enlisted the help of Cwmbran-based aviation firm Resource Group to look for their missing pet. The thermal imagining camera detected Cherry and an old mining tunnel was used to rescue her.